What Ghost

Drawn Out Thoughts

You stepped out into the dimly lit hallway and shut your bedroom door behind you, you couldn’t handle sitting still anymore. You started pacing back and forth along the corridor, talking aloud.
“He wvon’t be back, they nevwer come back” You paused and stared down a dusty picture hanging on the wall, a corner of it missing and part of the frame shattered.
“But none of them evwer asked my name before either” running a hand through your hair, you sighed and leaned against the wall. You shook your head, trying to shake out the thoughts of him and you failed.
“what a strange kid” and the sentence had you stop for a minute, was he a kid? he looked like a kid. You were startled out of this train of thought by a shove, Your cousin Meenah passing by you with a glare.
“Watch where you stand, will ya. only so much glubbin hallway” she took a few steps before turning back around, taking in the expression on your face.
“What’s wrong Cro?” she smiled and for a second you thought it was a legitimate question before she continued with
“You look like you’ve seen a ghost” and then she was gone, her cackling laugh remained.
“Very funny Meenah” you laughed sarcastically. Returning to your pacing, you did all you could to get the thoughts of Kankri Vantas out of your head. Still failing miserably.

“Kanny, Are you positive you weren’t dreaming?” Porrim said gently after you had finished detailing the events of the previous night.
“Yes Porrim, I am Positive” you said defensively.
“I’m sorry Kanny, but it does sound a little far fetched” slamming your textbook shut you slid it into your bag and stood up from the table, preparing to walk away when a jacket covered arm slung itself over your shoulders. You jumped slightly, and turned your head to glare at it’s owner.
“Hey Kanny, we had started to wonder if you hadn’t gotten lost in there” he smiled at you, adding a ‘hey doll’ when Porrim stood up. she waved as she marched away, probably to go catch up with Meulin before class. you sidestepped out from under Rufio’s arm, letting it fall to his side.
“I did get lost, thank you very much” gathering your bag again, you turned and headed for the school you Passed Damara on the way, who was deep in signing conversation with Kurloz, both stopped to wave before resuming their argument.


It was the end of the day and you sat on the wall outside the middle school, awaiting your brother Karkat. You flipped idly through the book you were holding, your attention still on Cronus. You hadn’t seen him anywhere at lunch, or walking around the hallways. You had asked Damara, she knew everybody, but she didn’t know him. You sighed, shoving your book back into your bag, you wish you knew his last name, you could ask Karkat if he knew his younger brother. Cronus said they where around the same age. You hadn’t noticed Karkat emerge from the building until him and his friend stood in front of you.
“ith your brother okay, kk?” his friend asked, Karkat leaned up and waved his hand in front of your face, snapping you out of your thoughts. For the second time today, you jumped.
“Hey douchenozzle, are we gonna get walking or what?” he asked you as you slid down from the wall. Pulling your bag onto your back.
“Language Karkat, and hello Sollux” you greeted the boys before starting to walk in the direction of your house.
“Tuna thaid I could come over” Sollux informed you as he walked beside Karkat, resuming an earlier conversation, you let your thoughts wander back to Cronus. He did say he hung out at the old mansion a lot..Maybe you should go back, see if he’s okay. You never did get the chance to thank him for helping you out last night. You decided to return later tonight, hoisting your bag higher on your back. Ignoring the small bundle of nervousness that had formed in your gut.
Your thoughts were once again interrupted by Karkat’s voice, this time calling your name from a distance back.
“Kankri, are you coming home??” he yelled, you realized you had walked past your house. Walking back you followed Karkat across the street to where sollux already stood in front of your house. It was going to be a long night.

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