Eternal Blood, Part 3


Beckett's grasp over the Caribbean grows, and the crew of the Black Pearl sets sail to save Jack from the Locker. What does Eve do in the ensuing battle over seas and hearts? Will she finally be free?

Adventure / Romance
Age Rating:

Mission In Singapore

Will jolted awake from another nightmare. He blinked a couple of times in confusion, having to sit for a while until he realized his whereabouts as always after those dreams. Dreams about Eve.

Will sighed and rubbed his jaw. The dreams had started not long ago. After Barbossa had told them some time back at Tia Dalma's shack about the reason why Jack and Eve had to be brought back. Once again Will repeated the scene in his head;

"Why would you want Jack out of the Locker so eagerly?" he had asked from Barbossa his arms crossed, gazing at the former pirate captain suspiciously. Barbossa had turned around to look at him and seemed irritated.

"Trust me master Turner, I do not want to save Sparrow by my good will I assure you!" he had answered but then sat next to the table, smoothing Jack the monkey's fur thoughtful, then gazing at everyone present in the room. "But we need him. Without him the great Brethren Court cannot commence as he holds one of the nine pieces of eight. And that is the only reason why I would ever want that dupe out of the Jones' care."

Everyone in the room had gazed at each other in confusion. Elizabeth then had leant against the table.

"What's that? Nine pieces of eight?" she had asked Barbossa giving her indifferent look.

"It does not matter, but what matters is to get him out of there, isn't it?" he had said back. "And the girl as well. She needs to be gotten out too."

Will had wrinkled his brows and given him poisonous look. "So that you could get the powers you once or twice lost back?" he had asked Barbossa sighing tired.

Barbossa then had stretched over the table and snatched Eve's medallion off Will's neck, who jolted as Barbossa next had kicked the chair away lifting up the necklace remarkably.

"You don't seem to know that this little trinket is much more than a key to a certain Goddess' powers", he had continued, then again gazing at all the listeners until had directed his eyes at Will. "It is an assurance. A certain different kind of key to another might much greater and fearsome that you can imagine. And that's why the girl is needed. She holds a position in the Brethren, the pirate council that cannot be replaced by anyone else. Only she is able to release this might and she is as well essential for this meeting. It cannot be held without her either."

"You're not explaining anything to us", Elizabeth had said. "What position you're talking about? What could Eve have to do with the pirate council?"

Will had also turned his eyes doubting at Barbossa as did others, but he then had smiled gloomily, leaning closer to Elizabeth.

"Because her father was no mere pirate. Nay, he was the First Pirate King among the council and still is as the new king has never been crowned after his death a long time ago", Barbossa had answered surprising everyone.

The people in the room had thought about his words in astonishment, until Will then had been the first to state out loud the idea rising in their heads.

"So Eve is then…" he said, Barbossa interrupting him.

"The very first and only Pirate Princess and the head of the council", Barbossa had said Will's eyes widening. Why hadn't Eve told that to him?

"So you see that her absence is unacceptable. Only she has the right to gather together the Pirate Lords and call forth the Brethren. And the time is now. Now when Beckett and his lackeys are spreading their tentacles around the free pirates' necks as Jones' little pet itself."

"Eve is the Pirate Princess?" Elizabeth had asked doubting. "That… cannot be…"

"Do you need a certificate of birth to prove your mate's life as not a lie, and her lineage of blood you seem to doubt?" Barbossa had asked, making Elizabeth jolt as he then had sat again putting his other leg on the table. "As said, both her and Sparrow need to be freed from Jones' realm. We cannot waste time."

"But how are we going to save them?" Pintel had asked in doubt himself stepping forth. "We all saw them being swallowed by the sea and the creature. There's no way they could be alive!"

"Alive nay! Foundable yes, and we need to step into the world of the dead and the lost to get them back on Earth", Barbossa had said back, making Pintel jolt as snapped his head toward him.

"Then how do we do it?" Will had asked his voice also reflecting that same doubt, even there had been slight flicker of hope in his chest as he thought a possible way to save Eve.

Will had stared at Barbossa measuring until saw him grin, dropping Eve's medallion from his palm before had thrown it back to Will.

