Always and Forever

~*~Always and Forever must come to an end ~*~

Jeremy’s POV

A sea of black was something I didn’t think I would have to see for a long while. Everyone in town wore their extremely over-used funeral clothing. Even though we were all making our way to the grave, everyone tried not to cry.

It was weird seeing everyone together how they were now. The Mikaelson’s had taken it the hardest, and I didn’t blame them.

Elijah looked devastated, he didn’t let any tears fall but you could see from his facial expression he was taking this badly. She was basically his daughter meaning he had lost his own child.

Then there was Klaus who actually showed another emotion rather than anger. Caroline and he cried on one another shoulders, but they found it hard to go through this event.

Not as bad as Kol had taken it though. He was in tears and didn’t really speak to anyone. He responded to those who said sorry for your loss, but other than that he stayed silent and simply cried to himself.

Once her body was laid to rest everyone laid down flowers or said something to her headstone until everyone was left other than Kol and I. Hastily Kol retreated from the head stone as he was crying hysterically now. I stepped closer to the grave as I was the last one to say my goodbyes.

“Liza, I don’t know what to say,” I whispered, “I miss you.”

I couldn’t think of anything to say other than that. I missed her terribly, she was one of my best friends and all of us missed her badly.

“I miss you too Jer,” A voice responded.

Looking up from the pile of flowers on her grave, Liza was sat on her headstone. She smiled softly still in her wedding dress with blood stained on the fabric.

“Liza, how comes I can see you?” I whispered wiping away my tears.

“You’re a medium, and you wanted to see me, and I wanted to speak to you,” She chuckled.

I couldn’t believe I had forgotten that I can speak to the dead. I smiled softly know I can talk to her finally.

“Don’t cry Jeremy, it’s not that bad over here,” She smiled softly.

“What’s it like?” I questioned.

It was kind of a heartless question, and I didn’t know why I felt compelled to ask her such a stupid question. I was kind of curious though, and I did want to know what it was like on the other side.

“I don’t know why I said it wasn’t that bad. It’s not as bad as it could be,” She chuckled, “Basically I’m on my own, I have no one, and all I can do is watch those I care about and hope you or another medium can speak to me.”

“It doesn’t sound pleasant,” I frowned.

Not being pleasant was an understatement, it sounded horrific. It was probably torturous for her to only be able to watch us without communication and it would be horrid to not be able to talk to those you care about the most.

“It could be better, but at least now I don’t feel compelled to kill vampires all the time, and now I can just relax,” She shrugged with a soft smile.

“How can you be so happy at a time like this?” I frowned.

It was wrong that she was able to be so cheery now that she was dead. Being able to smile all the time knowing that you are dead is a weird way to react.

“I’m just able to be optimistic, and I need you to take care of Kol for me, for now, until I can come back. And I will find a way,” She smiled softly before disappearing.

~*~ Rebekah’s POV ~*~

I had avoided my home since the wedding.

I had no choice but to kill Liza.

She was destroying mine and my family’s lives. She had forced my family to convert their ways and added danger to our lives. Now I may not be able to speak with my family but at least they were safe and there was no way that Liza could come back and destroy their lives again.

Suddenly a figure appeared in front of me. I had been in a house our family bought in Arizona, and no one knew about it. It was in the middle of nowhere, so no one would come here to disturb me. Also not many people were able to just randomly appear out of nowhere.

As I looked up to see whom it was, I knew today wasn’t my day.

“Hey Beks,” The female voice chuckled, “Miss me?”

“Liza, what are you doing here?” I questioned standing up looking rather shocked.

She was still in her tattered wedding dress with the blood covering it. She had an evil glint in her eye and a manipulative smirk that I never thought she could hold. I knew she hated me but she never looked at anyone like this. She was too nice of a person.

“I’m a member of the five silly, I will be here until another one comes along,” She grinned, “And I won’t let you live down what you have done.”

My face dropped even further. I seriously didn’t think through what I had done. Liza was a member or the five and I had now unleashed the curse. I couldn’t believe I had done this.

“You are a pathetic excuse of a vampire. You are sick for killing me just because you’re jealous that they care more about me than you,” She smirked.

I knew exactly what she was doing; she was trying to convince me to kill myself. Nik had told me about this, and he had it worse with five of them but just having Liza would be bad enough.

“Just go away,” I groaned.

Why I said that I don’t know. She wouldn’t as she would be here until a new member of the five was awakened.

~*~ Jeremy’s POV ~*~

I had only just got home, and went straight to my room. Elena had gone over to Stefan’s as for some reason she was sad. She didn’t like Liza but if it upset her she was comfier being with Stefan, so I was home alone.

As I opened my bedroom door a figure was sat on my bed looking at a photo on my bedside table. They turned around as they realised I was there.

“Can you see me?” Liza questioned looking happy that I was there.

“Yeah,” I nodded.

She looked like a puppy that had just seen their owner after a long time. She stood up and sped towards me.

“I have some good news for you Jer,” She grinned.

“What?” I questioned.

How could she have good news? She was dead, and couldn’t talk to anyone about anything that has happened, so she wouldn’t have a good chance in finding good news on the other side.

“I can come back.”

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