Heart And Soul, Part 2

By lindam2254

Adventure / Romance

Unexpected Gatecrasher

I've lived a lot of different lives

Been different people many times

I live my life in bitterness

And fill my heart with emptiness

Now the time is here,

Baby you don't have to live your life in fear

And the sky is clear, is clear of fear

Don't wanna live in fear and loathing

I wanna feel like I am floating

Instead of constantly exploding

In fear and loathing

Got different people inside my head

I wonder which one that they like best

I'm done with tryin' to have it all

And endin' up with not much at all.

Eve was walking forward the corridor of the church. She had a happy smile on her face, and she tried not to cry while glanced at her soon to be husband from time to time, sometimes returning her eyes to stare at the actual engagement ring on her ring finger. Today it would happen. This was the day that Eve had waited more than anything so far in her life. The day she would be able to spend the rest of her life with the one person who cared and loved her as much as she did him.

She saw a rose from her bouquet fall on the carpet. But she didn't care and only kept on walking forward, glancing around. It was early morning and the light filled the room making it close to shine, as if the Holy Spirit itself would've taken over the place. And there she was. Only few steps away from her happiness.

John stared at her in a daze, his lips slowly forming a blissful smile as Eve caught his eyes. Eve answered his smile, his so direct stare making her suddenly embarrass. But as she then reached the end of the corridor, nodding to the priest who smiled back at her, Eve then turned to face John who was examining her and shook his head.

"I thought you couldn't be any more beautiful…" he said and swept Eve's cheek with his fingers until smirked. "But here you are. Looking the most gorgeous I've ever seen you."

Eve met John's eyes. They were full of warmth and gentleness. And love. Eve took a new flower out of her bouquet and smile on her lips she placed it in the buttonhole of his jacket. John smiled also and took her hands in his, leaning closer to Eve until their foreheads touched and Eve felt him slip something cool on her finger. She smiled and looked down, opening her eyes. She saw that new beautiful ring, decorated by one round diamond and pearls and felt her eyes turn moist even she had sworn not to cry. But then John whispered something in her ear.

"I love you", he said, smile in his voice as swept his hand over Eve's stomach. "Both of you…"

Then all of a sudden Eve opened her eyes into a different view and woke up in a bed. She looked around in confusion and saw it to be their bedroom. But she had no memory of going there. Eve let out a sigh, but a smile on her lips sat up. She glanced down at her ring. She was married. With John. She couldn't believe it to be true.

Then she turned, but wonder filled her as she saw that John wasn't in bed. Wrinkling her eyebrows Eve looked at the clock, which showed in middle of the night. Where had he gone to? Eve stood up and walked to the door, opening it and looked out, not seeing John in the corridor. It was surprisingly dark and empty in there. Had it always been like that?

Shaking her head Eve then just sighed. John would come back to bed when he wanted. Eve closed the door and was about to return back herself, but then horror grasped her chest. The room was suddenly empty and dark too and Eve glanced around not seeing anything. Her heart started to race as she squeezed the ring on her finger, as if she would've gotten strength from it.

"John?" escaped through her lips. Eve took a step forward. "John are you here?"

Then suddenly the bed came back in sight. And letting out a relieved sigh Eve saw John laying on it, his back to her. Of course John was there. Where else would he be at this hour? Shaking her head more Eve then walked over the bed, as couldn't resist of sitting on John's side and smooth his cheek.

"John?" she called again, now gently, waiting to see his warm smile. But as John did turn around to face her, Eve wasn't looking at that warm, loving husband of hers as she had presumed… but a corpse. A corpse of John laying its eyes open, his lips blue and his neck being decorated by a red chafe of a rope. Burned onto his skin.

Eve's heart stopped and she jolted backwards, a hand on her mouth. "No", she whispered, horror once again grasping her. No, John wasn't dead! John was… John was…

Then all of a sudden John vanished and Eve was now staring a piece of rope. The hanging noose. Then the memories hit her and Eve let out a breath of fear as she stumbled away.

"No. No. No, no no no NO!" she said repeatedly, her voice getting louder by the fear until then she felt someone yank her backwards. And in a blink of an eye she was on her knees on a deck, her hands crossed over her stomach protectively until then they extended to grasp John who was dragged away from her. Eve felt herself cry as pain and fear both ripped her heart.

