Always and Forever

~*~ Hard Times Will Reveal True Friends ~*~

Liza’s POV

Damon and I spoke for a few hours until it was nearly ten o’clock at night. He hadn’t really made me feel any better but it had helped just being able to talk to someone for a while, even though usually we never spoke to one another.

I said goodbye to him as we decided to leave the park and go our separate ways. He was obviously going home but I didn’t know where to go. If I went to Jeremy, I was more than certain to kill Elena; I couldn’t tolerate her at the moment. Then there was Matt, Bonnie or Caroline but really like Jeremy I didn’t see there as a point in talking to them as they wouldn’t understand me and my problems.

It wasn’t that I didn’t trust them, it was just that I didn’t think they would be able to give me the advice and comfort I needed. As well as that they would pry, I needed someone who would simply listen to my problems, ask minimal questions and not try to analyse the situation.

Finally I realised the perfect person. I hadn’t spoken to them in a while but I knew they were the perfect person to just sit down and get to listen to me. Luckily Jeremy had told me where he lived, not that I had ever been there. I quickly made my way to his apartment.

I pushed the button for the intercom to his apartment waiting for a response. I didn’t expect him not to be home, but it was plausible that he may be asleep by now. I waited for a couple of moments knowing it may take him a while to get to his end of the intercom.

“Hello,” The groggy voice responded on the other end.

“Urm… It’s me Liza,” I said softly trying not to let the tears get to me.

“Liza? Why are you here at this time of night?” He questioned.

How was I supposed to respond? Why was I here? I just needed someone to talk to but the timing was just stupid to turn up at my teacher’s home. Although he was my teacher, he was also one of my close friends.

“I need someone to talk to, I’ve been sat in the park for the last few hours talking to Damon, that’s how desperate I am at the moment,” I whispered letting the tears trickle down my cheeks.

“Come on up Liza,” He sighed with a yawn.

I heard a buzz, and opened the door. Hastily I made my way up to the open door revealing a sleepy Alaric.

“Are you okay?” He asked rubbing his eyes.

“Just peachy,” I frowned walking into his apartment.

He led me over to the sofa sitting down pulling me down next to him whilst pulling me into a comforting hug. For the first time this evening I let the tears fall properly staining his old looking shirt. He whispered softly telling me that it would be all right but I knew it wouldn’t.

After about ten minutes the tears eased up, not because I was feeling any better but just because I couldn’t physically cry anymore without killing myself.

I sat up slightly leaning my head onto his shoulder still with tear stains under my eyes.

“Now Liza, are you going to tell me what’s wrong?” He questioned with a small smile on his face.

“Kol and I are supposed to be getting married but, he told Nik and Elijah that he didn’t love me. How am I supposed to tell him that I know now? Elijah and Nik were being too over protective of me then he stated he didn’t love me. I was eavesdropping as they woke me up this morning shouting at each other,” I whispered sniffling away the last few of my tears.

He sat still taking a couple of breaths before sighing. I knew he was trying to think of a way to make me feel better and was coming up short.

“I’m sure he didn’t mean it Liza. Guy’s even 100 year old guys say stupid things they don’t mean. And I’ve seen how Kol looks at you and that certainly is love. He looks at you the way I used to look at Jenna and my wife. It is love no matter how much anyone even he wants to deny it,” He said softly giving me a sideways hug.

“You think he actually loves me?” I sniffled.

“Of course, why would I lie to you?” He chuckled.

He rubbed my arm lightly with one hand whilst he grabbed the remote from the arm of the sofa and flicked through some TV channels until Indiana Jones came on.

I had seen the film a couple of times and loved it but it wasn’t really a feel good movie that would brighten my spirits at the moment.

He leaned across the arm of the chair grabbing a bottle of whiskey pouring some out into two glasses and handing me one.

“Drink up, alcohol won’t make you feel any better but it will definitely make your brain wander off to something else. So I guess it’ll make you feel better for now,” He chuckled drinking his whiskey from his glass.

I quickly drank mine before he poured me another glass. One glass turned to another then another and another. By the time his whiskey was empty he was drunk and I was ever so slightly tipsy. Most of the time a high tolerance to alcohol was good but it situations like this I needed to get drunk fast and with the amount of alcohol he had in his apartment it wouldn’t get me drunk.

All I wanted to do was cry. I had never felt so vulnerable in my life. Everything that had ever hurt me never hurt this bad, not even becoming a vampire. Emotional pain trumped physical any day.

By being a vampire I thought nothing could ever truly hurt me, but I guess I was wrong. The pain wasn’t tolerable as my heart felt like it was going to be ripped out of my chest.

I let a yawn escape my lips as I stretched out slightly. Being a vampire was exhausting and I needed some sleep but that meant going home and that wasn’t really an option.

“You seem tired Liza, do you want to stay here or I can drive you home?” He smiled softly.

“You’ll kill yourself if you drive me anywhere; you’re way over the limit. Would you mind if I stayed here?” I questioned with a soft smile.

“No I don’t mind, go straight through and sleep, I’ll sleep on the couch,” He said softly pointing towards where I presumed the bedroom was.

“Are you sure? I’ll sleep on the couch,” I stated.

“No I insist,” He smiled.

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