Always and Forever

~*~ The Ball ~*~

Liza’s POV

I don’t know why I was here but, I had spent so much time everywhere else, it had probably changed by now right? Wrong, everything seemed more time efficient but it was still boring and dismal.

It had been long over one hundred years since I was last here in Virginia but it was still a horrible place and I didn’t know why I decided to come back here.

For the last fifty years I had been living on my own not with Niklaus or Elijah. Rebekah was (I think) still in her coffin with a dagger in her chest whilst Kol was God knows where. Niklaus had been wreaking havoc on the world whilst Elijah was probably cleaning up his mess behind him.

I on the other hand had gone around America and Canada just travelling and embracing my eternity of boredom. And it was so far boring. I could have thought of thousands of different ways I would have wanted to live if I was immortal and I hadn’t fulfilled them.

It was horrible being forever eighteen and never being in love. I guess I had loved my true love isn’t true unless it is returned. So I was lonely, I guess. Although I had Elijah I had lost Kol and now Niklaus didn’t want anything to do with me. Even Rebekah wasn’t there and I was sad about that.

So since the 1960’s I went on my own, I think once or twice I may have met up with Elijah but that didn’t last longer than a day.

At the moment I was in Virginia (as I have mentioned) sitting in a small café that was probably the nicest looking thing I had come across. Out of all the states this was probably my least favourite, maybe because of my past with Lexi and Stefan, but I’m not too sure as to why I hate the state so much.

I sipped on my coffee whilst playing temple run on my I-Phone. The technology that had come to this world since I was a child was amazing. I was surprised how the world had developed since the 12th century.

Suddenly my phone began to play Lawson’s ‘Broken hearted’. Looking at the contact it was un-known and I personally didn’t know the number.

I clicked the green button before pulling my phone to my ear.

“Hello Liza Valentine at your service,” I chuckled.

I had always been called Liza but having the last name Valentino made me stand out so I changed it to Valentine seen as it was a holiday here. As well as a popular last name.

“Hello darling how are you?” I heard the familiar British accent.

“Kol?” I gasped, “Where have you been?”

“Nik decided he was annoyed with me and daggered me. You know what that means right?” he questioned.

“Yes, Rebekah was daggered by Nik in the 20’s,” I explained, “Where are you now?”

“I’m in that quaint town Mystic Falls you know the one you visited a long time ago,” He chuckled.

“Of course,” I smiled walking over to the till and paying for the coffee I had just drunk.

I got my change from the woman working behind the counter before walking out of the small coffee shop.

“Please come back, there’s a ball this evening. Phone me when you get to town and I’ll give you the address. Make sure you dress pretty,” I could hear the smirk in his voice as he gave me no option to go to this ball or not.

“Okay, I’ll be there by this evening, I need to get a dress before I come to the ball though,” I explained.

“Well I’ll see you then darling,” He stated before hanging up.

I began to walk down the road until I reached the dress shop I had seen before. It had ball gowns and prom dresses in there which I had never found a use for but by the looks of it, it was a good shop.

Opening the door the little bell went off alerting the workers a customer had entered the shop. And by the looks of it I was the only one there for a while. There was girl sat on the counter reading a book whilst another was sat in a seat doing the same.

“Keighty, a customer,” The one on the counter gushed rushing over to me.

“Hello and welcome to ‘boutique chic’, how may we help you?” She smiled shaking my hand.

She had long brown hair reaching her mid-back that framed her face with the straight strands. She wore thick black glasses and wore jeans and a ‘guns n’ roses’ t-shirt.

The other woman had black hair that reached her shoulders in curls. She wore a floral dress that reached her knees.

The two women looked like there were in their early twenties and were about the same height which was a bit taller than I was.

“I have a ball to go to. I need a dress to wear, and supposedly it needs to be really nice seen as I will be meeting some family friends and some old family members I haven’t seen for a while,” I shrugged giving them a rough version of the truth.

“Okay, any preferences on style or colour?” The one with black hair questioned.

“No, I’m not too bothered. I’m happy to have anything,” I shrugged.

“Okay, well I’m Keighty and she’s Lily,” The brown haired one smiled pointing to the black haired one.

“I’m Liza, thank you for helping me,” I smiled back as they took one hand each dragging me towards the fitting rooms.

“Okay, wait here; well totally make you look more gorgeous for this ball,” Lily giggled running off towards the racks of clothes.

“Do you have any price range? Do you need any accessories or shoes?” Keighty questioned.