"For that I have a need of your services, master Turner", Barbossa had said mysteriously. "There's a map which leads to our destination. But it's not easy to obtain as it lies in the hands of one of the most unpredictable Pirate Lords. But we can take it, if you master Turner do your mission successfully…"

Will had lifted his eyebrow at this as he did now. He he let out frustrated sigh and stared at the wall of his cell he had been thrown into.

It was wet and mold consumed by the moist air, wetness sticking in from the cracks of the rocks the cell had been built. Yes, he had got caught on his mission trying to obtain the map, the navigational charts, as Barbossa, Elizabeth and the rest were supposed to arrive and talk to Sao Feng. The Pirate Lord of Singapore, to gain his assistance against the fight with Beckett. But as Will had tried to sneak into the temple the charts were hidden, he had been spotted by the guards walking around the temple grounds in big groups, as if expecting someone to steal away the charts. And now well, here he was. Locked in a cell after it had proven useless to try to fight the guards off and run, as Will's fists or sword had been no match against the guards' fast kicks and hits. They had used some kind of fighting style only practiced in the East.

Will sighed again and leant his head against the rock wall. He wondered where exactly Eve was right now. Was she just a shady soul wandering in the hell like place or was she actually alive somewhere in her own body, waiting to be let out? Will didn't know. But what he did know was that he missed her terribly.

These weeks not seeing her anywhere had felt so lonely to Will, who had accustomed to see Eve every day ever since the moment they had met. Especially now when terms between him and Elizabeth had changed stranger, colder even, he realized how much he needed someone he could talk about his worries. As he had always spoken to Eve who had listened and offered her advice, which had always proven to make Will understand the facts better and see the clear picture.

But now Eve not by his side as she had promised always to be, Will felt so lost. And his chest tightened every time he remembered her smile and the way she would always lift her left eyebrow at him in situations like this, telling him to get himself together with that wordless gesture.

Will uttered a laugh for this thought. But then turned gloomy again. Eve… Will didn't even have her medallion with him anymore. Barbossa had asked to have it for the meeting of Sao Feng.

"Sao Feng is a careful man", Barbossa had said smiling, his hand extending toward Will as they were standing alone outside of Tia's cottage. "So I will take all the help I can get. If he sees the trinket he most probably will believe our intentions true as even he cannot deny the head of the Brethren council. No matter is she only a young maiden or not."

"Eve is not young", Will had just answered half joking half gloomy, but Barbossa had only grinned at him.

"That's why even more the reason. No one would believe her be as old as she truly is the way she looks, and so have credibility as the Pirate Princess. So it is the best if I show this piece of jewelry myself to him. The only head of the council after the King is her after all and no one else as she has this medallion. Now, if you please give it over, even it must be hard on ye", Barbossa had continued, his hand still extended. Will had looked at his palm and felt hesitant.

Will had understood why Barbossa needed the medallion. But still he had given it over reluctantly, feeling as if giving up the medallion he would also have given up Eve completely. Losing the last piece of her and so giving up the necklace had been pretty tough. Will felt restless without feeling the cool surface of the emerald against his palm. He could've sensed Eve in it, even she was gone. But now he didn't have it. Barbossa did.

Will then closed his eyes again as then remembered something Tia had said to him. Just before he had left on his mission days earlier than the others, and before he had given Eve's medallion to Barbossa.

"You know she won't last long", Tia had said as pointed at the emerald. Will had looked at it and seen the first time the small crack on it, then wrinkling his brows. Tia had closed the medallion in his hands looking dead serious.

"The jewel is breaking. Her powers are running out, William Turner, as the jewel cannot no more suppress the might of the Goddess. By the touch of destiny upon you, you must save her and bring back her eternal strength. Only you can do it. She trusted this to you…" Tia had then looked down at the medallion and then again at Will. Will had seen sadness in her eyes.

"Bring back the daughter of the wind and give her what she is promised with. She weakens and she perishes. She must be given what she deserves and what belongs to her. Freedom William Turner. Freedom and eternal rest from her restless travel through the times…"

Will eyes then snapped open as the lock of his cell creaked and two guards came in to take him.

Tia's words echoing in his head he then let himself being shackled and then escorted out of the cell, being then walked along the paths toward the unknown destination to him. Will had a thoughtful look on his face.

