Always and Forever

~*~ Bunny Diet ~*~

Mystic Falls- 1870

Liza’s POV

For years I had been trying to find myself. I know that sounds cheesy but we had been travelling around Europe and now we had gone to America. They had all dispersed across the country taking a state and spending our time there. I had chosen Virginia, I don’t know why though.

For about a year, I’ve been aimlessly going around town to town killing humans and happily being the vampire I am. Overall I had killed of a good percentage of the Virginian population.

Before I would have probably thought it was a cruel thing to do. Now though, it was natural, I had nothing else in this world my vampire powers would be good for. I just knew I should use what I had in any way I wanted.

Now I was travelling from Richmond to a small town called Mystic Falls. Someone told me to go there as vampires were one of the largest populations in this town. Luckily I was going to go there for a while at least.

As I entered I knew something wasn’t right. Obviously my sources forgot to tell me that all the vampires in this town were killed a few years back. Twenty six vampires burned in a church, highly over dramatic but also meant they wouldn’t expect another vampire coming along now.

Also no one told me Mystic Falls was being used to nurse the sick soldiers, sadly a lot died but it meant a lot could be killed and no one would suspect a vampire being there.

I walked over to the medical tents that lined the pavements. Entering one I saw no medical staff just un-conscious people, some asleep some nearly dead. Smirking I knew I would be able to get a lot of blood and no one would suspect me.

Slowly I walked over to one of the men who looked almost dead. Leaning over him I tilted his head so I could reach his neck. Quickly I bit down drinking his blood until he died.

The feeling of being watched came over me making me turn around quickly. A blond woman who looked a bit older than my physical age stood in the tent’s entrance. She had a small smile on her face.

“You aren’t a very careful vampire are you?” She chuckled.

“What do you know about vampires?” I hissed ready to kill her.

“I am one; obviously you’re new to this if you aren’t careful with where you kill,” She sighed.

“I’m not new to this I’ve been a vampire for over 700 years old, how old are you, I presume you’re younger than me,” I frowned.

“I’m only just over 200 years old but really you seem rather careless,” She stated.

Laughing at this she just gave me an odd look. I smiled before responding.

“I can be careless. I have the most powerful vampires, the first vampires looking out for me. If I get in trouble they will kill anyone who’s causing me trouble and I’m quite powerful myself,” I shrugged.

“I’m Alexia Branson by the way, but call me Lexi. I rather we didn’t argue, you seem like a rather normal vampire although you did threaten me,” She chuckled.

“Well, I’m Elisabetta Valentino but call me Liza,” I smiled back.

A look of recognition came over her face before she smiled at me.

“Did you by any chance know a woman called Rose-Marie? Did you turn her?” She questioned.

“I did, how did you know?” I frowned as the memories of Rose and Trevor came back.

“She is one of my friends. Well she was but she’s running. She mentioned you,” She shrugged.

I turned away from the man I had just killed walking out of the tent as Lexi followed me. She seemed nice enough for a vampire I had only just met.

“Lexi,” I heard a male voice shout out from a distance away.

She stopped so I did too. I was slightly nosey so I wanted to know who this mystery man was and who he was to Lexi.

A man with light brown hair appeared from the shadows and walked towards us. He was taller than me and looked around my physical age although he was probably a lot younger than me truly.

“Stefan, where have you been, you haven’t killed anyone have you?” Lexi exclaimed rushing over to him.

“No, I’ve only fed on animals,” He sighed rolling his eyes causing me to laugh.

“Stefan this is Liza, she’s an old vampire. Liza this is Stefan who I am mentoring to stop him killing people, he’s a ripper,” Lexi chuckled whispering the last part.

“It’s nice to meet you,” I smiled.

“You too,” He stated.

We stood there in silence for a while longer waiting for someone to say something but no one said anything.

“Liza, where are you staying?” Lexi questioned.

“Nowhere, I’ve been travelling,” I shrugged.

“Well stay with us,” Stefan stated.

“On one condition, you can’t kill humans you have to live off of animal blood whilst you stay with us,” Lexi explained.

I sighed un-sure. If I did decide to stay with them I would at least hot have to compel a human to allow me to stay with them. But I would have to go on a diet of animal blood which wouldn’t be pleasant. Another positive point to staying with them was that they seemed like nice people so I could possibly make new friends. As well as learn a bit about what had happened to Rose and Trevor.

“Okay,” I sighed, “I guess a new diet won’t be that bad.”

“Great, follow us and we’ll show you to our home,” Lexi smiled.

They quickly sped off making me follow them at vampire speed. Running at that speed meant that we got to their home within a couple of minutes seen as it was on the other side of Mystic Falls.

When we finally stopped I saw a large house (not as big as the one I used to live in, in England) that although it was dark looked rather magnificent.

Leading me up to the front door we walked in. I had to check to see if I could get in which I could, so no human lived here.

The inside of the house was nicer than the outside but it didn’t really matter seen as I wouldn’t be here for too long.

Going into their living room we all sat down and made ourselves reasonably comfortable.

“So why do you only drink animal blood?” I questioned.

“It’s a choice I guess. I value human life and when Stefan drinks human blood he kills a lot of people, more so than your average vampire,” Lexi explained, “Why do you seem so opposed to it?”

“Not drinking human blood makes you weaker and being a friend of the first vampire’s means a lot of people want to kill me. I need to stay stronger than them, so it is just a good way to be, drinking human blood,” I shrugged.

~*~ A Week Later ~*~

Drinking this animal blood was causing me to feel weak but I guess it would all be over soon as I was going to meet up with Elijah, Kol, Rebekah and Niklaus in Kentucky. They had sent me a letter asking me to meet them which meant I could leave my new bunny diet and go back to feeding off of humans.

“Lexi,” I called un-sure as to where she was in her and Stefan’s home.

“Yes,” She smiled walking into the room.

“I am overly sorry but I need to leave. Elijah, my Father figure has contacted me and wants me to meet him in Kentucky,” I sighed.

“Well, I hope we meet up again Liza. It has been nice to get to know someone like you but you should stay with your family,” Lexi smiled softly.

“It was nice staying with you, thank you for taking me in,” I smiled back.

“You’re welcome, I hope you get to Kentucky safely,” She said softly.

“I will goodbye Lexi, please say goodbye to Stefan for me,” I sighed.

I felt bad leaving their home without a warning and I also felt bad for not personally saying goodbye to Stefan but I needed to leave now to get to Kentucky any time soon.

“Don’t worry I will,” She smiled, “Goodbye Liza.”

I smiled at her one last time before leaving the house and heading towards the state the people I grew up with were.

Once again I had lost friends, people I would have been able to rely on. Not only did I lose Rose and Trevor years ago but now I had lost Lexi and Stefan.

I don’t know why but it seemed like the Mikaelson’s ran everyone that I cared about (other than them) away from me. I don’t think it was fair, they were the only people I could spend time with.
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