"John! John no, let him go please!" she heard herself shout, grabbing John with all strength she still had meeting his gentle eyes.

"Eve listen to me! Listen! You must get away from here! You must escape and have our child and raise him well alright?" John exclaimed and forced his way back to Eve, landing a kiss on her forehead. Eve met his eyes shaking her head until John was once again cruelly yanked away from her, soldiers taking a hold of Eve as she tried to run after him.

"I love you Eve!"

"NO please! JOHN!" she cried. Eve's heart was about to give in and she looked at the only man who could've saved John. She met his eyes. "I beg of you, please! Spear him! Please I beg of you to spare him!"

The man only smiled coldly, lifting his hand. Eve's eyes glanced between John and him, filling with tears. She trembled, frozen on her spot.

"No… John…" were the last words coming out of her mouth as she met her husband's gentle eyes one more time, until the hand was dropped with the man. And Eve watched in horror how John swung at the end of a rope back and forth. Over and over again, until the rope was cut and she was let loose. And blinking away most of her tears she ran. Ran toward the men who had the hold of John's body, but didn't make it before it was dropped in the water.

Then something clicked and noises and flashes of faces started to circle Eve as she stared at the man smiling at her, responsible for her pain, Eve now backing down the stairs.

"You must run, you must flee!"

"Our child…"

"I love you."

Eve felt huge pressure form in her chest. She felt tears on her cheeks again as she tried to run. Run away from all those haunting horrible noises and memories, those faces. "No", she whispered.

"How did he die?"

"Where is your husband?

"Jason. He's name was Jason."

Eve breathed in sharp breaths as she backed up, away from all the time more horrible torturing images. She wanted to get away but she couldn't. She was trapped, and always when she thought she was safe and could escape the bad memories and voices always found her.

"I'm sorry. About everything."

"It must've been horrible to you…"

"I really pity the poor sod who has bit the apple you've offered to get him trapped…"

She felt now many hands grasp her, from different directions, pulling her and trying to have her. Eve screamed. She screamed now in complete terror but as she tried to struggle, tried to close her mind from those voices whispering in her ears and block those familiar but still horrible faces getting near her.

She then heard another voice and tried to escape from it too. Next the dream and true started to mix up even more as Eve at first fought against the hold that now had enclosed her, shaking her. Eve didn't even know where she was and was completely confused with pain and fear until that last voice spoke louder, suddenly yanking her away completely from that place of Eve's inner horrors.

"Eve? Come on Eve, wake up!" that voice called, and Eve twitched under its touch. But then she came back to the reality and realized it was Elizabeth.

Eve's eyes snapped open in shock. But even the dream she had just seen had made her feel horrified and she had fought so furiously in it, she only now noticed laying on her stomach in complete calmness. Well her hair was tangled a bit over the pillow, but Eve then blinked in confusion, lifting her head up and looked at Elizabeth who was sitting on the edge of her bed smiling happily.

"Come now, you must help me with my dress!" she said as cheerfully, Eve staring at her for a couple of seconds dumbfounded. Until she remembered.

Oh yes. Today was the wedding day of Will and Elizabeth. But then Eve got horrified too now while awake and sat up quickly, throwing the covers away, and giving now also a bit confused Elizabeth apologetic gaze.

"Did I oversleep?" Eve asked, glancing out of her guestroom's window. "Oh Lizzy, I'm so sorry…!"

Eve truly was starting to feel horrible of oversleeping on such important day as this. But for Eve's relief Elizabeth only started to laugh.

"No, no, you didn't! But instead you've been tossing and turning and moaning in your sleep the whole night…" she answered, turning now serious and she looked at Eve worried. "Are you alright Eve? Was it something terrifying?"

Eve met Elizabeth's gaze for a moment until sighed. Great, now she kept everyone up with her suddenly resumed nightmares. But then Eve just shook her head, smiling at Elizabeth.

"It was about John", she answered truthfully, now standing up from her bed and putting on a dressing gown. Elizabeth directed a sad look at her friend as she examined Eve a while. Elizabeth really felt sad for Eve. But Eve then only smiled again at her.