What could've Tia Dalma meant? How could he save Eve as he couldn't have done it before, even he had tried? Could he, a mortal help someone who was not such completely? Will felt doubt. But that didn't mean he wasn't going to try. Whatever it meant he would try to save Eve. And as he had said in Tia Dalma's cabin the same night of Jack and Eve's passing, he would do anything to get them back. To get Eve back.

Will walked after his guards, but then suddenly his head was covered with a hood and he was now walked blinded along many, many other corridors. Until then the air turned moister and hot, smelling of herbs and some kind of soap. Will felt his shirt starting to get wet by the moist air as he was now dragged and stopped, his hands then pulled above his head after being released from the shackles and bent backwards, Will then feeling them being tighten into a wooden pole of some kind.

He then started to hear noises coming somewhere near, as if a large number of people were walking toward the room he was in. But before he could try to figure who they were the hood was yanked off his head and he was lifted and dropped into a tub full of water. His head luckily stayed above the surface but still he gasped his breath for surprise.

It didn't take long as Will suddenly heard familiar voices coming from inside the room next to him. But Will could not do nothing as was surprised, when he then was sunken completely underwater, him taking in as much air as he could before being pushed under the surface.

Elizabeth walked after Barbossa, being led by some of Sao Feng's men as she tried to pull the hem of her shirt down. She felt herself so exposed. God, let a rock fall on that disgusting lecher who had made her remove her pants!

Elizabeth gave wary glances to her sides, seeing many men in bathtubs and she felt disgusted. The men were consumed by fungus, it actually growing from them. Elizabeth had shivers and she walked forward quickly, eventually reaching the end of the small path and stood behind Barbossa, seeing a man standing a bit ahead of them his back toward them. Then the man turned and Elizabeth saw him being bald, having a long black, pointy beard and a horrible scar on his left temple.

Elizabeth then watched as Barbossa bowed to him, soon also gesturing her to do the same.

A bit odd look on her face Elizabeth bowed also. But not so deep as the man gazed at them somewhat indifferent, still recognizing Barbossa. He was Sao Feng. The Pirate Lord of Singapore.

"Captain Barbossa. Welcome to Singapore", Sao Feng greeted, taking a step forward as looked at them his head held up high. Barbossa then straightened nodding thankful as Sao Feng then sniffed at red scarf in his hand and turned to one of the two women by his side.

"More steam", he ordered. The woman bowed her head as then pulled a rope, soon the head of the room being filled with white mist.

Sao Feng then examined Barbossa for a moment. "I understand that you have a request to make of me", he stated questionably, walking again a bit toward Barbossa to face him who then smiled.

"More of a proposal to put to ye. I've a venture underway and I find myself in need of a ship and a crew", Barbossa answered, Sao Feng then looking surprised as he scratched his head with his long nails thoughtful.

"It's an odd coincidence", he stated looking indeed thoughtful. Elizabeth then leant behind Barbossa to look at him.

"Because you happen to have a ship and a crew you don't need?" she asked sincerily, Barbossa turning his head toward her a bit irritated as he was supposed to be the one do the talking. But Sao Feng looked denying.

"No", he answered emphasizing and then turned his head, starting to pace around a bit still thoughtful looking as talked. "Because earlier this day, not far from here, a thief broke into my most revered uncle's temple... and tried to make off with these…" he said then, walking to a man and took a long scroll like object from him, showing it to Barbossa and Elizabeth remarkably. They exchanged a glance.

"The navigational charts", Sao Feng specified tilting his head. "The route to the Farthest Gate."

He then threw the charts to another man who caught them, staring at Barbossa and Elizabeth slightly amused as his master walked back to Barbossa smiling knowingly.

"Wouldn't it be amazing if this venture of yours took you to the world beyond this one?" Sao Feng inquired.

"It would strain credulity at that", Barbossa answered calmly, not showing any sign of vexation as just smiled slightly.

Sao Feng then retreated slowly, examining him in thoughts, until grim expression on his face turned to look behind him nodding. And then Barbossa and Elizabeth saw as two men lifted up a pole. And tightened on it now seemed to be Will, who appeared from the water of one of the tubs, taking in a greedy deep breath after the long time underwater.

Elizabeth stared at him hardly holding herself together and stiffened. Also Barbossa tried to hold his poker face. Elizabeth hardened her face as Sao Feng walked over to Will gasping his breath.

