Always and Forever

~*~ Kolwala Bear ~*~

New Orleans- 1910

Liza’s POV

Dropping the dead body I turned to the others who were still killing their meals. I smirked walking over to Kol tapping his shoulder to get his attention. He turned to me not looking happy that I was distracting him from his meal but I sat down next to him taking the girl he was drinking from biting into one side of her neck whilst he took the other.

Once she was dead her body found its way to the floor like the man I had killed on my own. Within a few minutes the other three had finished with their meals throwing them to the ground as we left the empty building heading to somewhere else to indulge into the highlights of being a vampire.

The five of us separated so Elijah, Niklaus and Rebekah went off to find something else to do whilst Kol and I were looking for more humans to kill and torture.

“Where shall we go Liza?” He questioned as we walked aimlessly.

“The bar, we can drink ourselves into oblivion,” I smiled taking his hand in mine dragging him off into the direction of the local bar.

It was quite small, but most of the people in this part of New Orleans came her to drink and drown their sorrows. So I guess it was a good place to find our next victims.

Entering the bar, only about seven people were in there. That was including the bar tender, the waitress, and a man who was asleep on the pool table. Other than them, there was a couple sat at a table talking quietly, a man sat at the bar and a man playing darts. All in all no one would really miss them if they died.

Walking over to the bar I took a seat whilst Kol went to compel all the people in the bar to allow us to drink from them and not be scared or notice anything else we did as well as not leaving the bar at all. I smiled at the bar tender who gave me a weird look.

“Where is your husband?” He questioned cleaning a glass with a rag.

“Other there talking to that man,” I said pointing to Kol.

“Okay,” He nodded.

When he looked into my eyes I began to compel him.

“You will allow us to drink from you, you will allow us to do as we wish here and you won’t leave. You will also serve us any drinks we want for free,” I compelled.

He repeated what I said as Kol sat down next to me.

Kol gave him our order which he gave us quickly. Over the next few hours we had drunk most of the alcohol in the bar.

Now we were going onto the blood of the poor defenceless humans that were unluckily in the wrong place at the wrong time.

We both went over to the waitress and bit down on her throat taking one side each. Slowly she lost her blood and died before falling to the ground.

We moved round the whole bar killing of people until there was only the couple left on their own. I walked over to the jukebox putting a record in so the music played loudly.

Climbing over the bar I grabbed a bottle of whiskey. I opened it and drunk it straight from the bottle climbing back over the bar. I danced along to the music till drinking the alcohol. Kol joined me once he grabbed another bottle of alcohol.

Our dancing was bad but it was quite fun either way. I guess our dancing was getting worse seen as we were a bit tipsy, we had to dodge dead bodies on the floor and we couldn’t dance at all. Well proper dancing, ballroom we could do, we lived when they were invented. Casually dancing was a different kettle of fish.

Once that song finished we killed both of the couple drinking from them until they were dead. Once that was done we decided to continue drinking the alcohol. It was making us get drunk but the amount here, and our tolerance to alcohol meant we wouldn’t actually be that drunk just a bit over tipsy.

Putting more music on, we carried on emptying the shelves of alcohol and carried on dancing badly.

We finally got to the last two bottles as I drunk mine I span around attempting to dance but tripped over the waitress who was dead on the floor. In vampire speed Kol caught me with his arms wrapped around me holding me just off the ground.

As he stood me up I looked into his eyes and smiled weakly. I could see is pupils dilate knowing he was about to compel me. It was a stupid idea seen as I’d learnt to resist compulsion but I wanted to know what he wanted to compel me to do.

“Kiss me,” He whispered attempting to compel me.

Normal I would have slapped him telling him I wasn’t a floozy. But I liked Kol, I always had, and I was a bit tipsy so I let myself do what I had wanted for a long time- to kiss Kol Mikaelson.

I put my hand behind his head pulling his head down to mine letting our lips touch. The kiss didn’t last long but it was soft and loving, not how I expected a kiss with him to be.

When he pulled away from me he smiled down at me helping me stand up properly instead of leaning backwards with him leaning over me.

My hand was still behind his head as I stood up. I pulled it away looking at him slightly sad. He wanted to compel me to kiss him, he didn’t just kiss me. I didn’t know what to say to him, should I tell him I wasn’t actually compelled or just pretend it never happened? I think the latter would be better.

As we stood there in silence only the music played. But the music stopped just as the door flung open. Niklaus, Rebekah and Elijah walked in with fear across their faces.

“We need to leave,” Niklaus stated.

“Why?” Kol and I questioned at the same time.

“Mikael,” Elijah frowned.

“He’s in town. It’s too dangerous for us to stay here. We’ll all be dead,” Niklaus said with fear in his voice.

Whoever this Mikael person was he actually drove Niklaus to fear him. I had never heard of Niklaus being scared, so this was a rare occasion and it meant Mikael should truly be feared.

“Who’s Mikael?” I asked but I was ignored by the siblings.

Elijah grabbed my hand making me leave the bar and the other three followed on. Quickly Elijah forced me to walk away from the bar but as I turned the other three weren’t there.

“Where are they?” I questioned.

“They’ll catch up Liza,” He sighed still pulling me closer to the border of New Orleans.

Once we had left the city he stopped frowning at me. I could tell it wasn’t actually a frown meant for me but I was just there.

We waited in silence for about ten minutes until Niklaus and Rebekah appeared but Kol wasn’t there. I didn’t know where Kol was but I wanted to know, did Mikael kill him.

“Where’s Kol?” I asked hoping it wouldn’t be a question that would be ignored.

“He went off on his own. He didn’t want to risk being with us,” Niklaus shrugged.

I didn’t want to respond as I knew it would cause arguments between us and if someone was this dangerous that we had to flee we needed each other although Kol left us.

Together we began to head off in the direction of Mississippi. I didn’t know who Mikael was, and I didn’t know where Kol actually was but I had to rely on what I did know about the Mikaelson’s that they would keep me safe, for the time being.

The fear on the three sibling’s faces began to die down as we got further away from New Orleans but I knew they wouldn’t lose their fear of this person that easily. This person would probably follow them, and me. I just had to try and hope no one died due to this man and our ‘family’ or whatever you wanted to call us didn’t get broken apart.
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