“Nope, go to any price, I honestly don’t mind. And I don’t have anything so pick out what you want I trust you,” I smiled sitting down on the bench in the large fitting room.

Keighty smiled back at me before running after Lily. I could hear them arguing about colours and styles and how they would and wouldn’t suite me.

Finally they both came back with about three dresses each.

I tried each on until I got to the last. It was down to the floor in ruffles of white and black material. At my waist there was black material with a few slits in it but there was silver shown in the rips. Over my chest was the same colour as the pieces of material in the slits. It was a black and white floral pattern and it was strapless. All in all it was beautiful.

I opened the curtains showing the two shop assistances my dress.

“You look beautiful Liza,” Lily smiled.

“Thank you,” I chuckled.

“Do a twirl,” Keighty stated.

I did as I was told turning around until I was facing the two women again.

“Here,” Keighty stated handing me a pair of shoes and some long black gloves that would go up to past my elbows.

They handed me some earrings and a necklace before I was finished.

I quickly paid for the clothes but kept them on throwing my other clothes into my shopping bag. Lily phoned me a cab before I said goodbye to them both. Leaving the shop I got into the cab that just pulled up and told the driver where to take me.

Pulling out my phone I phoned Kol asking him for the address to where the ball was being held. He told me so I re-directed the driver. Within half an hour he pulled up outside a large white house that lots of people where crowding around and were in by the sounds of it.

Getting out of the cab I paid the driver the money I owed him before walking up the pathway to the house. The front door was open so I walked in seeing most of the town. A few faces were familiar as I descended the couple of steps to the ball room.

I went over to the food table grabbing a glass of champagne as I turned a familiar face I never thought I’d see was there.

“Katerina Petrova,” I hissed stepping in front of her.

She looked scared but I knew it was an act she was supposedly innocent before you drove Elijah and Niklaus apart and killed Trevor.

“I’m not Katherine, I’m Elena Gilbert. I’m her doppelganger,” She explained, “I’m human, listen.”

I listened in closely and she was human. She had a heartbeat.

“I’m sorry Elena, but you remind me of a horrible woman I once knew,” I stated as I walked away from her and over to a familiar man.

“Hello kind sir, I’m looking for Kol Mikaelson,” I smirked tapping him on the shoulder.

“Elisabetta?” He questioned.

“Of course,” I smiled pulling him into a hug.

“I love the new haircut,” He stated pointing my newly cut hair.

It wasn’t exactly new but I’d been having my once long blond hair that reached my lower back to a slant from my chin to shoulder since the 80’s, so Kol wouldn’t have ever seen it. None of the Mikaelson’s would have.

“Thank you, so how does it feel to have been dead for a century?” I chuckled.

“Well it feels good to be alive again,” He smirked.

“Liza?” I heard from behind me.

I turned around to see Niklaus, Rebekah and Elijah standing there.

“Hey,” I smiled hugging them all.

I had missed them so much, even Rebekah who I barely ever spoke to when she wasn’t dead. It was horrible not being with them for a while.

We stood there talking for a while longer before I wandered off to get another glass of champagne. Someone tapped my shoulder making me turn. A boy around seventeen who had floppy brown hair smiled at me.

“Hello,” I said smiling.

“Hi, I’m Jeremy,” He stated.

“Liza, it’s nice to meet you,” I smiled.

“Would you like to dance?” he questioned.

“Sure,” I nodded.

He took my hand and dragged me into the middle of the dance floor as a slow song came on.

“Are you new to town I haven’t seen you around before?” He smiled.

“Yeah, I came to see family, do you live around here?” I questioned.

“Have since I was born,” He chuckled.

I was span from his arms into someone else’s. Looking at the new man, he was taller than me with black hair and blue eyes.

“I’m Damon Salvatore, who are you beautiful?” He smirked.

“Liza Valentine,” I smiled, “By any chance are you related to Stefan Salvatore?”

“Yes, he’s my brother,” He chuckled, “How do you know him?”

“He was a friend a long time ago,” I stated.

As the music faded a blond girl appeared next to Damon and me.

“Hi I’m Caroline,” She grinned.

“Hello, I’m Liza,” I stated.

She had long blond hair and seemed overly happy, like too happy for any normal human, vampire, werewolf or witch.

We spoke to each other for a little while longer and I found out she was quite a nice and odd person but it didn’t matter I was a vampire.

After an hour or so I had caught up with Stefan again along with the Mikaelson’s. Kol and I had danced for a while before I found out the Elena girl from earlier was Jeremy’s sister and was even worse than Katherine. Just my luck.

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