"This is the thief", he said pointing at Will but stared at Barbossa. "Is his face familiar to you?"

Will gazed at them and saw both Barbossa and Elizabeth shake their heads. But clearly displeased for their answer Sao Feng then suddenly pulled out a thick wooden spike from his robes. Will's eyes widened and as realization hit him his eyes glanced around.

"Then I guess... he has no further need for it", Sao Feng continued indifferently, Elizabeth then freezing for shock as Sao Feng then made a quick move to stick the spike into Will's jaw. But Elizabeth's emotions revealed the truth.

"No, no!" escaped through her lips accidentally as she instantly pressed her hands on her mouth.

Sao Feng now turned slowly around. And directing now slightly amused look at Barbossa he pushed the spike back into his clothes, smiling as amused. Will wrinkled his brows.

"You come into my city…" Sao Feng then started first indifferent, walking toward Barbossa. "… and you betray my hospitality."

"Sao Feng I assure you I had no idea…" Barbossa tried to explain staying cool, but Sao Feng interrupted him.

"That he would get caught!" he exclaimed now angry tone in his voice, taking a step closer to Barbossa as stared at him intensely. Sao Feng's men now stood up and prepared in action if needed. Sao Feng then turned around.

"You intend to attempt the voyage to Davy Jones' Locker", Sao Feng continued walking away, as Elizabeth was now about to step up. But she got stopped by Barbossa's hand as Sao Feng still continued.

"…But I cannot help but wonder", he said louder, taking another break as turned around once more directing a look at Barbossa. "…Why?" he finished his eyes widening in wonder.

Barbossa answered his gaze for a moment until next threw a coin to him, which Feng caught easily and bit it, taking it to his ear as a faint voice rang in the room. Everyone were quiet as on Feng's face there were understanding.

"The song has been sung", Barbossa said then taking a step forward as looked at Sao Feng remarkably. "The time is upon us. We must convene the Brethren court. As one of the nine Pirate Lords, you must honor the call."

Feng gazed on his sides as he squeezed the coin in his palm. He then twisted his head to the right again.

"More steam", he commanded the second time, the same woman pulling the rope. But there were none coming and Barbossa gazed at the woman, who then jolted as Sao Feng turned to her furious.

"More steam!" he exclaimed the woman quickly pulling the rope the third time.

"There is a price on all our heads", Feng then continued Barbossa nodding.


"It is true. It seems the only way a pirate can turn a profit anymore…" Sao Feng then continued, Barbossa staring at him wondering until Feng gave Will a nasty look. "… is by betraying other pirates."

Will turned his gaze away irritated look on his face, glancing quickly at Elizabeth who met his eyes before also turned her eyes away. Barbossa then started to talk again.

"We must put our differences aside. The first Brethren Court gave us rule over the seas", he continued directing new serious look at Sao Feng. "But now that rule is being challenged by Lord Cutler Beckett."

"Against East India Trading Company, what value is the Brethren Court?" Sao Feng asked indifferently, not seeing any reason in Barbossa's suggestion.

Elizabeth wrinkled her brows for disbelief as Feng then waved toward Barbossa. Elizabeth then stepped forth.

"You can fight!" she exclaimed, sending a glare to a man who tried to grab her. "Get off me! You are Sao Feng the Pirate Lord of Singapore! You command in an age of piracy where bold captains sail free waters. Where waves aren't measured in feet, but as increments of fear, and those who pass the test become legend. Would you have that era come to an end on your watch?"

Elizabeth stared at Sao Feng completely serious and brave, Barbossa and Will glancing at her as she then continued her voice turning all the time more determined as she spoke.

"The most notorious pirates from around the world are uniting against our enemy and yet you sit here... cowering in your bathwater!" she finished, Sao Feng looking then thoughtful as walked toward Elizabeth staring into her eyes.

Elizabeth glanced at Barbossa as retreated a step, not knowing what Sao Feng was about to do.

"Elizabeth Swann", Sao Feng then said starting to circle her. "There is more to you than meets the eye, isn't there?" he asked, Elizabeth directing odd look toward him as he now spoke close to her ear. "And the eye does not go wanting."

Will wrinkled his forehead in wonder and fought against the bonds a bit, staring at Elizabeth and Sao Feng who then started to walk again.

