Always and Forever

~*~ Understanding Friends ~*~

Liza’s POV

Surprisingly I was awake before Kol this morning. I had spent an hour downstairs sipping blood, whilst speaking to Elijah and Nik. We hadn’t spoken to one another for quite a while as I had been busy planning my wedding. But this morning I spent a little while getting to catch up with the two men that I cared about the most but sadly neglected.

Once Elijah had to go out and Nik followed, I realised Kol was still nowhere to be seen. Due to this I decided to make my way back upstairs to our bedroom only to see him curled up in the quilt.

I chuckled at how cute he looked cuddling the pillow next to him. Lying down next to him I kissed his nose whispering his name until he opened his eyes.

“Morning,” He smiled softly rubbing his eyes.

“Morning,” I smiled back, “You need to wake up, we’re going over to the Salvatore’s boarding house. You promised you would come, and we’ll be late if you don’t get up soon.”

He frowned jutting out his bottom lip. He pulled his arm out from under the quilt wrapping it around my waist and kissing my neck.

“Can’t we just stay here?” He whispered into my ear.

I chuckled softly pushing him away from him so I was on my knees looking down at him at a good distance from him.

“No. Now you know how horrible you’ve been to me, not letting me sleep when you want to go out. So now, you need to get out of bed and come with me to speak to my friends,” I smiled softly climbing off of the bed.

I was already dressed into some jeans and a graphic t-shirt, whereas he was still in bed. Softly I smiled at him as he rolled out of bed rolling his eyes at me, walking to the bathroom.

Whilst I waited for him, I went downstairs sitting in the kitchen drinking another blood bag. I only finished the bag filled with blood as he came downstairs.

“Happy now?” he smirked kissing me softly.

“Yep, are you ready now?” I questioned.

“Yeah,” He chuckled.

I quickly grabbed my bag from the seat next to me at the kitchen table. Standing up I pulled it onto my shoulder heading to the door grabbing Kol’s car keys placing them in his hands before stepping outside and over to his car.

He unlocked it and I slid into the passenger seat as he slid into the driver’s seat. The drive was very short, it was easy to walk there but we were running late so driving there was worth it. We pulled up outside of boarding house and hastily made our way to the front door knocking. Within a couple of moments the door opened revealing Damon Salvatore.

“Hi Liza,” He smiled warmly, “Hello Kol,” He stated in a not so happy manner.

“Hey Damon,” I smiled back stepping into his house.

I took Kol’s hand into mine dragging him into the house as I knew he’d make an excuse and run away. Rubbing small soft circles with my thumb on the back of his hand, I warmly smiled at him. We made our way down the long hallway, until we reached what looked like a living room or a library.

All of the people I knew well enough were sat around. There was Bonnie, Caroline, Jeremy, Matt, Alaric, Tyler, Elena and Stefan. Most of them were my close friends but then there was a couple I didn’t like.

“Hey guys,” I smiled softly pulling Kol into the room.

Caroline scooted up on the sofa so there was enough room for two of us to sit down with her. I sat down pulling Kol with me so I was sat in between him and her.

“Hi Liza, hi Kol,” They all smiled.

I was surprised that everyone was being quite warm and welcoming towards Kol. I always thought they would be harsh towards him. It was obvious that most of them weren’t huge fans of the Mikaelson’s but it was nice for them to make an effort.

Caroline was warming up to them as she and Nik had been in a relationship for a little while now. Then Matt and Jeremy had become friends with Kol, and Bonnie and Alaric tried to be friends with them but I understood they only got along with them for my sake.

Damon joined us taking a seat next to Elena before we all began to talk. I hadn’t spent very long talking with Damon, Elena and Tyler as we didn’t get along too well but everyone else I talked to quite a bit, but I spoke to Stefan a lot quite a long time again.

“So Liza, how is the wedding planning going?” Alaric questioned.

“Quite well, we got our dresses last week and they’re supposed to be ready tomorrow. Everything else is sorted so everything should be sorted for our wedding next week,” I grinned, “you’re all coming to the wedding, right?” I smiled softly.

“Of course,” They all smiled back.

Even though some of them weren’t really my friends, I still wanted them to be there. There wouldn’t be too many people at the wedding, there would only be those in this room and the Mikaelson’s. Kol and I didn’t have any other friends other than them.

After a while we finished talking about the wedding. Although I was looking forward to the wedding more than ever but it was awkward getting all the attention on us.

“So who wants some alcohol?” Damon grinned holding up a bottle of whiskey.

“Seriously, you invite us all around, and decide to get drunk?” Alaric chuckled.

I furrowed my eyebrows at the man. From what I knew he got drunk most of the time, when I went to cry on his shoulder, he pulled out alcohol as an answer.

“Come on just pass around the booze,” Tyler chuckled.

Damon quickly made his way around giving each of us a glass of whiskey. Soon enough we had all had a couple of glasses but carried on talking about random rubbish that had happened in our lives.

In this town there was a lot going on, and recently it had all gone over my head. I hadn’t really been paying attention to the latest gossip recently, but their lives were certainly not going to be boring.

It was quite enjoyable to spend my afternoon, simply talking to my friends about our lives and everything that has happened recently. It was just nice to sit down and relax for a while and just not worry about everything.

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