What Ghost

Morning Sunrise

You never thought a day would come where you would see Meenah cry, but as you began recounting what just happened, you saw tears slide down her face. it made a lump form in your throat that was hard to talk around. You handed the ring to Eridan with the message Feferi had told you, and tears brimmed in his eyes before he vanished. Meenah slid down the wall and pulled her knees to her chest, her body shook with the force of her tears, and you knelt beside her and rested a hand on her shoulder, she launched herself at you, hugging you tightly before vanishing as well. You had barely stood up before Cronus appeared
“Eridan just filled me in” he said, staring down into the hole in the staircase
“Thank you” He mumbled as sounds of screaming and crashing erupted upstairs. Cronus looked up and vanished, and you called after him.
“there aren't any stairs to get up!” he reappeared
“Sorry Kanny” he quickly wrapped a hand around your wrist and pulled you against him, and then you had the oddest sensation you ever experienced and when you opened your eyes, you were in the main hall. Cronus released you and ran up the stairs, you following suit once you regained your balance and the jelliness of your legs went away. You didn’t have to go far, you found Cronus and Meenah in the upstairs floor, sunlight and fresh air streamed in through the now torn open windows. Following the sound, you found Meenah ripping the boards off the library’s large window with her hands, Cronus behind her trying to talk her into calming down. She completed the window and screamed, it hurt your ears and you saw Cronus flinch a little too, she turned and punched him square in the face, Cronus stumbled back, everyone in the room surprised. Meenah started crying again, Cronus wrapped an arm around her shoulders as she shook
“its better than being trapped here forever” he said to her and she eventually let herself be sat down in the chair at the large desk close by. You sat down in a nearby chair and watched the sky turn pink through the now open window, the night air wafting in and making you realize how musty the room was. You watched the saturday morning stars disappear in silence as Meenah’s sounds got quieter and quieter, eventually they stopped and you glanced over, Meenah had fallen asleep against Cronus. you got up to help him but he waved you away, disappearing with her and appearing against a few minutes later. he flopped down into the chair beside you and ran his hands through his hair
“thank you kanny” he repeated.
“So what now?” you ask, staring at Cronus
“wvell, for right novw, wve enjoy this sunrise. it’s been a wvhile since i’vwe seen one” he smiled and rested his head in his hand, staring at the morning colours.
“Wve’ll figure the rest out as wve go” you nodded and leaned back in your chair, staring out the hole in the wall. you suppose Cronus was right, at least now you knew that you had to find the bones. and if Feferi was buried in the house, you figure so must the others. or you hope, anyway.

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