Always and Forever

~*~ Sweet Escape ~*~

~*~ A Month Later ~*~

Liza’s POV

Today was my day to pack to go on holiday with Kol. Earlier this week he had planned for us to go to Paris. I thought it was very sweet that he wanted to take me Paris. Although I had travelled around the world I had never made my way to Paris. It was certainly a place I wished to go to just I thought it would be better to go with someone I loved- after all it is the city of love.

When he told me that he wanted to take me to Paris, I was surprised. We had been dating for a couple of months but obviously we had known each other for a long time. I had loved him since I can remember and I’m sure he loved me when I was human.

I had a couple of suitcases laid out on my bed ready to stuff them with all the things I needed. Kol had planned for us to go out there for a few months so we had some time to spend out there with no cares.

As we could compel people into giving us anything we needed, I could get new clothes out there, so just taking some stuff that I knew I wanted was all I needed.

Although I knew packing was the one thing I had to do at this moment in time, I didn’t. Instead I lay in between my two suitcases, simply staring at the ceiling. Nothing particularly interesting was on my ceiling but it was just an easy way to procrastinate. Procrastination was one of the huge problems that I added to my life. Learning from your mistakes should be something I should live by, sadly I didn’t.

As I lay there wishing vampire powers included the capability to move things with my mind, a light knocking on my door, knocked me out of my thoughts.

“Come in,” I called not moving from my space on my bed.

Slowly the door opened but I couldn’t see who was behind it due to the way I was laying. As the door was closed I heard multiple footsteps coming towards my bed.

“What the hell are you doing?” The familiar female giggle questioned.

“Procrastinating,” I shrugged still lying down.

“Where are you going?” The familiar male voice asked.

Sighing I sat up only to come face to face with Caroline, Matt and Jeremy.

“Kol’s taking me to Paris for a few months,” I stated.

Caroline mainly (but the other two did as well) frowned at me obviously realising they wouldn’t see me for a little while.

“Aren’t you going to miss Elijah and everyone else here in Mystic Falls?” Jeremy questioned slightly moving one of my suitcases so he could sit down next to me.

“Of course I’m going to miss him, he’s basically my Father. And of course I’m going to miss you three, and other people like Nik and Bonnie. But I need a break from this town’s drama. It’s too much at the moment and with Kol being the only vampire I can’t kill, I need to be with him and away from everyone here more than ever,” I shrugged.

They all looked slightly sad but soon Caroline’s eyes lit up, not to make her happy but it was more of a remembrance smile.

“Speaking of which, I’ve wanted to ask you this for a while. I understand Jeremy being one of the Five but how did you become one. You’re a girl and it is called ‘the brotherhood of the five’. Brotherhood therefore brothers which are only male,” She stated.

“I don’t know how I became a member of the five. I just did. You don’t get a choice and I guess nature used me as a loop hole to kill all vampires as I am extremely strong and very close to the Mikaelson’s. Like if you were the one who was the destined hunter, you probably would have been killed within minutes as you would have tried to kill the originals. Whereas they won’t kill me, not that I actually consciously want to kill them,” I sighed.

It was a confusing concept I guess. I barely understood the idea of me being one of the hunters let alone being capable of explaining it to other people.

No one had ever truly explained it to me. I guess Jeremy and Alaric had tried and Damon did explain about why there was a destined a hunter. Together it wasn’t too much help as I was still confused about the whole concept of it.

“So back to your holiday, when are you leaving?” Matt asked.

“Tomorrow morning. I know it’s soon and everything but he had told me last week and I just never told anyone. The only problem is that I need to pack my stuff so I can actually leave but I can’t choose what I should take or be bothered to actually move,” I frowned.

Truly, I wanted to go to Paris with Kol but I hated packing. It was boring and useless, especially for a vampire. As well as this I was extremely lazy, so having to stand around putting clothes into bags, wasn’t exactly my cup of tea.

“We’ll help you,” Jeremy smiled.

“Seriously you don’t have to, I’ll have to do it sooner or later,” I shrugged.

“No, we’ll help you Liza. The four of us will get it done, quicker than you can do it on your own,” Caroline explained.

I don’t even know why I attempted to argue. Caroline was involved meaning that she wouldn’t let me out of it, so I would have to let her help. She was extremely stubborn, so if she wanted to be helpful, she certainly would and if she wanted to help, the other two wouldn’t have a choice either.

Sighing I stood up from the bed walking over to my wardrobe, opening the doors I turned around to look at my friends.

“Okay let’s get to work, people,” Caroline stated.

I frowned as Caroline wandered over to my wardrobe and began to pick up random pieces of clothing and chose certain ones to throw into the suitcase.

She handed me a pile of clothes quickly telling me that I needed to pick which ones I wanted to take with me or what I wanted to leave.

Slowly I made my way through the clothes handing them to the guys who were folding the clothes and placing them into the suitcases. When we had all my clothes sorted out, Caroline moved onto Jewellery, shoes, makeup and hair accessories.

After around an hour, she had made sure she had everything I would need in the suitcases (even if I believed I didn’t need them). When she believed she was done, she had me to sit on top of one of the bags and get Jeremy to zip it up whilst her and Matt did the same to the other one. Once that was sorted, the two guys carried them downstairs whilst Caroline and I followed.

When the bags were settled in the hallway, I saw Kol’s bags already there showing that our holiday was already to start in the morning.

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