"I am alright, really. It was just a nightmare", Eve reassured standing before Elizabeth. Eve was moved by her worry, but sometimes Elizabeth worried too much. Eve had learned to know that during these two years she had already spent in Port Royal as Elizabeth's house guest.

Elizabeth answered her stare a bit hesitantly but then also smiled, standing up and looked excited again. "Well good! Then you can come and help me to get ready!" she said. And without Eve having the chance to answer she started pulling her toward her own room. Eve wrinkled her forehead.

"Are you sure Lizzy? I mean shouldn't we wait and ask Estrella to help…" Eve answered, looking at Elizabeth a bit quizzically. But Elizabeth only snorted and pulled Eve in her bedroom, not hearing a word she said.

It wasn't that Eve didn't want to help Elizabeth. Because of course she wanted to do everything there was to be done on this most important day of her friend, but it was a custom that servants did the hair and helped the future brides with their clothes. In this house at least.

Elizabeth stopped and dropped to sit on her bed. "Nonsense! I want you to help me and no one else. You, Eve, are my only true friend who can do this. And I wish it to be you and you only, who helps me! It's more exciting this way!" she answered.

Eve just stood there for a moment in surprise. But as she then saw how serious Elizabeth was and how her eyes were shining for the expectation of her upcoming marriage with Will, Eve then only sighed rolling her eyes, but gave Elizabeth a gentle smile.

"Of course I will help you!" she said, now walking to Elizabeth and took her hair in her hands, examining them, making a sarcastic pout. "You couldn't do without me anyway!"

Elizabeth laughed as Eve walked over to the closet, pulling out Elizabeth's wedding dress and all the other necessary pieces of clothing. First she helped Elizabeth to get dressed and then she made her sit before her dressing table, examining Elizabeth from the mirror. Eve smiled after a moment of thinking.

"Well, I guess I can do your hair too…" she stated, getting approving smile from Elizabeth as she then took a hairbrush from the table. But then she made a face and pointed at Elizabeth with it. "But you take the whole responsibility, if I make you look like a Tortuga harlot in front of Will!" she teased, lifting an eyebrow at Elizabeth's reflection.

Elizabeth met Eve's amused eyes through the mirror. But then she let out a breath of shock and turned to give her a wrinkle of eyebrows. "Eve!" she exclaimed laughing, and soon also Eve broke into a laugh.

Then Elizabeth just sat on her chair as Eve worked, slowly after curling and smoothing Elizabeth's locks formed a beautiful, elegant hairstyle which was appropriate for the occasion and followed the general fashion. Elizabeth watched in awe as Eve worked. She was even better than the maids.

"Oh, it's beautiful Eve!" Elizabeth breathed and touched the soft corkscrew curls dripping down from her neck, giving Eve a smile. Eve smiled back as was curling one very stubborn wisp.

"I'm glad it's good enough", she answered shrugging. Elizabeth lifted an eyebrow.

"Good enough? Are you kidding, this is gorgeous! How can you do it?" she asked once again, relaxing against the chair. Eve thought a moment before met her gaze through the mirror.

"I've just had a long time of doing it to myself", Eve said simply, shrugging then again with a smile. "And I did learn something from the maids of John's residence, while our stay in London after our marriage."

Elizabeth looked at Eve smiling. Until then her face was clouded by some feeling Eve didn't recognize.

"How was it?" she then asked, earning a questionable look from Eve. "The marriage? I was just wondering how was it to you? The day you got married to John and all…"

Eve's hands stopped after hearing Elizabeth's question. Elizabeth saw her gaze drift away and she feared she had asked something wrong. She indeed knew how much Eve missed her husband, and she knew the way Eve had lost him. So the last thing Elizabeth wanted was to hurt Eve by her own curiosity. But just when she was about to apologize, Eve smiled.

"My marriage with John was the best thing that ever happened to me", Eve answered after a pause, now meeting Elizabeth's curious eyes as continued working with her hair.

"Before I met him, I never imagined myself getting married. I thought that it certainly was not meant for me, and that I would die alone as an old woman. Well, back then I was immortal as well and unable to grow old and die, but I still thought that way. I thought living all my endless days alone. Not meeting anyone who I would love more than anything in this world…"

Eve fell silent and Elizabeth saw gentleness drift on her face. It made her smile.

