Always and Forever

~*~ Santa Klaus ~*~

Chicago- 1922

Liza’s POV

“Liza why don’t you go get yourself a drink,” Niklaus smiled softly gesturing to one of the waiters.

I knew when I wasn’t wanted and I generally got that feeling a lot being around Nik and Rebekah seen as they weren’t my biggest fans.

Sighing I turned from him and walked over to a waiter taking a glass from the tray he had in his hand.

Once I had my drink I looked for a victim but instead of my so desired victim I saw a familiar face. A face I didn’t expect to see after a long time without any contact to him.

I walked over to him tapping his shoulder. He turned with a frown as he was talking to a large group of men. As he noticed who I was he smiled.

“Liza what are you doing here?” He questioned.

“Those old vampires who I was friends with dragged me here,” I shrugged, “How about you? Where’s Lexi?”

“Living like a true vampire, and Lexi is elsewhere,” He shrugged.

“So you finally gave up that wretched bunny diet?” I chuckled sipping my drink.

“Of course, human blood is a lot nicer,” He smirked.

I chuckled, only fifty years ago he was glued to Lexi’s side and refused to touch human blood but now look at him. I don’t know whether it was better or worse that he was embracing being a vampire. It meant he’d go back to his ripper days which were supposedly quite bad but he understood how to be a vampire.

“You should come a meet those vampires I mentioned, you know the original vampires,” I smiled.

“Okay,” He shrugged before telling the men he was going to go speak to someone.

I led Stefan over to Nik and Rebekah who were arguing as per usual.

“Nik, Rebekah. This is Stefan I stayed with him and his friend when I went to Virginia in 1870. Stefan this is Niklaus and Rebekah,” I explained.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Rebekah smirked looking at him.

“You too,” He muttered.

“So you’re the ripper young Liza has told me so much about,” Nik smiled.

He actually smiled. That was odd; he never smiled, like literally never so Stefan was lucky that his murderous ways caused him to smile.

The four of us went over to a booth sitting down. I knew sooner or later one of us would get a human to join us so we could drink their blood but at the moment we were surviving off of alcohol.

It didn’t feel the same being here having fun without everyone being here. Elijah and Kol weren’t here. Elijah was in Massachusetts doing something or rather and Kol, well no one knew where he was he just left.

I missed them dearly but I knew wherever they were they’d be safe, but I wanted to be with them. I preferred them over Rebekah, Nik just didn’t like me but he was okay enough. It was just horrible not being with them, but hopefully we would meet up again soon.

Stefan soon stood up and went to get a victim who he compelled and brought back to our booth. I was getting slightly bored so I was leaning my back against Nik’s chest and his arm was looped around my waist.

Rebekah was cuddled up to Stefan until he stood up. When he came back he had a woman with black hair in tow. He slid back in next to Rebekah and let the woman sit on the end.

“This is Lila, and Lila this is Rebekah, Liza and Klaus,” Stefan smirked holding Lila’s hand on the table.

“Why the formal introductions, aren’t you just going to kill her?” Rebekah chuckled.

“He’s a ripper, it’s part of his game,” I explained, “He kills and doesn’t know when to stop, that’s why for years he was on a bunny diet, only drinking from animals.”

“Liza that was years ago its part of the fun of being a vampire,” He chuckled pulling out a knife and cutting the woman’s wrist.

He let the blood drip into a glass before filling up another three handing us one each.

“Lila why don’t you go cover that up?” Stefan stated compelling her.

She stood up and walked away in her compelled daze. The four of us sipped on our drinks whilst Rebekah attempted to flirt with Stefan.

Once Lila came back I left our booth going to find someone to dance with knowing neither Nik nor Stefan would dance with me.

I joined the crowds and compelled a man to dance with me for a while. I was bored of torturing the poor woman, Stefan would drag it out. So I decided to have fun, that’s what a speakeasy was for.

After dancing for half an hour I decided to get a drink from the bar. As I walked over to the bar, I heard shouting. Turning so I could see where it was coming from everyone began to duck as bullets were shot.

The police were here. I turned back around to find shelter behind the bar but something struck my shoulder. A wooden bullet, they knew.

“Liza,” I heard Nik shout as he came over to me helping me stand up after the shock of being shot.

“We need to go, Mikael’s here,” He explained grabbing Rebekah’s hand and dragging us both towards the door.

He stopped, “Rebekah help Liza out, I’ll meet you in a moment.”

She helped me get out of the speakeasy as I saw Nik walk over to Stefan. This wasn’t going to be good. Once we were outside we moved down the road a bit before Nik joined us and helped me walk.

For some reason we made our way to a storage warehouse. Once we entered he sat me down on a box as he walked over to Rebekah facing her.

“Where’s Stefan?” She questioned.

“He’s not coming,” He explained.

“He will,” She smiled softly.

He sighed pulling out a dagger and plunging it into her heart. I gasped, I never thought Nik would hurt Rebekah he loved her too much.

“You’ll be safe now,” He whispered lifting her into a coffin and closing the lid.

He turned back to me with a sad smile on his face.

“Are you hurt?” he questioned.

“Nah, I’m fine. I just have a wooden bullet in my shoulder,” I hissed with a sarcastic tone.

“Turn around,” He sighed.

I did as I was told turning my back to him. I quickly flipped my hair over my shoulder so he could see my shoulder where I was shot.

“Pull it out Nik,” I frowned, “It hurts and I’m sure if you don’t remove it, I will remove your head,” I hissed.

It was an empty threat, first of all because I cared about him too much to kill him and he was a lot stronger than me so it was impossible for me to kill him.

I waited a while before I spoke again as he didn’t do anything.

“Niklaus pull the bullet out please,” I begged.

The pain was excruciating and if he didn’t pull it out, well I couldn’t take it out myself so it wouldn’t end well in my case.

He took a deep breath before pulling the bullet out of my shoulder. As soon as it was removed I could feel it healing.

“Thank you,” I smiled softly turning around to him, “Now, tell me who Mikael is, you’ve been ignoring that question for ten years now, and you have to answer?”

“Mikael is Elijah, Kol and Rebekah’s father. I’m their half-brother. Our Mother had an affair with my Father and let’s say Mikael wasn’t too impressed when he found out. He killed my Father and since then there has been a feud between werewolves and vampires. I killed our Mother after she turned us into vampires. Now Mikael is a vampire who hunts vampires,” He shrugged.

“So he’d kill us if he found us?” I questioned.

“Yes, he would happily kill any vampire but I’ll keep you safe,” He smiled softly.

He slowly leant in until his lips pressed against mine. It was soft but it didn’t feel the same as Kol’s kiss ten years ago.

As he pulled away he smiled down on me before picking me up off of the box and putting me on the floor. He took my hand in his.

“We need to leave, if Mikael finds us, he’ll kill us,” He said softly.

“What about Rebekah, what did you do to her?” I asked.

“She’s neutralised. For all extensive purposes she’s dead but if I remove the dagger she’ll come back and be okay. If I leave her in this coffin no one will find her, she’ll be safe,” He shrugged.

“Okay,” I sighed.

Some of the things I had learnt that could happen in this world amazed me, vampires, werewolves and witches. But luckily I grew up with it so it’s not that weird- to me.

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