"But I cannot help but notice... you have failed to answer my question", Feng then continued as walked forward, now pointing at Barbossa as turned to him, Elizabeth sending him another weird look. "What is it you seek in Davy Jones' Locker?"

"Jack Sparrow!" Will then exclaimed indifferently from the distance as an answer, Sao Feng now looking at him briefly until gazed at the two women on his sides as they uttered a giggle.

"He's one of the Pirate Lords", Will continued. He now examined Sao Feng in more curiosity and saw him start to fume inside, as he then smoothed his bare head trying to hold back the burst of anger coming forth. But he failed as then started to speak walking forward, many pairs of eyes following him. Barbossa closed his eyes briefly for annoyance.

"The only reason…" Feng started. "…I would want Jack Sparrow returned from the land of the dead… is so I can send him back myself!" Sao Feng then kicked a bucket in his fury, Barbossa then stepping forth looking as serious.

"Jack Sparrow holds one of the nine pieces of eight", he stated lifting up a finger remarkably meeting Feng's gaze. "He failed to pass it along to a successor before he died. So we must go and get him back."

Sao Feng's expression was angry as he then happened to gaze on his left side, seeing a dragon tattoo of one of his men dripping off by the moist air, black drops falling down his skin. Sao Feng hid a realization. Then Will spoke up again.

"There is another reason", he said straightening his back as directed a serious stare at him, Sao Feng now staring back at him indeed fuming.

"And what is that?" he asked mockingly, Barbossa then pulling out Eve's medallion slowly from his jacket lifting it up.

Some of the men in the room let out surprised sounds and Sao Feng squinted doubting.

"You know what this is, don't you?" Barbossa asked glancing at the medallion. "The one we all answer when the Pirate King is no more has also fallen in the Locker", Barbossa continued. "The one we call our Princess. And you know what it means if this locket is here without its owner. It is useless, and the Brethren court cannot gather without her. We must go and save them both."

"That's impossible!" Sao Feng breathed, swinging his hand in denial now pointing at the medallion. "The one we once answered as the head of our council and the owner of that trinket has been dead for years! The daughter of the first Pirate King is deceased as is her father and cannot be alive! You have just obtained that old piece of jewelry to trick me!" he exclaimed, Will lifting up a brow. Barbossa stared at Feng quiet, but now Elizabeth spoke.

"On the contrary. She was alive and well just weeks ago before falling in the Locker with Jack", she said getting a brief look from Sao Feng. He then only shrugged.

"So after all she is dead. Princess or not, she is no use for us dead. So why would this information affect my judgment?" he then asked simply turning away. Will wrinkled his brows.

"Because you need her. Both her and Jack. Eve has lived many years and is the same one to have received the position as the head of your council while her father was still the King", Will said, Sao Feng narrowing his eyes.

He examined Will suspicious, then extending his hand. Barbossa handed over the medallion Sao Feng taking it and pulled it close to gaze at it.

For a minute he stared at the emerald stone, turning the necklace in his hand as then lifted it up seeing the light shine through it. Then suddenly he made angry grimace, throwing the medallion hard on the ground as stared at it, again smoothing his bald head as there was even slightly horrified realization in his eyes. He had realized the medallion being the real thing. He could sense the power of a higher being in it. And that was why he couldn't hold it anymore without having the feeling of being burnt. He squinted.

"It's not possible", he stated again looking at Barbossa who only lifted his jaw, looking at him completely serious.

"Many of us who call ourselves pirates have believed her to have died many long years ago, but we were wrong", Barbossa answered. "I have brought this medallion as a proof she still lives. You must remember why she was assigned the head of the Brethren, Sao Feng, and it was not only her father being the King. But she also has something no one else has. I'm sure you remember also what her task was in the first council…"

Feng then froze. Everyone looked at the two men confused for a moment, after their talk clearly about something only they knew. Will examined both Sao Feng and Barbossa in turns not following. But then after looking at Barbossa remarkably Sao Feng then turned to everyone in the room.

"Even so you admit… you have deceived me", he said then louder again, talking to Barbossa who suddenly looked confused. Sao Feng directed a hardly noticeable glance toward the man with the faked tattoo before exchanged a long stare with Barbossa. Until then suddenly pulled out his sword.

