Always and Forever

~*~ Family Know Best ~*~

Liza’s POV

Loud noises surrounded me, causing the majestic dream world to collapse only into memories that would easily disappear. My eyes fluttered open to see the average look of my room. Nothing was out of place and I couldn’t spot where the loud noises had come from.

I say up picking up my phone to see I had slept through the night and most of the day as it was now seven in the evening. Rubbing my eyes, I stretched out my limbs allowing myself to get comfy on my mattress, hoping I could find the source of the noise.

Then it happened again, but now that I was fully conscious, I could tell that it wasn’t just any noise, it was arguing from downstairs.

Slowly and Quietly, I made my way over to my bedroom door, opening it ever so slightly so I could hear more so than before.

“You can’t marry her Kol, she is ready for marriage,” Nik’s voice stated.

“It’s a bit of a rush to get married now don’t you think?” Elijah sighed.

“I love her, and I know she loves me, so why can’t we get married?” Kol retorted.

I wondered how long they had been arguing for. Usually I could sleep through anything, so it could have been going on for hours, for all I knew.

“Just give her a chance to find someone normal to marry and settle down with, you aren’t really the settling down sort,” Elijah stated.

“You’ll probably get bored of her soon and end up getting a divorce,” Nik said, “And remember she is a vampire hunter, only whilst she loves you, will she not kill you.”

This went on for about ten minutes more. I didn’t understand why Nik was getting involved. I had more understanding in why Elijah got involved as he cared about me but Nik didn’t so much. Even though Elijah cared it wasn’t really his place to say that I should or shouldn’t get married to the man I loved.

The final line in the argument was the last thing I expected from him. He had done a lot that could and had hurt me but this was stepping to a new low.

“Fine, I won’t marry her, it’s not like I love her that much.”

No sarcasm was withheld in Kol’s voice. This caused my heart to feel like it was splitting in two. Not only had Nik told me that he didn’t love me, but now Kol admitted it to his brothers. How was this fair on me?

I didn’t particularly know what to do in this situation. It wasn’t exactly the average problem that I would usually have to overcome. Knowing they had all went their own ways as their arguments had ended, I quickly ran down the stairs. As soon as my feet touched the ground floor I hastily made my way out of our home.

I didn’t know where I was going; all I knew was that I wanted to stay away from my home. I loved them all with all my heart even though they had caused me so much pain, this meant I didn’t want to go too far but I just needed some fresh air.

The sun had already set down to a small slither of light on the horizon but the street lights made up for it. As soon as I had got a good distance from the house I slowed down to the average human walk.

They cared for me which I thought was the loveliest thing they could do for me but them controlling my life wasn’t something I actually wanted to happen in my life.

Elijah was basically my Father and Nik was one of my best friends. Them both controlling my life, especially at my age, wasn’t something that I neither expected nor wanted.

Kol on the other hand I loved, hence why I wanted to marry him. I never expected him to crush my heart purposely. To be honest what he said deep down I believed he didn’t mean it, but I couldn’t help thinking that it was true and he was just using me.

By now I had been walking for about half an hour and it was completely aimless, although I had made sure I didn’t make sure I didn’t go too close to our home. They probably didn’t even notice that I had left yet so I didn’t have to worry about that.

I carried on wandering when I saw the first appearance of a person on the streets. Calmly I began to walk towards them until I could make out who it was- Damon Salvatore.

“Damon, what are you doing lurking in the dark streets?” I chuckled.

“I’m not lurking, I’m walking home. As I don’t particularly want to go home, I’m taking a long time getting there,” He shrugged, ”How about you?”

“I’m annoyed with the Mikaelson’s so I’m trying to calm down out here,” I sighed.

Damon Salvatore wasn’t the nicest person in the world, and we certainly didn’t see eye to eye but I needed someone to talk to so he would do.

“What have the evil originals down now? I thought you actually liked them, aren’t you engaged to one of them?” he chuckled.

As he began to talk to me we slowly began to walk further down the road. I didn’t particularly want to walk around with Damon but it was better than being on my own.

“I’m engaged to Kol, but I overheard the other two controlling my life and Kol admit he doesn’t love me. I don’t know whether he meant it though so he might not have, just I’m confused and upset,” I shrugged.

We walked further down the road until we got to a small, empty park. Together we made our way through the gates and towards the swing set. We both sat on one swing each and slowly allowed them to move to and fro.

“Well Kol’s a jerk,” he shrugged, “You definitely deserve better than him…”

He paused and smiled softly. This certainly wasn’t like Damon. He was heartless and manipulative, as well as not caring about others especially me.

“…how about me?” He smirked.

There was the average Damon, that I knew not so well and hated. He was so narcissistic and for some reason thought that everyone loved him- especially woman.

“There’s the Damon I know and hate,” I sighed.

“Sorry, you know it’s just me,” He chuckled.

“At least you’re trying to put a brighter turn to this,” I frowned.

It made me feel slightly better that he was trying to make a joke out of it but it did still hurt how the Mikaelson’s perceived me.

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