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Swing From The Chandelier

suicide, mention of suicide really, he talks about it, I am literally sorry for this chapter. You can skip this chapter if you want, there rest of the story will continue on, it's oaky you don't need to read it if you're gonna be triggered

Chapter Text

The darkness of the bathroom seemed to stretch out around you forever while you kneeled next to weak boards of the floor, after a very long few minutes, Cronus reappeared with a Crowbar, thanking him you took it from his hands you wedged it between a sold board at the first week board and steeled yourself, your stomach doing a few flips and rolls in response to how nervous you were. You didn’t know what was down here, and after Feferi, you were a little afraid to find out. pushing down as hard as you could, you felt a small relief flood you when the board didn’t so much as budge. You moved to the other side and pushed down again, this time the board popped loose on one end. Cronus grabbed ahold of the crobar and helped you push down, and one by one the boards came loose. The two of you sat in silence as the hole had became big enough for you to get in. You shined your flashlight into the hole, revealing a small crawlspace. When you didn’t immitaly seeing anything that made you terrified, your heartbeat slowed a little and you wiggled down into the hole. It wasn’t a very deep space, so you had to crouch slightly, but it thankfully wasn’t a very large space either, as you moved further in, You for once didn’t jump when you seen the flicker of Cronus in your side vision, the two of you move through the space until you to a back wall, still in the length of the bathroom above you, in the back corner, to your horror, sat a lump. Shining the light directly on it, revealing a small pile of bones. Cronus sighed
“it’s not me” you tried and failed to ignore the disappointment in his voice. Kneeling beside them, you stared at them.
“they look too small to be Meenah’s” you comment, and turn to look at Cronus. he sighed and ran a hand through his hair, shrugging out of shirt, he laid it on the ground and bundled the bones into it. floating up, he pulled you up through the hole and you leaned against the wall. thankful he didn’t phase you again. he sat the shirt full of bones on the ground and disappeared, leaving you alone in the semi darkness for what seemed like several minutes before the door opened and Meenah entered, your throat seized up at the expression on her face, it grew as you seen Cronus and Eridan enter behind her. you slid down and sat against the wall, leaving the light shining on the bones.
“they’re not mine” Meenah said quietly, confirming the nervous energy the room was filled with. Cronus wrapped an arm around Eridan’s shoulders, Meenah came and sat close by you, knees pulled to her chest.
Cronus came to sit between you and Meenah, leaving Eridan to stare at the bones and for all of you to stare at him before he finally glanced up.
“wwhat?” he asked,
“do you remember?” “are you gonna tell us what happened?” Cronus and Meenah asked at simultaneously. Eridan’s face screwed up in disgust
“you really don’t wwanna hear about” and after seeing the obvious “yeah we do” expression on all of your faces, he sighed and came over, sitting so his back was to all of you hand he scooted back so he was leaning against Cronus.
“It wwas my fault she fell” he started out, you saw Meenah open her mouth but shut it again.
“Bein in this house everyday, how empty it seemed without her” both Cronus and Meenah nodded in agreement.
“I just couldn’t take it anymore” he took a shaky breathe
“one day i was in the ballroom and i couldn’t take it anymore, I told the guy who fixed stuff that there was something on the chandelier, and he took out the latter and that’s when it got messed up, I almost didn't get to do it, because he was going to realize i lied and take the ladder away. But then Cronus and Rosa needed him, so he just left it as it was” both you and Meenah glanced at Cronus and your heart shattered at the absolute terror and sadness that was there.
“I remember waking up layin on the floor, i thought maybe it didn't work, the rope broke, but surely the fall would killed me, but then i seen me, well my body, still attached to the chandelier. this isn't’ what i imagined the afterlife would be like”
“I was so angry, then I heard Rosa scream, and she ran through the doorway, and that woman hauled herself up that ladder faster than anyone i’ve ever seen, she was too late o course, I heard dad and aunt Condy in the hallway, she called me an it”
“get rid of it” he made air quotes
“I was just so mad, at everything, they took me away and after that, I forgot why i was in the ballroom. I just knew I was dead and Meenah was trying to get the nanny to stop crying, so after i figured out they couldn’t exactly see me, I went back to my room. and I opened the door, and there was Feferi, waiting for me like i had just got out of school or some shit” he laughed, Cronus wrapped his arms around him in a backwards hug, tears streaking down his face. Meenah had been wiping hers away, and most of yours had been blinked back and burning your eyes. making everything hard to see.

“then you two joined us, and it was okay again” he turned around and hugged his brother, not letting go for a long time before turning towards Meenah and hugged her tightly. at last he turned towards you
“Thank you for doing what you did for Feferi, take care of these two” he wrapped his small arms around you in a tight hug, you quickly returned the gesture before he pulled away
“If reincarnation is real, I’ll want Muelin to make me a whole pound of brownies” Cronus laughed sadly, wiping at the tears on his face.
“stop cryin would y’all” he smiled, his own tears drying on his face.
“can’t go out lookin like a bunch o babies” and then he flickered once, and was gone. Cronus stared at the spot where he stood for a minute before all of you were full out crying.
Meenah leaned forward once her sobs had turned into hiccups
“Me too okay? I wanna go too, i shore don’t wanna be here alone once he goes” she jerked a thumb at cronus. you nodded and settled back against the wall, half leaning on cronus. two down, two to go.

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