"And then you met John", she stated, Eve looking at her and smiled widely, nodding.

"Yes. And I never believed to fall in love with a man who was supposed to bring me to my death. Or rather that that man would also love me as greatly. But it happened, quicker than I expected. And when he then proposed to me… for the first time during my life I actually felt positive about marriage. And I said yes to him. Feeling like the luckiest girl in the world…"

Eve kept another break as she took a hairpin and put it in Elizabeth's hair.

"...The day of our marriage was the happiest of my life. And I'm not saying this as a cliché, because it really is true. One's own wedding day will be the happiest of all days a woman spends on this earth…" Eve then turned to look at Elizabeth straight into eyes with a smile. "So you don't have to worry about anything! As long as you love Will and he loves you, you will be happy with each other! Well, if it really is worth it to listen to a girl, whose marriage didn't last more than a couple of months…"

Eve smirked for her sarcasm and lifted up her eyebrows, Elizabeth then shaking her head and uttering a laugh. But then she directed a caring look into Eve's eyes in turn, turning completely to her and took her hands.

"I am so sorry Eve that your happiness was taken away from you", Elizabeth said. "That is just wrong. Wrong and cruel! But I believe you. You made me feel calmer. I didn't have real doubts about Will and I getting married, but I was nervous. I didn't know what would happen after that and even feared it a little. But your words helped me. Thank you Eve…" Elizabeth then said, staring into Eve's eyes completely serious and sincerity in her voice.

And Eve believed her, as she was now looking into Elizabeth's brown eyes full of emotion. Eve felt moved and she tilted her head, giving Elizabeth thankful smile smoothing her hands with her own. Then Elizabeth let out amused breath.

"You know, I really feel like I am preparing for my wedding with my sister right now", she continued, her voice now cracking for affection and Eve's heart would've probably skipped a beat, her wrinkling her eyebrows. No one had ever said something so touching to Eve, and she felt so happy hearing Elizabeth's words.

She then leant down, giving Elizabeth a kiss on her cheek and tight hug. "Shouldn't you save your tears to the wedding?" Eve said teasingly. But then became serious again, tightening her hold of Elizabeth. "You are very important to me too. I've never had anyone who feels so much like my own sister, and I want this day to be the happiest of your life! Yours and Will's…"

Elizabeth let out a sound, which was a mix of sniff and laugh as she then separated from Eve, giving her a look. Until Eve rounded behind her and wrapping her arms again around her neck, they now both stared at their reflections from the round mirror and smiled to each other. But then there was a knock on the door. And surprised both of the girls now turned to look at Estrella and Governor Swann who stepped in, freezing a bit after seeing Elizabeth all dressed up and ready, even they had now come to wake her to get ready.

Eve made a tilt with her head and smiled, glancing at Elizabeth who also gave her a smile, before met her father's gaze. Governor smiled contended and came to her.

"Surely, we just came to wake you to get Estrella here to help you prepare, but here you are! Absolutely beautiful and perfect bride!" he exclaimed and gave Eve a look. "I suppose this is the work of you, Evelyn? But you could've let someone else to do it and not bothering to waste your own time…"

"Father, I wanted Evelyn to help me!" Elizabeth said and gave Eve another thankful look, until lifted one questionable eyebrow. "Or are you saying I am not beautiful after all as you just claimed?"

"No, no, no, you are! You are my dear!" Governor said back and looked at Eve again. "You've done well, Evelyn. You've made Elizabeth absolutely marvelous!"

"The pleasure was all mine", Eve answered, meeting Elizabeth's father's gaze before turned her apologetic eyes at Estrella, who was looking at Elizabeth smiling to herself. "But I am terribly sorry of stealing your job! I hope I am forgiven!"

"Oh yes, certainly Miss!" Estrella answered with a hasty smile and she curtsied. Eve smiled at her. But then governor Swann tapped his hands together.

"Come now, if Elizabeth is already ready, now you Evelyn must be prepared yourself!" he stated and turned to Estrella. "Go to Miss. Crooke's room, prepare her dress and help her to get ready!"

"Right away sir", Estrella said. "Which dress shall I put out for you, Miss?" she asked, meeting Eve's eyes.

"The crimson one", she answered smiling at the woman, who then curtsied again and hurried out.

