What Ghost

thrift shop? Nah, book

Porrim and Damara had dragged you and Rufio through every shop in the mall, Finally the two of you had managed to escape and sat quietly at a small round table in the food court, sipping at oddly flavoured coffees. You had never really been fond of Rufio, but you would much rather sit out here with him then watch the girls comb through victorias secret, You gave up on the struggling conversation and excused yourself from the table, disappearing down a hallway until you found the shop you had been waiting to go to all day. You entered the kids store and glanced around, the cashier never looking up from her book. You retrieved a pink basket form the pile and began filling it with books of all kinds, books with fuzzy pieces, pop up books, books big and small. You couldn’t wait to see Feferi’s face when you brought these over. Some of them you remeber reading to Karkat when he was younger, others you had never heard of and guessed at what they were about. You also got a small board game you think Eridan would like, in the boardgame isle, you passed by the game “life” and you couldn’t help but laugh slightly. You felt a little bad, but after the way Meenah joked about it, the laugh didn’t stick in your throat like you figured it would. The cashier sighed and finally set her book down long enough to ring you up, handing you your bags, she slunk back down onto her chair and resumed reading her worn copy of Problem Sleuth. You hadn’t read it before, but she seemed invested in it enough, Porrim spotted you through the glass store front just then, holding the door open for you and waiting. You passed by her and ignored her question of your store choice and you were happy to hold the book heavy bags in your hands. You couldn’t wait to go see everyone tomorrow. You were staying the night at Porrims tonight, so you stowed everything in the trunk of Porrim’s little green bug and climbed in. You didn’t add to the conversation as she dropped the other two passengers at Rufio’s house, you waved slightly at Rufio’s brother who sat in their patchy front yard, playing a card game with Kurloz’s brother. You believe that they were dating, but you had never been entirely sure. You were thankful Porrim didn't try to make much conversation on the way to her house, because your mind was miles away.

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