"Weapons!" he shouted Will, Elizabeth and even Barbossa then gasping for surprise as many men stood up from the tubs, holding swords and other weapons and directed them at the two standing ahead of Sao Feng who was now staring at them in anger. Will fought against his bonds again, Elizabeth glancing around alarmed her body stiffened.

"Sao Feng I assure you, our intentions are strictly honorable!" Barbossa said.

But his words were proven wrong as at the same moment swords flew up through the floorboards, Will freezing for a moment and lifting an eyebrow as both Elizabeth and Barbossa now hold two in their hands, Barbossa making a tense smile at Sao Feng who glared at him. And then he grabbed the man with the fake tattoo threatening to cut his neck, the man looking horrified.

"Drop you weapons or I kill the man!" Sao Feng exclaimed serious. But Barbossa and Elizabeth only gave him confused stares, Will lifting up another eyebrow even he had a hunch who the threatened man was. Barbossa looked behind him then narrowing his eyes slightly.

"Kill him, he's not our man", he answered stating, now Sao Feng watching them in awe.

Sao Feng looked at the man he hold and locked gazes with him, as Will then looked around also confused, eventually wrinkling his brows in question.

"If he's not with you and he's not with us…?" he said with a wondering tone, few others also glancing around in confusion Barbossa turning to look at him. "Who's he with?"

Will directed another wondering look around the room, everybody frozen to their spots. Until then suddenly an uproar of men shouting started and the back walls of the bath house came loose, inside running many English marines holding their bayonets as one of them ordered an attack.

Sao Feng's men quickly pulled their own weapons and in a matter of a second a huge fight had engaged, more soldiers getting into the room through broken windows they forced open, everywhere flying bullets and blades aimed at the opponents. They had gotten in middle of an ambush.

Will then took an advantage of this distraction and hit his guards with the pole, making them fall down unconscious. He then lifted up the pole, making one of the charging soldiers cut the ropes from his right hand and kicked him, then hearing Elizabeth shout his name and received a sword from her cutting himself loose.

Will started to strike the suddenly appeared soldiers, those two twin women fighting as a group right next to him. But then in middle of the fight even more soldiers came in from the main door, Mercer leading them, and he then lifted his small pistol aiming at Elizabeth who froze on her spot as met his eyes in shock.

But she was saved by Will who then dashed forward and grabbed her, pulling her out of line as Mercer fired, accidentally shooting one of the twins who died in her sister's arms. The still alive sister directed enraged glare at Mercer.

Will and Elizabeth ran to the other side of the room with Barbossa, Sao Feng and some of the others behind them as the soldiers in turn hurried to the door, making a formation to shoot. All four of them froze, but then suddenly the floor exploded under the marines, making them fall down shouting in surprise just as they were about to fire.

Sao Feng then turned lifting up his hand, letting out a retreat command. Will and Elizabeth followed him and his men to the street, which was now full of every direction firing soldiers and screaming women, everybody escaping from the havoc in the bathhouse.

Will guided Elizabeth before him as they then arrived to the fruit market, Will hitting every soldier who came into his sight. Elizabeth ran forward also slashing and cutting every soldier in her way, then lifting up her leg and kicked one over the bamboo railing. The fight had advanced to everywhere as soldiers killed pirates and pirates killed everyone who wore uniforms of the British Navy.

Elizabeth had run off without Will as he had gotten caught by a group of soldiers. Will grabbed one last standing soldier from his wrist and threw him down by making a spin, instantly being ready to receive another soldier attacking him. Will hacked the man quickly into defeat and pushed his blade with a swift move into his chest, making him fall down. Then he searched Elizabeth with his eyes and saw her making her way through the fighting crowd quite nicely. So she was alright.

But then suddenly a huge new explosion drew his attention and he saw many officers fly in the air as the pier right next to a bridge was blown up, sending the men in water. Will then dashed forward in order to slash yet another soldier to his back, but was suddenly grabbed by Sao Feng who appeared out of nowhere and forced him against the wall, Will staring at him tensely as he placed a long knife on his chest. Will made irritated grimace.

"It's an odd coincidence, isn't it?" Sao Feng said questionably but still hinting. "The East India Trading Company finds me the day you show up in Singapore."