Eve would've wanted to say to be fine by herself. But stayed silent, knowing it shouldn't even cross her mind. Just shook her head and gave Elizabeth another look, before was about to leave to her room too.

"I can also do your hair if you wish me to!" Elizabeth's voice shouted amused after her and Eve turned, giving her a denying gaze. She remembered well the last time she had let Elizabeth practice with her hair, and the outcome hadn't been that good. Eve only smiled at Elizabeth, seeing her sarcasm and shook her head.

"Maybe one day when I get married again!" Eve joked back, now stepping out of the room.

Elizabeth after all joined Eve and Estrella as she helped now Eve prepare. Eve sat silently on the chair of her dressing table, sometimes starting a conversation with the two women, or answered Elizabeth's questions. Finally she too was ready and Eve looked at herself from a long mirror, examining herself.

"There you go! Now you two are the handsomest women of whole Port Royal!" Estrella said happily as was putting away the instruments used in hair styling. Eve gave her a smile and thanked her, before returned her eyes back to her reflection.

She was wearing that stunning crimson colored dress made out of silk, which Elizabeth had given her as a birthday present. It had a bow and lace on its bodice and it fit her perfectly, ornamented fabric falling down from her waist like a stream of water, white lace also sticking out of its hem. It really was beautiful with golden embroidery, fashionable English dress. And after seeing it first time Eve wouldn't have wanted to accept it, as it must've cost a lot. But had taken it anyway, as Elizabeth had bought it as a sign of deep affection and friendship. And so as Eve couldn't pay Elizabeth back in any other way, she had decided wearing that dress first time in her wedding.

Now also Elizabeth walked next to her, linking their arms as they often did, and examined the dress on Eve too smiling. She nodded. "I knew it was perfect for you when I saw it!" she said, now facing Eve who smiled at her. Eve hugged her.

"Thank you, Elizabeth", Eve said, meaning a lot more than just that dress with her thanks. Eve felt Elizabeth utter a small laugh as she also wrapped her arms around her into a sister like embrace.

"No Eve. Thank you", she answered. "I don't know what would I do if I didn't have a friend like you."

"Right now? Freak out?" Eve suggested, making Elizabeth laugh more, but then she turned serious again. "We can't start crying you know that…"

"I know…"

They then laughed together more, until after they went downstairs to have a light breakfast, Elizabeth's father soon came rushing the girls into the carriage. And then they were on their way to the wedding place in the harbor.

Elizabeth was trembling next to Eve. Not for fear, but excitement and Eve saw sweet smiled creep on her lips more than once. She put her hand on Elizabeth's, her squeezing it tightly.

"Do not pass out on me now", Eve teased, giving Elizabeth a lifted eyebrow. "Because I don't have the muscles to carry you to Will before the priest, if you can't do it yourself. At least not in this dress..."

Elizabeth laughed, giving her a light hit on her shoulder. But at that very moment the carriage stopped and Elizabeth nearly squeezed Eve's hand into necrosis. Eve gave her a soothing, but half amused glance as then exchanged a look with the Governor, before the door was opened and Eve climbed out after Elizabeth. But what they saw made them freeze on their spot.

The wedding place was all set, with chairs for the quests to sit and there was a long table decorated with many flower arrangements, on it being many trays of teacups and other necessary pieces of dish. Everything looked normal with the music stands having sheets on them, the whole place decorated and prepared for today's wedding. But they didn't see a single guest sitting there and waiting the wedding to begin.

Eve walked past Elizabeth, glancing around in astonishment. Where were everybody, even the wedding was about to commence in these minutes? Where was Will? Eve felt something wasn't right. This was too weird. Whole wedding party did not vanish just like that without a reason.

"I'm going to look if I can find anyone to ask what has happened", Governor Swann said then after also staring at the place in confusion, Eve nodding to him agreeably as Elizabeth didn't turn to look at him. Only stared at the empty chairs, abandoned teacups and the flower arrangements in awe.

Eve followed Governor Swann as his back then retreated to the distance. And then she sighed, walking now to Elizabeth.

"Come on, let's go sit there for a while", Eve said, trying to hide her suspicious tone and walked Elizabeth to the front row of the chairs. "I am sure your father will find the guests and your wedding shall start in no time!"

