Always and Forever

~*~ The Not So Happy Ending ~*~

Liza’s POV

My heart beat was racing as Caroline curled my hair whilst Bonnie was stood at the mirror doing her makeup. I knew Kol was the one I wanted to be with forever- literally but this moment was scary.

Marriage was my one wish but I couldn’t calm myself down.

For some reason, my brain was convincing me that it was right to allow myself to be this worked up. Also for some reason, I thought Kol wouldn’t turn up, or wouldn’t actually marry me.

I knew this was bizarre, I loved him more than anything and I knew he loved me but it was so weird that this day had actually come.

“Caroline, do you think I’m doing the right thing?” I whispered trying not to move my head as she would burn my head and be annoyed.

“Are you crazy?” She questioned putting the curling tongs down, “You are madly in love with one another, and if you two weren’t meant to be together then there is no help for Bonnie and me.”

Bonnie put down her lipstick and walked over to the pair of us. She learnt against the table the Caroline had laid all the hair stuff down.

“Yeah, Liza, Kol loves you more than anyone. If you two weren’t meant to be married then there is no point in us two to actually attempt to get married,” Bonnie chuckled.

“What if he doesn’t want to marry me? Nik faked carrying about me, so why wouldn’t Kol?” I questioned with my breathing still being erratic.

Bonnie patted my shoulder softly and Caroline pulled me into a hug as Rebekah walked into the room with a soft smile. It was weird that she was ever happy around me but I guess marriage could even do that to her.

“Rebekah, tell Liza that your brother loves her and isn’t just pretending to want to marry her, in the hopes to hurt her,” Bonnie stated.

“He loves you Liza. Nik was only heartless in the hopes to hurt Kol, but Kol actually loves you,” She smiled softly.

I let out a rather large sigh as we all got back to what we were doing. Caroline quickly finished my hair, and had already finished Bonnie’s and her own. As I finished of my makeup Caroline finished Rebekah’s hair.

Once we were all finished at getting ready, a knock came to our door. Bonnie made sure whoever came in couldn’t see me just in case it was Kol, but it wasn’t. It was Elijah.

I walked past the three girls pulling him into a hug.

“How are you feeling Liza?” He smiled softly hugging me back.

“Nervous, but also extremely excited and happy,” I smiled back.

I slipped on my heels as we all made sure we looked fine, before making our way out to the double doors. I took a deep breath taking Elijah’s hand in my own waiting for our cue.

Caroline gave me a smile before beginning to walking down the aisle along to the wedding march. As I saw her reach the end of the aisle and take her place opposite Kol, Jeremy and Matt, I took another deep breath.

Elijah gave my hand a warm encouraging squeeze before we began to walk down the aisle. I knew Bonnie and Rebekah were making their way down the aisle straight after us, so I would be getting married in only minutes.

There wasn’t really anyone here, mainly because we didn’t have any friends to invite as most of them had been killed. So there was only a handful of people in the chairs that we walked past down to the alter.

As we got to the alter Elijah turned to me kissing my cheek, before putting my hand that had been in his into Kol’s. I slightly turned handing Caroline my bouquet, letting my other hand slip into Kol’s.

“You look beautiful,” He whispered softly rubbing a small circle with his thumb on the back of my hand.

I took a deep breath as the vicar began to talk to us about our vows and just as Kol was about to copy what he had said I felt a sharp pain in my back.

I looked down to see the tip of a stake coming out of my chest as I saw the fear wash over Kol’s face.

“I love you,” I whispered with the last ounce of breath I had before everything around me became black.

~*~ Kol’s POV ~*~

The girl I truly loved came down the aisle with a soft smile on her face. Elijah was stood next to her with the same smile. As they reached me he kissed her cheek before I took her hands in mine.

She smiled softly.

“You look beautiful,” I smiled back softly.

It was true, and nothing could ever make me think differently, with her being in my life. I rubbed soft circle on the back of her hand with my thumb.

Knowing I would actually be married to the girl I loved within minutes. It was the first time in my life I had ever been so sure of anything, and that was that I loved Elisabetta and I couldn’t wait to spend eternity with her.

The vicar began to talk but I wasn’t really paying too much attention to what he was saying as I was lost in her blue eyes. I knew that I had to repeat what he was saying in a moment so I began to listen but as I was about to say what the vicar had said something that I least expected happened.

Her mouth widen as pain covered her face. The end of a stake came through her chest as blood lightly trickled down her front. I could feel the tears fill my eyes as she began to go grey with vein covering her skin.

“I love you,” She whispered in the barely audible voice.

She fell to the ground with the stake coming out her back. Behind her was Rebekah who had an evil smirk on her face as she hastily retreated from the room.

I collapsed to the ground holding onto the Liza’s limp body as a tear fell down my cheek.

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