What Ghost

Too Much Time With Meenah

You sit in the dining room listening to Cronus and Eridan bicker about the stupid harry potter books that cronus would read him when they were alive. It was annoying. You really needed new books. all the books you have you've either already read or are too boring to read. you let out a wail and flung your head back, why was death so damn boring? you shoved yourself away from the table, passing through the door that led downstairs, you floated lazily along, there was nothing else to do. you eventually found yourself on the bottom floor, in the back room you and Kankri had talked in. You hate to admit it, but it really was more fun with that little guppy around. you scowled as you passed the paintings of your mother and uncle, you stopped and floated yourself down to standing in front of a frame covered by a heavy drape. Pulling it off gently, you smiled at the painting it hid. Eridan and Feferi sat in chairs, behind them was yourself and Cronus, each flanked by your respective parent. The six of you looked like royalty, and as much as you hated that it existed, it’s one of the few things that made you happy. Seeing everyone alive, it was weird to think of yourself as alive tho, being dead for so long and all. you sighed and recovered the regal painting, and turned around so you faced the bookshelf that lay hidden by dark in the other corner. You flopped down into the chair you had sat in with Kankri and stared at the shelf, a chill traveled its way down your spine as it always did when you spent too much time in this room. Something about the bookshelf made you on edge, nervous, which is kinda silly, since you’re dead, but it just gave you the heebie jeebies. Shuddering, you stood up and floated back up to the main part of the house, passing through the floor into what was once Eridan’s room, and up into the main foyer. You could still hear Eridan and Cronus arguing in the dining room, so you floated down the hall to where your sister was playing. She smiled when she seen you and she promptly handed you a toy when you sat down beside her, you watched the sun go down through the cracks in the window and you sat in the hallway playing with Fef. Maybe death could have it’s upsides too.


You had fun last night at Porrim’s, but now you were packing everything up to go see your other best friend, Cronus. If a year ago someone told you that you would be friends with a ghost you would tell them to direct that kind of conversation to Mituna and Kurloz. you shook your head as you gathered your bags and snuck out down the hall. reaching the back door, you stopped in panic when you heard your father move around in the living room, but he was only readjusting in his sleeping position on the couch. You laughed lightly in relief and headed out the back door, glancing around before sliding into your car, tossing the bags beside you and silently rolling out of the driveway. You made it halfway down the length of your house before you braked and started the car, thankful for your silent engine as you rumbled your way towards the road the led out of town.

Shortly later you pulled into the yard of one of your now favorite places, the boarded up windows staring out at you like the eyes of the house. gathering everything up, including the bag of takeout you had grabbed on your drive, you walked up the front steps and slid inside, shutting the door with your hip. you held your flashlight with your free hand and flicked it on, illuminating the large house. You listened for any sound that would indicate to you the locations of your friends, but you heard only the gentle sound of crickets and frogs from outside. Sighing, you turned left into the large dining room and dropped everything into one of the pulled out chairs, you wandered through the house, finally locating the kitchen, another bathroom, a small closet, a staircase that led to the attic, and a balcony that rested just above the yard. You stepped onto the back porch and watched the last rays of sunlight filter into nothing, the light shining down on a circle of rose bushes planted around the backyard. The only living thing here, you began to laugh and instantly decided you had spent too much time with Meenah. still you smiled, and were preparing to go back inside when you heard a door close and voices.
“Cronus? Meenah?” you called as you entered the door, sliding it shut behind you along with the now disturbed cobwebs. The voices were followed by laughter and the sound of clinking class. You sucked in a breath and darted into the nearest room, the closet you had discovered earlier, and you peeked through a crack in the door. It was too dark to see of course, and being in the small bathroom didn’t help. You whispered Cronus’s name until he appeared in your beam of light, smiling and happy to see you as ever.
“Cronus there are people in the house” you whispered in a rush, he just blinked at you before smiling slowly.
“I know, believe it or not Kanny we don’t really go anywhere”
“No cronus, like people people, in the house” you punctuated your words with points at the door, he stopped and listened, the smile slowly falling for you face. he whispered a shh to you before disappearing again. You held your breath you were straining so hard to listen.
“Great place chuck, nothing like a creepy fucking abandoned house” followed by laughter and more clinking glass, and then Cronus’s voice
“Sorry to bust your bubble there, chief, but this place ain't abandoned”
and then they all screamed, two of the people came running down the hall where you hid, half empty beer bottles still in their hands.
Feferi appeared in front of them and they stopped in their tracks, staring at her in terror.
“Yea)(, i mean don’t get me wrong, i’d leave if i could” she waved her little fish at them, she did something to make them scream, you could hear Cronus approaching from down the hall. one of them ducked into the closet with you, and you thanked everything that you had shut the flashlight off. A still moment of breathing passed between the two of you, he jumped when he realized you were there.
“holy shit man, there are monsters out there” his voice trembled, he was the one who was talking earlier. You couldn’t help but smile slightly, you really had been spending too much time with Meenah. You flicked the light to life, cupping the light with your hand so it gave a red glow, you leaned closer to him and whispered into the dark closet
“Who said that all the monsters are out there” and then you did the most bad movie thing you could think of, you said BOO and he slammed back and scrambled out of the closet so fast you thought he was going to trip. He did trip when he caught sight of Cronus coming down the hall, Meenah not far behind him, water pouring off of her and onto the floor. Cronus’s had blood seeping from his neck and where his limbs connected to his torso, it had seeped through his shirt and dripped off him as he walked. leaving odd little dots in the water
“So you think you can just come in, break our shit, and-” the one who had been in the closet with you started begging, you would have felt bad for him, but you surprisingly couldn’t find it in you. Definitely too much time with Meenah. Meenah stuck her face directly in front of the beggar
“Then fuckin leave” she pointed towards the door, which two of them scrambled for, chased after by Meenah, laughing and still spouting water, the sound of Meenah throwing things at them followed. After a few second, you slowly turned to Cronus.
“Cronus, you’re bleeding” your words make him turn from watching the chase down the hall to you, he scrunched his expression in confusion before glancing down. he mumbled an apology and close his eyes, the blood began to draw back into him with a gut turning SHLICK sound, you instantly propped yourself against the wall by one arm and began dry heaving. You vaguely heard Cronus ask if you were okay, and it was all you could manage to hold up a finger signaling you needed a minute. What the fuck was that.

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