Always and Forever

~*~ Misery Loves Company ~*~

England- 1492

Liza’s POV

I looked around the ballroom. Where was he? I couldn’t find anyone I knew. Everyone knew me but to be honest I didn’t know them. Across the crowds I saw Niklaus walking down the stairs. Crossing the hall I smiled as I met him.

“Hello Niklaus,” I smiled walking with him.

“Hello Liza,” He responded.

Within seconds we were face to face with Elijah and a girl. She was about my physical age and had long brown hair.

“Katerina, this is Lord Niklaus and Lady Elisabetta,” He introduced.

“It’s lovely to meet you Lady Elisabetta and Lord Niklaus,” She smiled softly.

“You honestly don’t need to call me that, Liza is fine. I’m technically not a ‘Lady’ I’m not of noble blood nor married into it,” I shrugged.

“And Niklaus is the name my Father gave me call me Klaus,” He smiled taking her hand within his and kissing it.

She just smiled back and looked relatively awkward standing there.

“It was a pleasure meeting you Katerina, I will speak to you later, I have something I need to attend to,” I stated with a soft smile on my face.

“Okay, it was lovely meeting you,” She stated as I turned walking away from the trio.

I headed towards the grand entrance as I knew who would be there. They would be better company than Katerina and the love struck pair. You could tell they were head over heels although they barely knew this girl.

Once I got to the door I looked around me. When I saw the person I smiled to myself stepping towards them. There was a low wall stood next to them so I ran in my horrid dress and sat on the wall.

“Hello Trevor,” I beamed looking at my best friend.

“Hello Lady Elisabetta,” He stated not showing any emotion.

“Just because you work for my Father doesn’t mean you should treat me like that,” I frowned.

“I’m just doing as I’m told milady,” He stated.

“Seen as Elijah is my Father you should listen to my orders as well. I demand you call me Liza. You’re my best friend for heaven’s sake, enough of the politeness,” I frowned.

“I’m sorry Liza,” He chuckled.

“Come on,” I smirked taking his hand in mine. I pulled him by his hand away from his duty at the front door and away from the large house. We stopped and I smiled.

“You amaze me sometimes,” He chuckled.

“Thank you Trevor, I love your thoughts of me,” I laughed.

“You’re welcome, so why did you pull me away? Elijah or Klaus are going to be angry with me,” He sighed.

“Don’t worry I can handle them,” I smiled, “I’m bored and I couldn’t find Kol, Rebekah hates me and Elijah and Niklaus are with Katerina.”

“Do you know what they’re going to do to Katerina?” He questioned.

“No,” I frowned, I could tell by his facial expression that he loved her, or at least he cared for her a lot.

“Okay,” he sighed.

“You care for her don’t you, so do Niklaus and Elijah,” I smiled softly.

He frowned before sighing.

“That’s why I cannot care for her, they’d literally kill me if I even spoke to her let alone started courting her,” He frowned.

“How about we go meet up with Rose, she always seems to make you smile,” I smiled trying to comfort him.

“Okay,” He sighed.

Smiling I led him through the trees along the path I had learnt over the last few years of having lived near them. We finally reached the small cottage within the trees. Trevor’s face seemed to have brightened as he was getting closer to being with his best friend of quite a while.

Although Trevor and I were best friends, Rose was actually his best friend. He introduced us actually, then I turned her into a vampire and she turned him. I don’t really know why I turned her though, it was a spur of the moment thing and then she was a vampire. Within weeks so was Trevor and we were all relatively happy.

I then introduced Trevor to Elijah who hired him to work for him but it would be a dangerous job although he didn’t mind. I tried to keep him safe, for mine and Rose’s sake.

When we finally reached the cottage I knocked at the feeble wooden door. It wouldn’t hold anyone out but a human lived here so no un-invited vampires could enter, which was a rather smart move with Niklaus and Elijah here.

We waited for a couple of minutes until the old woman opened the door. A permanent frown was plastered on her face as she scowled at us both.

“Miss Rose-Marie,” She called behind her where I presumed Rose was.

“What?” Rose responded coming into view.

She was never a pleasant person when you turned up un-expected; she usually had the same scowl as her house keeper, of which she did.

“Hello Rose,” I smiled warmly.

“Liza? Trevor? What are you doing here? Isn’t it Lord Niklaus’ birthday soirée? You should be there to celebrate it and you should be there guarding it,” She frowned pointing at us both.

