Always and Forever

~*~ Katerina ~*~

Liza’s POV

“Liza, can you come here please?” I heard Elijah’s voice from down in the main hall.

Sighing I stood up from my seat laying my book down where I once sat saving my page. Walking downstairs I could see Elijah stood there with Katerina. She had been staying with us for the last few days seen as she for some reason meant something to the brothers.

“Yes Elijah,” I smiled, “Hello Katerina.”

“Could you please keep an eye on Katerina and maybe show her around the grounds for a while? I need to meet up with Lord Niklaus,” he smiled back.

Although he asked me whether I could stay with Katerina his facial expression was suggesting I didn’t have a choice in the matter.

“Of course,” I nodded with a fake smile on my face.

“I will see you both later, goodbye Liza, goodbye Katerina,” He stated as he left our home to meet up with his younger brother.

“Well where would you like to see first, the gardens perhaps? Or I could show you around the house?” I shrugged not really minding.

It was a large estate that Niklaus owned but I knew it all like the back of my hand. It was a beautiful place to live and I was glad I got to live here.

“How about you show me the gardens?” She smiled gesturing to the front door.

“Good choice, follow me,” I sighed rolling my eyes.

It would be a long day or a long period of time that I would have to babysit this woman that for reasons un-known was special. Why? Neither Elijah nor Niklaus (not that I expected him to tell me) would say anything about her. Kol and Rebekah didn’t know anything either and neither did Trevor.

I don’t know why but it felt like they were lying to me, holding something back. There was a reason they allowed Katerina to stay. Niklaus actually wanted her to be here, not that he was home much at all.

We both went outside and towards the pathway that led to a statue and flower beds. It was lovely to see every day but no one ever tended to it. I was also glad Elijah contacted a witch and got me a day light ring to help me keep a human aspect about me.

“It is beautiful,” She smiled softly looking around.

“I know it was like this when we moved here a few years ago but no one really comes out here much. Mainly I but it’s not really looked after, it is pure luck it is growing as well as it is,” I shrugged.

“Do you know where Lord Niklaus is?” She asked meekly.

“No I am sorry, he isn’t home to often, and he isn’t fond of me so he doesn’t tell me where he goes. Ask Elijah when he gets home, he should know,” I stated.

It never really bothered me not knowing where Niklaus was all the time. He never really paid much attention to where I was as long as I wasn’t out with a stake and a hunter.

“He courts me but then he shows no interest in me, I don’t know how he truly feels,” She sighed.

I could see the pained expression in her face as she thought about him. He was heartless and she would learn that, probably the hard way.

“It’s just how he is. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself,” I shrugged.

It was true and if she didn’t believe me he would either emotionally hurt her or physically, either way she had no way of surviving un-harmed.

She sighed as we walked on. The walk around the building took about an hour with the few stops we made to look at the scenery. As we got back to the front door I saw a familiar face stood there.

He hadn’t been home in a few weeks, no one told me he had gone away for a while.

“Kol,” I squealed running up the remainder of the path hugging him.

“Hello darling, how’s it been without me?” He chuckled hugging me back.

“Horrid, but you should meet Katerina a guest of Elijah and Niklaus. Katerina this is Lord Kol, Elijah and Niklaus’ brother,” I smiled introducing them.

“My Lord,” She curtsied.

“Does she always do this?” He whispered to me.

“Yep,” I nodded.

I had a smirk on my face just as the other Mikaelson came through the door. Both Elijah and Niklaus came through and smiled at the three of us.

“I need to go sort out something for tomorrow night’s events,” Niklaus stated leaving the room and going to the study.

“I will be right back,” I smiled to the other three following him into the study.

As I entered the room I saw him with papers lying across the table. I frowned as I got closer, close enough to read what was written.

They were about a curse and a sacrifice.

“What’s going on?” I questioned.

“I’m holding a sacrifice tomorrow for to lift a curse,” He explained.

“What curse? What sacrifice?” I asked.

How comes this was all news to me? No one told me anything around this house anymore, and I hardly think that is fair.

“I am part werewolf and part vampire. My Mother put a curse on me so I’m only a vampire. I need to have a moonstone, doppelganger, vampire and werewolf, who need to be either destroyed or killed to save me from only being a vampire,” He shrugged as if it was a normal concept.

