Always and Forever

~*~ Wedding Preparation ~*~

~*~ One Month Later ~*~

Liza’s POV

I quickly pulled on a tank top and some leggings, so I could quickly change when I went shopping. I know they’d be here soon so as soon as my hair was brushed I made my way downstairs to talk to Kol whilst I waited.

As I walked into the living room he was sat down on the sofa watching TV. I sat down next to him kissing his cheek.

“Morning Darling,” He smiled pulling me closer to me.

“Morning, I’m going wedding dress shopping today,” I stated leaning my head on his shoulder.

“Who’s going?” He questioned.

Rebekah should really be coming with us but she hated me and was only being my bridesmaid for Kol and Elijah’s sake.

“Bonnie, Caroline, Jeremy and Matt,” I stated.

Jeremy and Matt didn’t have anything better to do with their time, so they decided it would be nice to join us. I also valued their opinions, and as I couldn’t have Kol there to help me pick a dress they were the second best options.

“Well I hope you have a great day, and make sure Jeremy and Matt know we’re going shopping tomorrow for our suits,” He smiled softly.

We sat like that for about ten minutes until the doorbell rang. I pecked his lips before opening the door. Caroline stood there and behind her was Matt’s car with him, Bonnie and Jeremy sat in it.

“You ready?” She questioned.

“Sure,” I nodded, “Bye Kol,” I called behind me.

The pair of us made our way to the car where I got into the middle in between Caroline and Bonnie whilst Jeremy sat in the passenger seat next to Matt who was driving.

“Hey, Liza, you ready for dress shopping?” Jeremy chuckled.

He knew I wasn’t. Obviously I was excited to get my wedding dress, as I really wanted to get married, and have a beautiful dress to go along with it. There was just one problem- and it was called Caroline. I loved her and everything but her and shopping was painful, and it would be worse as she knew it would have to be special.

After about half an hour we reached the local mall that luckily only had one wedding shop. Anymore and I might kill myself. I needed a nice dress but the more shops the longer I would be dragged through them by Caroline. We quickly got to the shop, and began this torturous journey of buying a dress.

Caroline got me to try on one too many dresses before she handed me another couple. The other three were sat around outside laughing at my pain and talking about school and other things that weren’t that important.

I pulled on one of the dresses, looking at myself in the mirror. As soon as I saw myself in the white gown I knew this was the one for me. I smiled at myself before pulling open the curtain to reveal myself to the four of my friends.

I smiled at them before doing a small twirl for them so they could see me in the dress properly.

“You look beautiful Liza,” Caroline grinned.

“You really do,” Matt smiled.

The dress reached the floor, and was pure white. Over the white fabric there was floral white netting on the skirt. At my waist was a silver pattern and above that was just plain white. I loved it, and even if Caroline didn’t, I was getting this one.

“This is the one, and no matter what you say Care, I’m getting this one,” I chuckled at her.

“Good, because you don’t have a choice, I’ve picked out your shoes and everything,” She laughed showing me some shoes.

They were pure white with a cross of fabric over the ankle with silver diamonds over the toes along with a heel.

“Thank you,” I chuckled, “I’m going to change from this then find you two some dresses.”

I quickly changed from the dress I was going to buy, pulling on my tank top and leggings. I hung the dress back up in the changing room, as the woman working there said she’d take the one I wanted and take it into a room so it could be altered.

Once that was done, I made my way back to my friends so we could find some dresses for my maid of honour and bridesmaids.

Kol and I agreed that we were going to use royal blue and white as the colours. We had already paid for everything for the venue, like the flowers and table clothes. I had my bouquet sorted out and our wedding cake, so other than outfits we were sorted.

I looked around the shop for dresses for Bonnie, Caroline and Rebekah. Rebekah said she would come and get fitted in her dress tomorrow, as she didn’t want to be here with us.

Finally after a long search for the dresses, I found Caroline’s but not Bonnie and Rebekah’s.

Caroline tried hers on and it suited her perfectly. She looked great in it and I knew she liked it as she picked it out from the rack, and I approved.

The dress reached just above her knee, and it was ruffled up to her waist where a slightly lighter blue sash was tied around her waist. It was strapless and suited her well.

Once we had Caroline’s dress sorted and ready for alteration, we all worked on finding Bonnie and Rebekah matching dress. Soon we found them, on a rack nearest to the door.

Bonnie tried hers on and it matched Caroline’s meaning it was a lovely dress and suited her well. It was the same royal blue as Caroline’s, but hers was slightly longer, reaching below her knee. It flowed out from the waist down, and the top had straps on it and looked great on her. Even though Rebekah wasn’t here, I knew it would suit her as well.

We reserved Rebekah’s dress for her to get fitted tomorrow, before we tried on our dresses again, to see whether they had to do any alterations. The alterations were only minor, so we could get them back within the week, as we were going to get Rebekah’s at the same time.

Once all of the dresses and accessories were sorted, we decided to go get something to eat. It wasn’t like Caroline or I needed to eat but the other three did, and the two boys looked extremely bored, so it would be a nice break from all of the shopping.

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