What Ghost


By the time you had all moved back upstairs, the tears and emotions had between the three of you had calmed.
“alright, Meenah, if you don’t mind postponing the search for a few hours, i am in desperate need of a nap” you yawned and glanced longingly at the stairs, thinking of the soft bed you had spent so many sleeps in already.
“yeah, a last nap sounds pretty great actually” she and you walked up the stairs, Cronus shuffling along behind you. To your surprise, Meenah opened the door to Cronus’s room and started kicking off her boots. Cronus shuffled in behind you, still mildly dazed as he collapsed onto his bed and flung an arm over his face, you asked him if he was okay as you wriggled out of your sweater, thankful to finally be in your t-shirt, but after you had untangled yourself from the thick fabric, you found that Cronus was already asleep. Meenah had rolled the blanket out from under Cronus and tossed it over him, she stood beside the bed.
“I hate the middle” she shrugged and you walked over to the side where she stood, you slid under the blanket beside Cronus and relaxed instantly against the softness of the bed. You felt only slightly awkward and the bed behind you sank down with Meenah’s weight. You didn’t have time to dwell on it long as sleep tugged at you hard, you gave in, falling asleep snuggled in between Cronus and Meenah.
~a few hours later
you awoke slowly, blinking and opening and closing your mouth a few times trying to chase away the dregs of sleep, but you were startled awake when you glanced over at Meenah and saw she was slowly sinking into the bed, only a few inches of the front of her body remained above the bed, the rest sinking into the springs. Glancing to Cronus, you found he was stil sound asleep, an arm thrown across your lap. You shook him awake slightly
“Cronus, Meenah is phasing through the bed”
“she does that, it just means sh’ really asleep hard” he mumbled at you and turned so his face was buried in the pillow. You went to move him so he wouldn’t suffocate, but then you remembered, he was already dead. You turned back around and watched as the rest of Meenah dissapeared through the bed and eventyually the floor. You shook Cronus awake and he woke fully this time, stretching and yawning.
“Hey kanny, Where’s nah?” he asked you sitting up and rolling his sounders again for good measure. You just pointed down and he glanced down
“yeah she does that”
“so do you have any idea where you or Meenah might be buried?” Before Cronus could even properly answer, the bedroom door to Cronus’s room swung open, making both of you jump as it hit the wall hard.
“LETS FIN MY FINE ASS BODY” She pulled her boots back on from where she discarded them prior nap and waited for you two. Slowly the bed emptied, and you found yourselves in the main hall.
“so, any idea at where either of you might be buried?”
“yes Kanny, we know exactly where we are buried, that’s totally not why we’ve spent the last eternity in this shithole”
“I really don’t appreciate your sarcasm, Nah” you told her and she cracked a grin
“sorry, i’m just excited to get outta here”
“yeah, me too” Cronus commented and wandered towards the first room closest to you.
“so Kanny, where do you wanna start lookin’?” both of them turned to stare at you
“oh, well, we could try Meenah’s room?” you suggested, and she thought about it for a second before nodding and phasing upstairs, You instantly jumped away from Cronus before he could grab you and phase up, and you ran up the stairs, Cronus already waiting for you in the upper hall.
“would have been quicker to phase you up, you know” and you just shook your head and paused outside Meenah’s door
“Never again” and you felt a shudder go through you at the memory before you slowly swung open Meenah’s door, she stood by the torn open window and stared down at the street.
“it’s supposed to snow tonight” you comment, making her jump a little.
“aight, so where do we start” she moved a chair and pressed down on the floor beneath it
“well that’s one way to start, Cronus, will you help me check the walls” he nodded and helped you, each of you going in a different direction a pressing against the wall, hallways through Cronus floated up and pressed against the ceiling
“hey, this spot is janked” he called out, both you and Meenah rushed to stand under him as he phased up into the ceiling. he came back done a little while later and shook his head