"What if it won't?" Elizabeth asked back, her voice suddenly so gloomy that Eve wrinkled her eyebrows for confusion as then sat next to her friend.

"What makes you say that?" she asked, meeting Elizabeth's eyes as she now looked up to her.

"Because I feel this being some kind of a sign. An empty wedding place with no guests to attend is no wedding after all…" Elizabeth said a hint of sarcasm in her voice. But Eve saw that she was even more confused as Eve was. And no wonder.

Eve then only stared at Elizabeth for a moment, not knowing what to answer, looking next to the sea opening right in front of them. But then she only placed a hand on Elizabeth's.

"I told you not to worry", Eve then said, now even smiling reassuringly at Elizabeth. "There will be a wedding as long as you and Will are here. And he will come. Will wouldn't leave you getting married alone that's for sure!"

For that Elizabeth even uttered a slight laugh. But then they sat there silent, waiting Governor Swann to return.

After half an hour the sky started to turn grey, blocking the sun from shining and the blue sky vanished, being replaced by clouds. And after another half an hour of waiting the rain finally started, first as a soft drizzle, but then changing into harder rain, which created quite a beautiful sound as the drops were falling into the empty teacups.

Elizabeth was now looking rather miserable and she stood up, kneeling before the altar, holding her bouquet of white orchids as stared blankly before her. Eve then glanced to the sky at first, but then seeing a parasol laying a bit farther away she grabbed it and opened it, running to Elizabeth with it to prevent her for drenching completely. It didn't help much, but a little so that either of them didn't get completely wet.

For a moment Eve just stood there examining her friend in worry. And pity. Where the hell was Will? There had to be a reason for him not showing up at all, because there was no way that he would've just abandoned Elizabeth here on their wedding day. He had been even more excited about this day than Lizzy yesterday when Eve had visited him. But still, what worried Eve the most was Elizabeth, who just sat there not saying anything. Eve could guess how she felt.

"Lizzy?" she then tried, even smiling a bit as bent down toward Elizabeth. "Wouldn't you stand up? You're getting completely wet. Why don't we go under that canopy over there…"

Eve now crouched next to Elizabeth, giving her very worried gaze. "Lizzy say something to me. You're starting to scare me a little…"

"Why isn't Will here yet?" Elizabeth then asked, looking at Eve questionably. But not as sadly as Eve had thought. Eve now only saw more confusion on her face. "Why hasn't he come yet?"

"Elizabeth, I'm sure there's some explanation to this", Eve said back now turning serious. "Will would never do this to you without a good reason. I know he wouldn't. I know him."

"Could you go look for father?" Elizabeth then asked, surprising Eve.

"Shouldn't I stay here with you?" Eve asked. But Elizabeth then shook her head and gave her a small smile.

"No, just go. Maybe you find Will, while you look for my father", she answered.

Eve answered her gaze for a short moment until she then smiled nodding, giving the parasol to Elizabeth. But after she then started walking away from the wedding place, Eve was frozen on her spot when she saw some men approach them. And the sight made her eyes widen.

"Elizabeth?" Eve called loudly, turning half to her friend who also had heard the steps coming closer. And now she turned to see the men, her eyes also widening.

Gathering her wet hem she rushed after Eve, dropping the bouquet on the wet ground, both of them now stopping under the canopy where there were many soldiers with weapons standing in a half circle, in middle of them Will who was shackled. Eve stopped on her tracks and exchanged a shocked look with Will, who only answered her gaze serene, until Elizabeth then rushed to him.

"Will! Why is this happening?" she asked meeting Will's gaze. Will only shook his head.

"I don't know", he said, but then he made a smile. "You look beautiful."

Elizabeth answered his smile. "You can thank Eve for that", she said and Will did glance at his friend behind Elizabeth, who gave him a slight smile. "I think it's bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding."

"What is the meaning of this?" Eve then asked seriously, glaring at the men surrounding them. "Who has ordered you to arrest this man upon his own wedding?"

Eve didn't get an answer. But then someone made his way through the crowd gathered to the left to stare at them.

"Make way, let me through!" Governor's voice said from the left, and all three of them turned to see him been stopped of coming any closer by two long axes. Governor sent examining look at Will.

