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Height | Kuroo Tetsurou


Short legs run as fast as they can go, small delicate hands wrapped around large calloused ones. She's panting, struggling to keep up with the tall boy who seems to be dragging her along. It's like I'm in some sort of Shoujo Manga, she thinks. "Tetsurou-senpai, w-where are you taking me?" A swift grin spreads on his sly features, cat-like eyes flickering toward the small girl in tow with him. "To heights unimaginable, Maru-chan!"

Romance / Humor
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Chapter One

Brown eyes peek between slender fingers, a worried expression upon gentle features. Yachi Hitoka was cramming again for her English test. She was feeling confident enough that she could get a good mark—but she hadn’t studied in a few days as she had been occupied with the Volleyball team. She was mentally cursing Hinata for being such a distraction. Her homeroom teacher steps inside the classroom; a pleased smile etched on his face. The look on his features was making her uneasy—was there a surprise test today?! She absolutely wasn’t ready for something like that! Her face was losing its colour every second the teacher peered out at them.

“ Students, we have someone new joining us. She moved here from South Korea. ” Everyone in class 5 sits up straighter, as if to make a good impression. The small blonde instinctively does the same. She regards her peers, the students whispering among themselves. “ Rhee-san, don’t be shy! ”

Almost on cue, a very tiny first-year walks in. She has long brown hair; her locks wavy and bouncing with each step. Her bangs are cut straight but thinly, the hair stopping just below her eyebrows. Her nose was small and rounded, the tip curved upward like a button. Her most noticeable feature, however, was her eyes. Her gaze was soft and almost timid. Her iris’ were a striking blue, the colour standing out against her pale skin. She looked like a doll.

“ H-Hello… I’m Rhee Hanamaru. I’m from Busan, South Korea! I-I’m really excited and nervous to be here…! I’ve always wanted to visit Japan! ” Yachi feels her cheeks begin to flush—she was so pretty! How could someone her age be that gorgeous? The brunette even bows for the entire class, her cheeks glowing red with her action.

“ She’s so pretty! ” People began to whisper, and Hanamaru stands up straight. She shifts uncomfortably. All eyes were now on her—boys talking about how cute the new foreigner was. Maru was beginning to feel dizzy.

“ Ah, Rhee-san, you may take a seat. There’s one right up front here. ” The sensei gestures to one of the desks at the head of the room, and the small girl nods and walks toward the free seat. She places her small bag next to her feet, her leather shoes barely being able to touch the ground. As the teacher opens his mouth to begin the class, a ship full of questions and comments are directed at the new student.

“ Rhee-chan, your accent is so cute! ” One of the girls comment. “ Are you a model? Like for one of those online stores? You look like one! ”

The brunette replies with a no, her cheeks changing to a cherry red at all of the student’s words. She tries to avoid eye contact with all of them, her hair falling in front of her face in an attempt to hide herself.

“ Rhee-san, your lips are so full! Have you done anything to them? ” The small Korean brings a hand up to her mouth to touch them, but shakes her head.

“ U-Um... No… they’re natural… ” The students continue to talk to her and she starts to shrink more and more in her seat. The Sensei finally becomes frustrated, his arms crossing over his chest as he raises his voice.

“ Oi. Leave her alone. You all have a test to study for tomorrow. ” Curious eyes finally avert away from her small frame, the students grumbling to themselves as they open their books. As the teacher finally begins his lesson, Yachi watches Hanamaru with total awe. She barely looks away from her through the entire class as she can’t help but wonder if they’ll ever speak.

* * *

Classes seem to fly by, the bell eventually ringing throughout the halls and classrooms signalling for dismissal. Hanamaru leans over her desk to grab her bag, the leather material being gripped in between small fingers. Yachi clenches her fist, a determined look in her eyes as she rises to her feet. She begins her walk toward the smaller girl, a sense of pride in herself for approaching someone first.

“ Rhee-san, come eat lunch with us! ” The petite blonde stops dead in her tracks; a look of horror and defeat wiping across her visage. She lets out a small squeak, getting ready to turn on her heel. Someone had already beaten her to the punch.

“ U-Um… I’m actually going to look around the school if you don’t mind…? I don’t really know where many things are… ” Hitoka’s ears perk up. Maybe she could show her around! She opens her mouth to speak, and is thankfully not interrupted.

“ R-Rhee-san, I can show you around! ” Hanamaru turns to look at the blonde, a grateful smile coming to her kind features.

“ Thank you! ” Hitoka’s face burns bright, her palette becoming a mustard and ketchup. She helps the smaller student to her feet and everyone watches as they leave together.

Yachi’s heart starts to race in her chest at their closeness, her fingers fidgeting together as she steals glances toward the new female. She’s so pretty-- are people gonna kill me cause I’m next to her?!

“ I-I don’t think I ever got your name...? ” Hitoka’s brown hues widen in surprise—how could she forget introducing herself? She starts to look around wildly out of embarrassment.

“ Oh…! Yachi Hitoka! I’m apart of the volleyball team…! ” Hanamaru stops in her tracks, blue eyes scanning the halls now filled with students. It seemed there was a fork in the middle of the road. “ Oh um, down this hallway is classes 1-3. This way leads to the cafeteria…! ”

The small blonde gestures down the hallways, the smaller girl nodding to herself as she makes mental notes. They stay silent for a moment, but a sound of a gurgling stomach knocks them out of their trances.

“ Yachi-san… was that you? ” A now scarlet coloured girl stands next to Hanamaru, her stomach growling as she smells rice from other students flowing through her senses. She looks around for any kind of excuse for the sounds that come from her stomach; but nothing comes from it. Instead, she sighs in defeat. “ Are you hungry? I kind of am too… We can eat lunch together, if you’d like. ”

“ Y-Yes! ” Yachi responds, all too fast. Her cheeks seem to glow darker with each of her actions—embarrassing herself in front of Hanamaru was a near equivalent of doing it in front of Kiyoko. A small laugh bubbles up from the Korean’s chest, and she turns to the taller blonde before asking;

“ Where do you want to eat? ”

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