Always and Forever

~*~ The Truth is Rarely Pure and Never Simple ~*~

Liza’s POV

Kol refused to tell me where we were going on our date. We had been on our fair share of dates since we started dating, and by now I thought he would start telling me where we were going prior. Sadly I was wrong.

Once again, he merely told me to dress up warm and wear sensible shoes. It wasn’t that helpful to tell me these things, I wanted to know where we were going so I was completely prepared; sadly I just had to guess.

For this evening I pulled on some jeans and a thin woollen jumper. I wore some fur lined ankle boots along with a matching coat. To finish off the outfit I wore a matching hat, scarf and gloves set. It didn’t really matter if I was a vampire and it didn’t affect me if I was cold. I couldn’t get hypothermia or any other related diseases, but I liked to be warm.

Once I was ready, I merely sat down on my bed waiting. For some reason Kol wanted to ‘pick me up’ for this date. We lived in the same house, so why couldn’t I just meet him in the hallway was beyond me.

He did always try his best to make me feel as if I was human and in a normal relationship with another human. Just there was only a couple things wrong with that. I wasn’t human and neither was he and this wasn’t anything near a normal relationship. We were vampires; a normal relationship wasn’t on the cards.

I had sat there for a few minutes before a light knocking came from my door. Standing up, I began to make my way over to the door. When I reached it, I opened it up to reveal Kol smiling lightly at me.

“Hello,” He smiled leaning in pecking my lips, “You look lovely.”

“Hey, thanks and you look great too,” I smiled softly.

“Are you ready for our date?” He questioned.

I nodded lightly. Although I wish I knew where we were going, the suspense of which place we’d go next definitely was enjoyable.

He took my hand within his leading me down the stairs and out of the house. There was no point in saying goodbye to anyone; Elijah, Rebekah and Nik weren’t home.

First of all he led to me towards the grill where we hate good old hearty human food. We stayed there for a little while where I got to speak to Jeremy and Matt as they were at work. I don’t think Kol was too impressed that my friends interrupted our date but he soon became happy as we actually got to spend quality time together.

After a few hours of sitting in the grill, he stated this wasn’t actually the main part of the date. I didn’t mind date’s in the grill as it was the only place in Mystic Falls that you could really have a date at. There wasn’t much to do in this town, so we had to leave town to go on most dates.

As we hadn’t gone home to get his car, I presumed it was in human walking distance. Although we could run a lot faster than most vampires we could go quite far quite quickly but at this time, I highly doubted we needed to go that far. He had told me that I needed to dress warm so it probably meant a walk nearby.

Within about ten minutes we had made our way from the Mystic Grill to the falls that had given the town its name.

They were definitely the most beautiful waterfalls that I had ever seen. Although I had been around the world and seen most waterfalls, so by saying these were the most beautiful I had seen meant quite a lot- to my opinion. They were quite simple compared to the others, but they were still lovely and picturesque.

Slowly we made our way, walking around the waterfalls. As we reached the top of the waterfalls Kol stopped and began to smile whilst he looked around at the gorgeous scenery.

“So how do you like it here?” He questioned wrapping an arm around my shoulders.

“I love it. It’s so pretty. Thank you for bringing me here,” I smiled turning around, hugging him properly.

“The beauty of these waterfalls, compare nothing to your beauty,” He smiled back softly pecking my lips, “But I am happy that you like it here.”

I don’t know why he attempted to charm me all the time. I loved him and his petty compliments weren’t going to help him. There was no way possible I could love him anymore than I did, so continuously complimenting me didn’t change how I felt about him.

The next thing that left his mouth wasn’t the most normal thing that had ever been said.

“Have you ever regretted becoming a vampire?” He questioned.

Why would he want to ask me something like that? He has had over 900 years to ask me a question like that but now he chose to. How was I supposed to answer that question? It wasn’t the simplest question to answer.

I loved being a vampire, how couldn’t I. I was strong and eternally young. Best of all, I’ve been able to spend multiple lifetimes with those that I love. I’ve met my fair share of people I can care for, and I’ve seen everything any human or supernatural creature could have ever wanted to see. There were also a handful of downsides as well, like I’m a blood sucking monster, which will never be able to have a real life.

Although when I was human I would have been forced into a marriage, I would have been able to have children and settle down. Maybe not with the one I loved but it was still the one wish I knew I could never accomplish.

“Every vampire has regretted it once in a while but I would never want to go back. I have you now and your family. Being a human meant I wouldn’t have been able to be with you. The whole concept at the time wasn’t pleasant but now I am here, I don’t want to ever think I wouldn’t be here as I am,” I smiled softly.

His light frown soon became a soft smile as he took my hand within his own rubbing soft circles with his thumb on the back of my hand.

“Have you ever wondered who turned you into a vampire?” He questioned.

“Of course, no one ever told me. I never knew why but I have always wanted to know which one of you was the one who gave me eternal life,” I shrugged.

It was one of the questions that I always knew required answer that I probably would never get, but I hoped tonight I would get the long waited for answer.

“I turned you Liza,” He whispered softly, “You looked so innocent and I knew I couldn’t let you die. Rebekah and Nik left quickly after Elijah. Don’t be angry at the three of them, Elijah didn’t want to force you into this lifestyle and he certainly didn’t want to see you die. The other two hated the concept of being responsible for you; I on the other hand loved you.”

“You turned me out of love, not some selfish game right?” I frowned.

I didn’t enjoy the idea that he hadn’t allowed me the choice of becoming a vampire but I was okay with this idea that he only took that choice due to loving me.

“Of course Liza, I love you more than anything and I am more than sorry about taking a choice from you,” He sighed running a soft hand along my cheek.

“I love you Kol,” I whispered.

He smiled softly leaning towards me pressing his lips to mine. As our lips touched the loud sounds of fireworks appeared causing his lips to turn into a soft smile.

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