"How dare you? Stand your men down at once! Do you hear me?!" Governor continued with a commanding tone, now staring at a man with a white wig who Eve hadn't noticed before now. The man didn't react as gazed at the sea, until then turned, removing his wet jacket.

"Governor Weatherby Swann, it's been too long", said the man.

Eve's blood went cold for shock as she recognized the voice. And now as she saw the man's face she recognized it too. Anger mixed with fear started to squeeze her chest. Will noticed this and he wrinkled his brows slightly as stared at the mystery man, until the Governor identified him to everybody with astonished voice.

"Cutler Beckett?" he stated in awe, narrowing his eyes. Eve directed a tense look at her old enemy now standing right next to her.

He instead did not make any kind of gesture or movement to give the impression he had noticed Eve. But Will's eyes widened for a moment after hearing the man's name. So this was the man who had killed Eve's husband?

"It's Lord now, actually", Beckett stated, giving the Governor a look as the two soldiers moved their axes away, letting Elizabeth's father to pass and walk closer.

Eve tried to stay cool when now Beckett's eyes met hers. But she didn't see even a slight mark of recognition in them. Instead he pretty much ignored her, which made Eve feel weird. Why wasn't he ordering his men to shackle her as well?

"Lord or not, you have no reason or authority to arrest this man!" Governor then continued, pointing at Will in the middle of his speech.

Elizabeth met his father's eyes before they visited on Eve, she also now noticing her slight tension as she eyed Beckett who was right next to her. Beckett then looked smug.

"In fact I do. Mr. Mercer!" Beckett then said and called out his right hand man, who came forth with some file, papers in it.

Eve also knew him very well and she directed a glare at him, as he only answered it with a smirk, not hiding at all that he also knew her as he passed Eve. He swung the file open for Beckett, him then pulling out a paper.

"The warrant for the arrest of William Turner", Beckett said indifferently, glancing at both Will and Elizabeth, before gave the document to the Governor to see.

Eve let her eyes travel in shock on all of the faces in that crowd. Until then saw the Governor wrinkle his forehead, looking at Beckett questionably a couple of times from the paper in awe.

"This warrant is for Elizabeth Swann", he stated, Eve's eyes widening and she met Elizabeth's confused gaze. Eve saw Beckett fake surprise.

"Is it? That's annoying, my mistake. Arrest her!" he said, then motioning toward Elizabeth who immediately got shackled with Will, Will struggling a bit against his. Eve took a step closer to Beckett, staring at her two friends in astonishment.

"On what charges?" Elizabeth asked in as big astonishment, staring at Beckett.

"She's right, you have no right to arrest them!" Eve then cut in, not caring at all about the fact that it was her husband's murderer standing before her as she met his eyes again. She would've very much liked to shoot him now, if she would've had her pistol with her.

"Aha! Here's the one for William Turner!" Beckett just said then, ignoring Eve once more and looked at Will and Elizabeth, handing the paper to the dumbfounded Governor. "And I have here another one for a Mr. James Norrington. Is he present?" Beckett continued, lifting up a third paper in the air as took a couple of steps around, glancing at the people around him.

Eve lifted an eyebrow. Why had James a warrant of arrest over him?

"What are the charges?" Elizabeth asked again even more emphasizing as her shackles were put on, her, Will and Eve staring at Beckett fuming.

"Commodore Norrington resigned his commission some months ago", Governor Swann put in, returning to read the warrants in his hands. Beckett looked thoughtful for a short moment until turned to face him.

"I don't believe that was the answer to my question I asked", he said back. Eve gave his back a glare. But then Will spoke up irritated.

"Lord Beckett! In the category of questions unanswered…" he said, staring at Beckett straight into eyes until then he glanced at Elizabeth who continued.

"…we are under the jurisdiction of the king's governor of Port Royal, and you will tell us what we are charged with", she filled Will's words, also staring at Beckett tensely, her voice full of resentment.

Eve cocked an eyebrow and once again glared at Beckett. Now maybe she, Elizabeth and Will were thinking same about this man. Beckett was nothing more than a cocky fool. No, worm more like it. But Beckett only answered Elizabeth's and Will's gazes not saying anything, as Governor answered the question.

"The charge... is conspiring to set free a man convicted of crimes against the Crown and the Empire, and condemned to death, for which the…" he said, silencing then for shock as Beckett then filled in the last words indifferently.

