What Ghost

Modern Day Witch Doctor

Almost three weeks had passed, three long weeks filled with grueling research sessions and dealing with your friends acting as weird as ever. Only Porrim remained unchanged, though you had no doubt she knew all the gossip your group had produced about you. You at least received a break when Halloween rolled around. You and Porrim took Karkat and Kanaya trick or treating, Then you and Porrim split ways, her on her way to Damara’s halloween bash, which you would have attended as well, had you not had other plans. You weren’t sure if the kids could actually eat candy, but you brought several bags over along with the new round of books that had streamed into the house by you. They excitingly ate the candy anyway, and eventually they started tossing skittles into the air for the other to catch, and after a few minutes of egging, You Meenah played as well. She caught almost every skittle you tossed at her, and you missed almost everyone she tossed. You tossed one to Cronus, and watched as surprised crossed his face just in time for the skittle to hit him in the eye, and both you and meenah laughed so hard at him you had tears in your eyes. Feferi high fived you and ate the fallen skittle.you read to them and they ate candy until they fell asleep in their now normal position, Feferi leaning against your arm or side, Eridan curled up against your legs, and Meenah on the couch, legs against her chest and braids wrapped around her.
But as quickly as halloween has come, it passed, and you were thrust back into the task of finding a way to release Cronus’s family from the house. You had read old books from the religion section of the library in your town, and the next one over, and the one on the other side of that town. you spent hours googling everything you could think of, and the cherry on top of it all, was it lead to a very, very awkward conversation with Kurloz one day at lunch. And that catches you up to right now, you sat in your car clutching your back pack. The polka dotted door a few feet in front of you making you nervous, you swallowed thickly and swung your door open. Making your way up the path to Meulin and Kurloz’s shared apartment, you jumped slightly when the door yanked open before you could even knock. Meulin stood there grinning at you, her massive amount of hair pulled into a sloppy bun on top of her head, you followed her inside silently, taking in the odd appearance of the living room, colourful scarves covered every available surface, a few books laid scattered. A glance as you passed by a few showed some of them to be romance novels. Meulin cleared her throat and you passed by her into the dining room, where Kurloz sat at the small table behind a mass pile of thick books. Meulin ambled around the kitchen, setting two cat shaped tea cups on the table between you and the larger man, she pressed a brief kiss to her lover's cheek and disappeared down the hall and into a room, the door shutting firmly behind her.
‘the price for my help is you must tell me what’s going on’ he signed at you, pulling a book from the stack and flipping it open. He let it rest in his lap and stared at you expectantly. You felt a lump in your throat that wouldn’t go away now hard you tried. You coughed slightly and took a winded breath, and told Kurloz the basis of the situation. You didn’t want to tell him even that, but you needed his help if you wanted to help Cronus. Once you had finished your explanation, he simply nodded and slid the book towards you.
“wow. I’m honestly surprised you believe me” and he laughed, the noise coming out in a raspy noise that sent a small chill down your spine. You tried to smile at him and sipped at your tea, cautious of your next question.
“Kurloz…..why..why do you believe me” he calmly signs to you
“I have my reasons” and pointed towards the book.
“The bones” he signed, you felt your eyebrows go up, sure you had interpreted wrong.
“the bones?” and he nodded, pointing back at the book. You had a moment of oh! and you remembered why you were here, and you leaned forward to look at the book. Pictures showing spirits being expelled from bone men, a lot of in written text sat beside the images, and you felt your stomach slightly roll at the memory of Cronus’s and Meenah’s death things. Blood and water. As Kurloz explained more, you learned that spirits are usually tied to places or things, most often the bones of the person. After a few moments, Meulin reappeared from the hallway and placed a bundle of dried twigs in front of you.
“it’s sage” she told you, pulling a book form the the stack and placing it in front of you alongside the herb stick. She explained how to use it, and you stuffed both into your bag, standing from the table, you waved to Kurloz, and he stood up, leaning slightly across the table towards you.
“Tell Cronus I said Hello” He signed and waved goodbye, smiling at you as Meulin pulled you the room. She stopped just outside the front door with you,
“and don’t worry Kankitty, you’re secrets are safe with us” she blew you a kiss before shutting the door behind her. You high tailed it to your car, slamming the door. You felt a lump form in your chest as it occurred to you that you never told Kurloz Cronus’s name. You jammed your key into the ignition and flung your car into reverse and drove away as fast as you could.
They really gave you the heebie jeebies, which was astounding, since you hang out with dead people.

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