“the only body up there was a raccoon, poor bastard” you all continued to your search, moving from Meenah’s room to all the bedrooms on the floor, one of them neither of them wanted to search, so you sent them onto the next room while you searched the violently purple room. Everything was purple, the walls, the carpet, even the bed, on one wall hung a painting of Eridan, Cronus, and a man you recognized from the other paintings as their father. Smaller pictures were taped to the wall around it, pictures of Eridan and Cronus as children on a swing, Eridan looking terrified in his baby swing and tiny Cronus screaming with delight as a woman in green pushed him, the woman appeared in several other pictures, one where Eridan rode on her shoulders, there was even one where she was being climbed on by all four of them, Cronus and Meenah probably about ten, each clinging to her and and sticking their tongues out around her, Feferi looked about six and Eridan looked about nine, each clinging to her leg. You smiled at that, the woman in the picture was smiling so hard it hurt your face, she looked like the picture of complete and utter happiness. You felt like you should have reconized the woman, but you couldn't place her for the life of you. You didn’t see anymore of pictures of her, or anyone for that matter as you continued in your search through the room, one wall covered in war medals, some from the last decade, some dating back as far the early 1900s, clearly passed down. you didn’t find anything suspicious or corpse related in the room, and both Cronus and Meenah looked relieved when you told them so. You moved to the first floor and you searched four of the rooms, all of you skirting the ballroom , meeting up to take a break in the dining room, you flopped into a chair and Cronus sat on the table beside you. Meenah laid halfway on the table and sighed, the sound coming out strange since her face was smushed against the table
“are we ever gonna find me” Cronus patted her on the back of her head, she haphazardly swatted at him, but made no motion besides that. After another moment of silence, she stood up
“fuck this, we ain't eva gonna fin me” and she disappeared, knocking over several chairs as she did so.
“Cronus where did she go?” he stared after he for a second, before turning towards you.
“prolly down to her sulkin room, she is down there all the time” he shrugged and then turned to stare at you, his eyes wide
“even tho i never knew why, she said the room creeped her out” you felt your eyes grow wide, and the was this stop in time, just you and Cronus staring at each other with the realization, then both of you were up and running. You two ran through the dining hall and towards the stairs, screaming Meenah’s name the whole way. in retrospect, Cronus could have phased down and beat you down there, but he didn’t, he ran, the two of you barely squeezing into the stairwell together, the two of you flew down the first stairs, still screaming for Meenah, the adrenaline high in your veins, you didn’t hesitate when you reached the hole, you had been running down the stairs so you took your momentum and you jumped, only worried about missing for a split second midair before you landed on the other side of the hole, wobbled slightly, and then kept running, Cronus laughing right beside you as you both raced down the hall, failing to stop properly outside of the book room and you slid into the wall, Cronus sliding against you before he just phased through you and past you into the wall, he appeared out of the other corner of the hallway a few seconds later, only to find you shuddering.
“that counts, that totally counts i would rather you have squished me” you shook again and threw open the door, Meenah sitting in a chair, her knees pulled against her and her head on top of her knees, an eyebrow quirked at the two of you scrambling in through the doorway, but otherwise expressionless. You were out of breath, so Cronus explained
“you said this room creeps ya out, right?” she stood up
“yeah, never figured out why tho” Cronus made a gesture with his hands, and just stood there, waiting for Meenah to catch on.
“oh” she said quietly
“OH” she said a little more excitingly, starting to look around the room
“where do we start?!?!”
“Cronus go upstairs and get my bag, i need my flashlight” you had become adjusted to the encasing darkness,being able to see fairly well in it, but this was a job that needed light. Cronus returned and you flipped open your bag to find not your flashlight sitting on top, but a bright, small orange box with a white bow on top. You opened it, there was a note attached to the top of the box, digging out your flashlight, you opened the note.

I was “told” you would need this

you raised your eyebrows and shone the light into the box, there was a little white and pink stuffed swordfish, you took the note and replaced the lid, calling over Meenah from where she was patting a section of the ceiling, you handed her the box and she pulled off the lid, smiling down at the toy. she wiped at her face and glanced away, setting the box carefully on a shelf,
“alright let’s fin me”

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