Always and Forever

~*~ Being a Normal Teenager ~*~

Liza’s POV

“Elisabetta, your friends are here,” A voice called from quite a distance but I didn’t budge. I wanted my sleep and even if my friends were here, I didn’t care, I was tired.

I lay in my bed hugging my pillow hoping my friends whoever it was, was patient enough to wait a few hours whilst I napped. After about two minutes I heard my bedroom door open but I still stayed in the same place that I had before.

Within a second of my door closing a weight landed on me, causing my eyes to widen.

“What the hell?” I exclaimed trying to budge the weight but it wasn’t working.

“I said your friends are down stairs,” The melodic voice chuckled rolling me onto my back, whilst he hovered over me.

“I heard you,” I smirked.

He leant down pecking my lips before pulling away smiling at me.

“Darling, you need to get up. Jeremy and Matt seem to be un-patient, where are they taking you anyway?” He questioned rolling over so he was lying next to me with an arm wrapped around my shoulders.

“They’re dragging me to a party. It’s at the Lockwood estate,” I shrugged, “They wouldn’t take no for an answer so it seems like I have no choice.”

I leaned my head against his chest trying to waste my time here. It wasn’t that I hated Jeremy and Matt or any of my other friends, just having to spend time at a party with drunken teenagers wasn’t that fun.

“Well, then you need to get ready. You deserve to have a little fun with your friends, so scoot and get ready,” He smirked pushing me from his chest and lifted me up so I was standing.

“I hate you,” I frowned as he chuckled before running out of my room and back downstairs.

Quickly I showered and got dressed. I knew we were going to the Lockwood estate were there was a lake for swimming, so I pulled on a simple blue bikini before pulling on short denim shorts with a yellow strappy top. I pulled on some yellow pumps along with grabbing a towel and a light blue cardigan just in case it got cold this evening.

Once I had my towel and underwear packed into a handbag I sighed before walking down the stairs to see Kol talking with my two friends.

I never thought I’d be able to see Kol actually talking to my friends civilly but I was glad that they all got along. Jeremy and Matt chuckled at whatever Kol had said, which was a nice scene was as I never thought anyone I was friends with would ever be friendly with an original.

Hastily I ran up to the three of them wrapping my arm around Kol’s middle as I couldn’t reach his shoulders.

“How are you three then?” I questioned with a smile plastered onto my face.

“We’re good Liza, but you three need to go,” Kol smirked, “Make sure she doesn’t get into any trouble, and be back before the moon comes up, it’s a full moon tonight.”

“Sure,” I smiled as the two boys said the same thing.

Kol pecked my lips quickly before pushing me out of the house. He seemed to be desperate for me to spend time with my friends and go to this party.

It didn’t seem that interesting but I did want to spend quality time with my friends even if it was outside with a lot of drunken teens.

The three of us made our way to Matt’s car where he began to drive the three of us to the Lockwood estate.

“So you two seem to like Kol better now, are you getting along finally?” I questioned.

“He seems nicer, not like the evil original we all thought he was,” Jeremy shrugged.

This made me smile a little knowing that two of my best friends enjoyed the company of my fiancé.

“Well you should like him a little more, as he wanted you both to be his groomsmen. I didn’t ask him to make you groomsmen, this was his idea,” I smiled softly.

“He actually wants us to his groomsmen?” Matt chuckled as he carried on driving.

Matt and Jeremy both looked shocked from the view I got from the back of the car. It was surprising when he said about it originally and it still had that effect on people.

We carried on talking about my wedding for a little longer until we finally reached the Lockwood estate. When we pulled up the three of us made our way over to the crowds. There were many people drinking and eating as well as many of them in the lake or standing around it.

To be honest there were hardly anyone that I knew or actually wanted to talk to. The only two people I could see in the crowds that I knew was Caroline and Bonnie.

The three of us ended up going over to the two girls who were talking about something or rather. As they saw us they both smiled.

“Hey Liza, I didn’t know you were coming,” Caroline grinned.

“I didn’t really have much choice, Jeremy and Matt wanted me to come and Kol ended up on their side so I was kicked out of the front door,” I chuckled as she pulled me into a hug.

“Well, I’m glad they did as we are going swimming now,” Caroline smiled, stopping the hug. She quickly griped my hand and dragged me down the gradual slope from where we all stood to the edge of the lake.

She took off her dress whilst I striped down to my bikini. The pair of us abandoned our stuff on the grass before entering the water.

The others joined us within a few minutes before we all ended up in the water just having fun. After about an hour in the water we all got out of the water before drying off and getting dressed again.

For the rest of the day, until the sun began to set’ we all drunk alcohol, talked and socialised with the people I had met in school and those that I didn’t even know.

The first time in my whole life I actually felt normal. It was a rare occasion to feel normal as a vampire, as truly we weren’t normal. We were immortal but having real friends now, I felt like one of them. I know three out of four of them are supernatural but they seemed like normal teenagers of the 21st century.

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