"…for which the punishment regrettably is also death", he stated, getting shocked stares from all Governor, Elizabeth and Will. Also Eve stared at him in a moment of shock, until she wrinkled her forehead and looked over at Will and Elizabeth, meeting their eyes.

"No…" escaped from Eve's lips. But then she flinched as Beckett suddenly stepped forth, stopping in front of Will.

"Perhaps you remember a certain pirate named Jack Sparrow?" he said questionably, meeting Will's eyes. Eve's eyes narrowed.

"Captain!" then both Will and Elizabeth said at the same time.

"Captain Jack Sparrow", Elizabeth repeated, answering Beckett's gaze seriously as it drifted on her momentarily. Spite of the hate she now felt, Eve couldn't help but smirk a bit to Will and Elizabeth's remark.

"Captain Jack Sparrow", now also Beckett repeated. "Yes, I thought you might."

"Do you mean the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow?" Eve's voice then said mockingly behind his back. And finally Beckett turned his attention to Eve, meeting her cold gaze.

Eve lifted up her jaw as now all of the people followed Beckett walk back to her, eventually smiling contended.

"More or less", Beckett stated also with indifferent tone, glancing away until straightened himself. "And believe not that I shall forget you, Countess Evelyn Crooke", he then continued, now also mock in his voice. He now waved toward Mercer who gave him yet another paper.

Eve gave it a quick look. And she let out a small sigh as she immediately knew what it was. She had seen it before with John, and read it through herself more than once.

"I believe you are acquainted to this little document", Beckett started, glancing at Eve from the paper he was holding. "The present widow of John Aidan Crooke and earlier known by your maiden name Eve Rodrigués..." Beckett continued, glancing now around him, until gave the paper to Eve as walked a bit away, stopping at the other side of the small clearing. Now talking to everybody who listened.

"There what we have now, is the warrant of arrest and the order of execution for a pirate Captain and the enemy of the British Empire known as Eve Rodrigués, a daughter of the pirate known as Alacrán de Muerte, a traitor of the state and a much hunted criminal. The warrant shall be enforced as well immediately, and you shall be brought to England to be hanged without a delay or trial", Beckett finished, sending Eve a victorious smile.

Eve gave him a glare and then ripped the paper, dropping it on the ground. Beckett cocked an eyebrow. Will and Elizabeth were dumbfounded.

"No matter. The arrest will be legal even without the paper with the king's seal", Beckett stated, then suddenly dashing back to Eve and grabbed her arm, pulling her so tightly that Eve wrinkled her brows for pain. Will, Elizabeth and especially the Governor were still thunderstruck but Will was the first one to recover after Beckett took a hold of Eve.

"No!" he exclaimed, glancing between Eve and Beckett who stared at each other, Eve's hard, despising expression not faltering at all as she met her enemy's eyes, narrowing hers slightly.

"Evelyn?" Governor stated and gave Eve a questionable, disbelieving look until then shook his head. "How could you… an execution?"

Eve wanted to roll her eyes after meeting the Governor's eyes for a moment, before she looked at Will and Elizabeth staring at her in horror.

"You cannot condemn her for something she hasn't done!" Elizabeth also exclaimed, now in half fury and half fear of her friend's life. Beckett smirked very amused after lifting a surprised brow, but didn't turn.

"Trust me Miss. Swann, from all of us present I believe I know of this woman's crimes the most", he just stated then, his eyes then sweeping over the medallion which hung on Eve's chest as always. And realization could be seen in his usually so expressionless eyes as he then yanked it off, stripping Eve from her powers.

Eve jolted forward by the power of the yank, but she then only gave Beckett even colder stare, giving also cold shivers to both Elizabeth and Will who had both seen her wrath in Goddess form. But Beckett wasn't impressed and he only pulled Eve closer again, now loading a pistol shoving her forward and pointed it at her back.

"We are going to have a small private conversation", Beckett then said more quietly to Eve, who shot him another glare. But as he started to force her to walk, Eve looked over at Will and Elizabeth who were also watching after her, struggling.

"No! Eve!" Eve heard Will shout after her, Elizabeth's voice joining after him too in panic.

"No, you cannot do this! Eve!"

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