Always and Forever

~*~ Friends Uplift the Soul ~*~

Liza’s POV

Something rocked my arm slowly but I didn’t want to wake up. I was happy in my peaceful sleeping state but whomever or whatever that was moving my arm didn’t agree with me. I groaned letting my eyelids open only two see three sets of eyes staring back at me.

“Why are you all staring at me?” I groaned sitting up slightly in the bed looking at the three men that were sat at the foot of it as one had just run from the side to the foot.

“You wouldn’t wake up so we were waiting for you to wake up,” Matt shrugged.

“So why are you and Jer here?” I frowned wanting going back to bed just so I didn’t have to think about anything that was going on in my life at the moment.

Jeremy grinned like a little kid on Christmas morning. Obviously it was something spectacular that they just had to tell me at nine am on a Saturday morning.

“We’re, Matt and I, are taking you to a theme park,” Jeremy grinned bouncing up and down in his seat.

“A theme park, really? I’m a little old for a theme park,” I shrugged.

I had never been to a theme park, I was too busy chasing my love and running away from murder to go have fun in theme parks.

Alaric stood up rolling his eyes, leaving his bedroom with a soft chuckle. He was finding this way too amusing for my liking.

I frowned attempting to figure out any excuse to get out of this as I could but it was quite hard. Then an idea came to mind.

“I’m sorry I can’t go as I haven’t got any clothes here, sorry,” I sighed pulling the pillow over my head and snuggling into the bed.

“Not happening Liza, we got your clothes already. We need to distract you for the day, and really it will be fun,” Matt chuckled.

I didn’t need nor want to be distracted I merely wanted to hang low and sleep away my problem, which was what I would usually do.

“Fine, I’ll come,” I frowned throwing the pillow at my two friends.

Rolling out of the bed I grabbed my bag from Matt making my way to Alaric’s bathroom. I quickly got changed into what they had packed me which was some shorts and a tank top. It wasn’t the most presentable outfit but it was better than what I actually expected they would have packed. I slipped on the matching converses that they brought before brushing my blond hair into their natural waves.

Once I was finally ready I left the bathroom, where the two of them hastily dragged me from Alaric’s apartment down to Matt’s car.

They wouldn’t tell me which park we were going to or how far away it was. I sat in the back of the car bored out of my mind whilst the other two talked to me about pointless things that I really didn’t care about.

After about an hour and a half we finally pulled up into a car park for this theme park that they wanted us to go to. We slowly made our way into the ticket office where Jeremy paid for the extortionate rates of getting in before we made our way to look around the park.

Matt found a rollercoaster that he desperately wanted to go on, so the three of us made our way onto it.

It wasn’t what I expected, just a fast carriage that moved along a circuit, which wasn’t as invigorating as I first expected. I never knew why humans found this so amazing, maybe they should run and jump like a vampire, then they’ll realise what real fun is.

There were a few more rides that the boys found as important to go on, so I was dragged onto them as they brought me here as a distraction.

Once they got bored of me complaining which was about midday they decided to drag me to the small café where Jeremy and I sat down whilst Matt went to go get us food.

“So how are you enjoying this day so far Liza?” Jeremy smiled playing with the napkin dispenser.

“It’s okay,” I shrugged.

I didn’t want to say the truth to him as I wasn’t too nice, as I wasn’t having much fun whereas if I lied I’d feel bad.

“I know you’re not having much fun, but try not to think about the Mikaelson’s just let go and have fun,” He chuckled.

He was definitely like an annoying brother that I never wanted, but his intentions were nice and were there to make me feel better.

“I’ll try but remember this isn’t what I call fun,” I smiled innocently.

Within a couple of minutes Matt was back with a tray of junk food for the three of us. It wasn’t like I had to eat but it was a nice thought and I liked human food enough to eat what he had bought me.

“Thanks,” I smiled at the same time as Jeremy.

“Did you two hear about the party at the Lockwood estate next weekend?” Matt questioned.

“Nope,” The pair of us stated with a light shake of our heads as I picked at my chips.

The two guys were both in the midst of their burgers. Matt finished his mouthful of food before he responded to the two of us.

“Well, we’re going. I know Jeremy will go but Liza, you’re going no matter what your argument against it is,” He chuckled.

“Do I have to go?” I frowned furrowing my eyebrows.

“Yes,” The two guys stated.

I sighed quickly eating the rest of the chips whilst they were only starting theirs as they had already eaten their burgers.

I knew I didn’t really have much choice in whether I was going or not as Jeremy and Matt were very persuasive. If it was really something I wanted to get out of I could as I am a vampire and a vampire hunter where Jeremy was just a hunter and Matt was only human.

“Well you’ll have to pick me up from wherever I am that day, because I don’t really want to go there on my own as I wasn’t invited,” I sighed.

Matt and Jeremy would be there for me if I needed them and to make me go to some weird party they would find me and drag me there. I didn’t mind going really just it wasn’t the most appealing concept for me. But hopefully the rest of the day would be fun and so would the rest of my lonely pitiful life.

For the rest of the day the two boys dragged me around other rides and ended up pulling me to one of the stalls which consisted of hooking a duck, and the higher the number the bigger the prize. Matt and Jeremy both decided to play as they wanted to win me something nice. Between the two of my friends I ended up with a small panda cuddly toy and a huge koala bear. I guess it made my day better but not really by much as they were only stuffed animals and the Koala bear reminded me of Kol- Kolwala bear.

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