What Ghost

Last Request

Once your stomach had regained balance, you walked down to the dining room, glancing at Cronus every few steps
“So, what was that?” you asked, your voice nervously high
“that? oh, i don’t knovw, just something i figured out i could do one day”
“and the water?”
“that’s Meenah’s thing, mines the blood, vwe think it has somefin to hovw wve died, but wve aren't sure. you think that’s wvhacky, you should see wvhat Eridan can do” he said, clapping you on the shoulder and entering the dining room. you shuddered and quickly decided you didn’t want to know. reaching the chair where you dropped your bag, you took one look at the takeout bag, and pushed it to the side. You really didn’t have an appetite anymore. Feferi bounced into the room, followed by Meenah, who was no longer spouting water, and you remembered why you were so excited to come here tonight. reaching into your bag, you dug until you hand closed around the plastic shopping bag.
“Wvhat’cha doin Kanny, diggin for gold?” Cronus asked, flopping into the chair beside your bag at laying his arm across the back.
“No Cronus, as amusing that would be, i remembered a conversation i had with the kids a while ago and i brought them something” at this Feferi’s face lit up and she faded from the room, giggling as she went. She reappeared within seconds dragging Eridan behind her
“Fef what the fuc” he whined, cleary unhappy at being roused
“Kankri said he brought us something” she stood in front of you, bouncing on the balls of her feet in excitement. you smiled at her, her fish wiggled in it’s place on her shoulder.
“I remembered you said you didn’t have any books, so” you commented, pulling out the bag. Feferi squealed and launched herself at you, wrapping her small arms around your neck and hugging you tightly. you started at the surprise contact but quickly hugged her bag.
“Eridan, books! Kankri will you read to us?” she asked, throwing in a small pout at the end to emphasis.
“of course” Feferi disappeared again, and Eridan tried to roll his eyes but you could see the small smile he wore before he disappeared too. Cronus pointed upwards and grinned at you, Meenah even smiled as you followed the kids upstairs.
“In here!” Feferi yelled, he head of massive curls peeking out of a doorway. You followed her in to discover it was the kids room, you noticed a small dollhouse in the corner, it’s wallpaper faded and the doll missing an arm. Feferi patted the bed beside her, hugging her fish tightly. you sat on the bed and as soon as you were comfortable, Feferi leaned against you. Eridan sat at the end of the bed, crossed legged and staring at the doll house. you pulled some of the books out and had them pick one. you found a way to read around Feferi and began in a soft voice
“Wendy always knew...”
and by the time you had made it halfway through peter pan, both of the children were asleep. Feferi still laying against you and Eridan curled on his side by your legs. You smiled and tried to find a way to get up without disturbing them when you noticed the both Cronus and Meenah were on the couch across the room. You didn’t realize they had snuck in for story time, but that made you smile even more. Meenah was asleep, her knees pulled to her chest and her head laying on them. Cronus beside her smiled at you, blinking a few times before he stood up, moving the kids so you could slide out of the bed. Eventually he scooped up Meenah and disappeared through the wall, a few minutes later he opened the door for you, you laid the book on the table beside Feferi’s bed and followed Cronus out. the two of you walked in comfortable silence until you were on one of the back balconies. Cronus sat down against the rail, letting his legs swing off the ledge. You sat beside him, but kept your legs on the balcony.
“that wvas real sweet of you”
“I’ve grown pretty fond of those two” you admitted, cautiously scooting forward and gingerly letting a leg hang off the edge one at a time.
“i’m glad of that, i’m glad you came back” Cronus smiled at you meekly before staring down at the rose bushes
“I need your help Kanny” he whispered, fiddling with a fray on his shirt and not looking at you.
“with what?” you asked, unsure of what you could help him with
“Being trapped here, it’s nice sometimes, because you havwe your family, but it’s kinda hell too. I don’t wvant them to spend another ten years being trapped in this fuckin house.”
You blinked and waited for him to continue
“I havwe no idea wvhere to start, and i knovw it’s alot to ask, but Kankri” he finally looked at you, he had tears forming in his eyes.
“will you help me let them move on”
You smiled at Cronus, placing a hand on his shoulder.
“Of course Cronus”

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