“Who’s the doppelganger?” I questioned.

“Katerina,” He stated.

“So you’re killing her?” I exclaimed.

What was this world coming to? Everyone was going insane; he was going to kill Katerina because of her blood and to have a selfish curse lifted.

“Yes, but Elijah is trying to resurrect her, not that it matters to me,” He shrugged.

I sighed, he was honestly messed up. He was going to kill a poor innocent girl.

Quickly I left the room going over to Elijah’s personal study. Knocking on the door he allowed me to enter the room. I smiled sitting down next to him.

“I suppose he told you about the curse?” He asked not looking up from his book.

“Yeah,” I nodded, “Why would he do that?”

Before he could reply the door began to swing on its hinges as Niklaus knocked it in. His face was contorted into one of anger and hatred.

“What did you do Elijah?” He exclaimed.

“What do you mean, brother?” Elijah sighed looking up from his book.

“She’s gone Katerina is gone, what did you do?” Niklaus shouted.

“Nothing, but I’ll find her,” He sighed standing up and rushing out of the room.

I sighed as well before leaving the room. I had a gut instinct as to where Katerina would be. If her life was at risk I knew where someone would have taken her.

I sped through the forested areas until the cottage came into my sights. Breaking the door from its hinges I entered looking in to see a hideous sight.

Katerina stood there drinking from the old woman’s neck as Rose and Trevor looked on gobsmacked.

“You’ve just signed our death sentence,” Rose sighed with an angry expression.

“Better you die than I,” Katerina stated before fleeing the scene.

We stood there staring at each other for a few moments before it all sunk in.

“What the hell just happened? She’s a vampire, Niklaus is going to kill you both and me if he finds out about our involvement,” I exclaimed.

“Liza, can’t you keep him off our trail for a while? We’ll run, and he shouldn’t find us,” Trevor begged.

“He’ll find you, but I can try,” I sighed knowing it was the best thing to do for my friends.

“Thank you Liza,” Rose smiled, “I guess this is goodbye.”

“Goodbye Rose, goodbye Trevor,” I smiled back weakly.

This was hard saying goodbye to them. Mainly Trevor but I would miss them both. I knew one day Elijah or Niklaus would decide to move so I would have to move on with them but I didn’t think it would be this soon.

“Goodbye Liza,” They said together.

I sighed leaving the small cottage. I didn’t realise how much trouble I would have to just say goodbye to them let alone grasp the thought of never seeing them again.

Heading back to the house I looked out for Elijah or Niklaus, even one of their men on the way. Un-luckily I found none of them. When I reached the front door I could already hear Niklaus shouting at Elijah for ‘him letting Katerina go’.

Entering I saw the pair standing in the hall.

“Where have you been?” Elijah questioned.

“I know what happened to Katerina,” I stated.

“What?” Niklaus boomed stepping closer to me.

“A local vampire helped her escape and she’s now one of us. I killed the vampire but she’d already ran before I could do anything,” I sighed knowing one of them would yell at me.

“Why didn’t you try to capture her? I need her, she’s the last of her bloodline,” Niklaus exclaimed, “I won’t be able to break the curse.”

“I’m sorry. I cannot kill a person and capture someone, I was trying to save my life by killing him first sadly she escaped. Being a vampire isn’t that bad,” I shrugged although I knew it would infuriate him.

“Liza make yourself scarce before he kills you,” Elijah sighed seeing the anger boil within Niklaus as I stood there in front of him.

Hastily I turned away from the pair and ran for the exit. I couldn’t handle an angry Niklaus so it would be better for me to find another place, any place to be.

Running away from this place I couldn’t think of one place that I wanted to go. My only friends in town were both running, running for Niklaus. Kol was preoccupied looking for Katerina and Niklaus and Elijah were busy. I would even settle for Rebekah but she was always too busy murdering the locals.

I slowly stopped on the other side of town in hopes this was a good distance for the time being. Niklaus wouldn’t try to look for me at this time he would be busy looking for Katerina or torturing Elijah as he was blaming him.

Looking across the crowd I saw a lone man, around my physical age. Walking over to him and smiled. The smell of his blood got stronger as he smiled back at me.

At least today I would get a fresh meal and I was indulging in my vampire ways of slaughtering towns people.

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