Will squinted. "It is coincidence only", he answered and surprised Sao Feng in turn by getting the knife from him and now pressing it against Sao Feng's neck meeting his eyes. "If you want to make a deal with Beckett, you need what I offer!" Will continued.

Sao Feng frowned in confusion. "You cross Barbossa. You are willing to cross Jack Sparrow. Why should I except any better?" Feng questioned a hint of doubt in his voice. Will stared at him.

"I need the Black Pearl to free my father", Will answered, then turning the knife in his hand so that the hilt now pointed at Sao Feng him glancing at it. "You are helping me to get it."

Sao Feng examined this young man offering him a deal with awe. He then squinted again.

"You are willing to cross everyone to gain your goals, are you not?" he asked his voice indeed reflecting slight astonishment. Will felt a sting in his chest but he narrowed his eyes.

"You need to worry only of you being crossed if you don't accept this deal", Will answered then simply. "Beckett is only merciful to those who serve him and not the ones who oppose him. So, what do you say?"

Barbossa was fighting one of the East India Trading Company's men as suddenly a rocket flew past them, drawing his opponent's attention as it hit on a building just a bit ahead. Barbossa then pushed his blade into him making him fall in the water from the bridge they stood, Barbossa then turning to left.

"Thank you Jack!" he exclaimed at his pet monkey, who saluted after firing the rocket and Cotton's parrot repeated his words next to the monkey, flapping its wings.

Barbossa then saw Will stride along one path and hurried to him, meeting him soon eye to eye, Tia Dalma then suddenly joining him throwing away her disguise she had used to place the bomb on the pier earlier.

"You have the charts?" Barbossa asked seriously Will looking indifferent.

"And better yet", he said back throwing the charts now to Barbossa. "A ship and a crew."

Barbossa looked surprised for the fraction of the second seeing the men behind Will. Elizabeth then arrived at the scene.

"Where's Sao Feng?" she asked looking at Will.

"He'll cover our escape and meet us at Shipwreck Cove", Will answered even smiling faintly and glanced around, exchanging then a thoughtful look with Elizabeth, until they both left after Barbossa and their new crew.

They ran through the streets avoiding the fight already spread to the port as well, until after five minutes they were at their destination and after next five minutes they were sailing out of the harbor.

Elizabeth saw Tia Dalma stand at the upper deck and she walked up the stairs, stopping next to her thoughtful figure.

"There's no place left for Sao Feng to cover", she said, Tia waking up from her thoughts and she turned her head toward Elizabeth. "Do you think he will honor the call?"

Tia looked back forward in thoughts again. The sea started to spread in sight as the ship glided on the water.

"I cannot say", Tia answered. "All of the Pirate Lords are obliged to answer the call of their Council Head. But there's an evil on these seas that even the most staunch and bloodthirsty pirates have come to fear."

Elizabeth wondered her words but didn't ask anything about it. Just thought for a moment until then heard Barbossa's voice from a small distance away.

"You weren't supposed to get caught!" Barbossa exclaimed angry and Elizabeth saw him stand next to Will, who only leant casually on the rail looking indifferent.

"It worked out the way I wanted", Will then answered also indifferent, straightening himself and walked away. But he almost crashed into Elizabeth who had just come from the front, them exchanging a startled look. Elizabeth then made a sorry smile and looked away.

"Sorry", she said. But before Will had the time to say anything she walked away, Will extending his hand useless after her as he couldn't get any words out of his mouth.

So he let Elizabeth go, feeling a slight squeeze in his chest. He looked after her noticing her left hand close into a fist. Will then just sighed, and then left to the front of the ship to think everything that had happened past these few weeks.

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Isis Nesbitt: This story is so far....I was surprised because The story has been transferred to Galatea, where all of the good, juicy werewolf stories are....I’m sad that Galatea is taking over everything..........I would love the app if it didn’t take the reading breaks 13-30 hourrssss.... if I ...

SKP: Loved it. Bawled like a baby! Desperately need to know what happens to him!

Sarah Morris: I love the duality and c ok inflict in the two real main characters and how they both were fighting with themselves and how they were feeling. Now to go get the rest of this book so I can finish it.

Mary Schwartz: so so so so so so so so good-keep up the great work-can’t wait for the next chapter!!!!

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