“He won’t mind, Elijah will remove his heart before he’ll let him lay a hand on me. For Trevor, I’ve basically giving him immunity, he’s my friend and Elijah cares about my happiness so he shall live for however long I want him to,” I smiled proud of the power I held.

“You won’t want that to end soon will you?” Trevor asked quivering slightly.

“Of course not, you two are the only one’s who’ll speak to me in a way that doesn’t make me seem like a child. Kol does also sometimes but he’s too busy at the moment to spend any time with me due to running duties for Niklaus,” I sighed with a light shrug.

“Do come in,” Rose chuckled at my droning on about the people I had to live with.

Both Trevor and I entered freely as we had already been previously invited into her home by the human living here.

Once we had entered her home we found a seat as the old woman moved off into another room to leave us alone.

“So why did you escape Niklaus’ birthday?” Rose questioned.

“Would you really want to stay in a room when two of the men you’ve known since you were five which was three hundred years ago are flirting with a woman your best friend cares for? I think not. Elijah is like a Father to me and Niklaus is just Niklaus, I care for him. They both have some obsession with Katerina but I know Trevor likes her a lot more than they do. Niklaus is incapable of love and Elijah well he wouldn’t like someone like that,” I shrugged.

Rose sighed as Trevor frowned at my mini speech. He obviously didn’t like me voicing my opinion on Katerina and Rose looked blatantly bored with the conversation.

“Katerina. I don’t see what you see in her Trevor, she’ll just cause trouble especially if both Lord Niklaus and Lord Elijah have the same feelings for her. It will get you killed, they will obviously not want to fight for this woman,” Rose stated.

It was true, if by chance either of the Mikaelson men did actually like Katerina more so than Trevor, he would die if he tried to be with Katerina. Elijah more than likely wouldn’t kill him but Niklaus would, if he attempted to interfere with his relationship or his brother’s.

He may be heartless and ruthless but he valued family to a certain extent.

“I love her Rose; I can’t let them hurt her. They’re… them they’ll hurt her,” He stated with a sad tone to his voice.

“It’s okay to love her Trevor, as long as you don’t act upon it, they’ll hurt you, and they’ll probably kill you. I won’t be able to protect you and Rose definitely won’t be able to,” I said with a soft smile on my face.

“Liza, do you know what it’s like to be in love?” He questioned.

“Yes,” I shrugged.

I guess I did, I was in love once but it was unrequited so I gave up on the hopes of falling in love or someone loving me forever. Forever was going to be a long time for me but it would be okay with those I cared about by my side.

“Then you know you’d do anything to save them. You’ll do anything to be with them, risk anything,” He stated, I could see the passion in his eyes.

“I know Trevor, but I had that when I was in my darkest time. I felt as if no one cared for me. I was willing to leave everything behind as there wasn’t anyone I thought would care if I left them. If I died fighting for them and anyway they didn’t love me and I knew that. They were very blunt about it. Losing everything risking your life for this girl is stupid. You have us Rose and I,” I smiled warmly trying to encourage him his idea was rather bad.

He sighed looking puzzled. I knew what I said had made his motives seem meek and gave him a bad feeling to risking his life for Katerina. Rose on the other hand looked sad. She had the chance she was losing her best friend due to him being blinded by love. Although I could tell I had a rather pathetic smile on my face as I tried to make him feel better about the girl he thought he loved.

I wasn’t ruling out the possibility of him actually loving Katerina but I was sure that if he did or thought he did it would end badly on his behalf, maybe even hers. Niklaus would kill them both if he got the smallest motive to; even if he didn’t have a motive he’d try to kill them.

Slowly I rose from my seat knowing it was about time for me to go back to Niklaus’ birthday soiree. I didn’t really want to but I knew I had to. Either he’d figure out both Trevor and I ditched it or someone else would and they’d bring it to his attention.

“I’m so sorry Rose for the short un-scheduled visit but we should be heading back before they realise we ran away,” I smiled as Trevor stood up as well.

“Okay, I hope to see you both soon,” She replied walking us to the door and opening it.

“Goodbye,” We both said as we turned our back to the small cottage and headed back to the place I was now calling home.

The walk wasn’t too far but it seemed longer with a glum Trevor. He was generally the happy one out of the three of us but he was awfully sad having his hopes and dreams involving Katerina being crushed.

As my home got in sight I turned to my friend and smiled softly before heading further up the pathway. I knew Trevor had stopped at the door seen as that was where he was expected to be but I carried on into the growing crowds to try and find someone that I knew or someone who wished to speak to me. I gave a final look around to see Trevor at his post with the same sorrowful facial expression.

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