What Ghost

My bad Meulin

The search for Cronus’s body proved to be more frustrating than you had ever imagined, you checked rooms again and again, searching every square inch of floor and walls you could reach, You wanted to scream. Cronus assured you time and time again that it was okay, you’d find him eventually, but you felt bad that he had to wait to so long when all his family is already gone. You felt guilty, You had called Meulin and asked if her and Kurloz could come help you search today, they showed up around ten pm with bags of snacks, flashlights, batteries and a axe.
“Kurloz why do you have a axe, where did you even get a axe?” you asked in amazement as he carried it through the door, he just grinned widely before laying it down along with his bags on the dining room table. You shrugged off the chill that had followed the pair into the room, adjusted the sweater you got for christmas and started explaining to them where in the house you had searched, Meulin handed you and Cronus a pack of fruit snacks and wandered off in the direction you had already searched. Cronus followed to help, popping the snacks in his mouth and chewing as he talked. Kurloz had made himself comfortable on the table, sitting crossed legged and straight backed. he motioned for you to be quiet before you even asked what he was doing, he stayed that way for several long minutes, until it appeared he had stopped breathing as he sat completely still, even after Cronus and Meulin returned nearly an hour later. She shrugged out of her coat and tossed it on the table next to her bag, passing by Kurloz without a second glance. her brow furrowed as she thought out something in her head, Muein looked tired, and you briefly wondered how long it had been since she had slept. You brushed the thought off but reminded yourself of another that had been brewing at the back of your mind.
“So, while i think about it, Meulin, if you didn’t give me sage, what did you give me?” she turned towards you frowning slightly, it was rare for Meulin to frown and you instantly felt like you had passed into bad territory.
“It was sweetgrass, it’s good for the ghosts” she looked out one of the tore open windows and clicked her tongue
“But why did you tell me it was sage” she turned around and you took a step back
“because the sage doesn’t work” the reply came out a little harsher than she had intended and she winced but didn’t apologize.
“How did you know the sage wouldn’t work?” you asked, feeling like you should shut up but sometimes talking is just a bad habit of yours.
“Don’t you think we tried, everything we could absolutely think of, when Kurloz and I found out about the ghosts” Meulin took a step towards you
“Don’t you think, that it broke my heart to know that there were kids here, i wanted to do all i could for them, I tried, I tried sage, I tried seances, I tried cleanses and i even once attempted to burn down the house” her words gradually became more hysterical, you realized you had definitely brought up a sore subject for Meulin as she kept talking, you saw Cronus nod in agreement at the last sentence, something he apparently remembered.
“Do you know how many times I begged Kurloz to travel to the other side to see if he could help, he came and talked to them, all of them, he talked to everyone he could think of, and being over there is so dangerous, don’t you think we looked for the bodies Kankri, we looked for a whole year before we just started trying to make the kid’s afterlife as comfortable as possible” Meulin's anger turned quickly into tears, making her words catch, Cronus appeared behind her and wrapped her in a hug, she turned and cried silently into his chest.
“We tried so hard, I’m sorry Cronus” You went to step towards her, to try and patch up the mess you had just caused when Kurloz appeared in front of you, hands out stretched to stop you from moving in her direction. He instead nodded to Cronus and directed you to the main foyer.
“I’m going to take Meulin home” he signed
“I’m sorry i didn’t mean to make her upset” Kurloz shook his head and signed an explanation
“She hasn’t slept in three days, this morning she cried over burning the pancakes, it’s okay, she’ll be okay” he glanced back towards the dining room
“plus i needed a distraction” he pointed upwards
“there's something way up, can’t travel that far away, so i’m not sure what” he signed and made a soft sigh noise. You nodded and started thinking about the floor plan. Meulin came out then, her face was drying
“I’m sorry kankitty, i didn’t mean to blow up like that” You hugged Meulin and she giggled before slinging her bag over her shoulder
“I left you the snacks and the flashlights, you’ll purrbably need them” She patted your face before stepping out the door towards their car, Kurloz frowning at walking out after her with a nod towards you.
“Wow kanny, real smooth with the ladies” Cronus joked stiffly, you brushed past him to retrieve a flashlight and head upstairs
“Cronus will you start with the bottom floors please?” you asked him, wanting to check out whereever up was. You heard Cronus shuffle around before commenting
“yeah sure, one of these days we’ll fix those stairs” he shrugged and disappeared into the floor, you climbed the steps to the third floor and after checking several rooms, you located the trap door in the hallway that led to what had to be an attic. You sighed and the horror movie cliche ness of it and lowered the ladder. You pulled yourself up and shone the light around the attic, it looked like more storage space. sheets covered piles of chairs and even in the far corner there was a dusty but still shining large chandelier. you didn’t even want to begin to wonder how it got up here, Looking around the large attic, you found more furniture, a few paintings of scenes that deserved to be covered, you found nothing until you reached the end. while shining the flashlight on different things, you shown the light across a mirror resting against the wall and it appeared on the ceiling, at first you thought it was a trick of the light but no, you shone the light onto the ceiling directly above you and stared in wonder at the set of six boards that looked like they had been ripped out the hastily nailed back in place. dozens of nails stuck out in awkward angles,most bent and a few even broken. You stared for a minute longer before climbing down and going to retrieve the axe, Grabbing it and exiting the dining room again, you made a mental note to thank Kurloz for his scary preparedness and also a side note to never anger Kurloz, if he freaked you out while you two were on the same side of things you didn’t even want to begin to imagine what would happen if he was an enemy. You shuddered before shaking it off and stepping up to the ladder, tossing the axe awkwardly into the attic, you grabbed a rung and heaved yourself up. You were just climbing back into the attic when you heard your name being called from at least the ground floor. You pulled yourself up and leaned your head out of the attic hole.

“I’m in the attic Cronus!” you called out before walking back to the end, you set your flashlight so it shown on the spot of boards and you started swinging, the upward angle making in an awkward task but you manage to get away one board. Another came loose and the rest jarred with it, it looked like one or two more swings would get it, you were mid swing when you heard your name directly behind you, you turned in panicked horror to find karkat standing behind you in the attic
“Karkat, what the hell are you doing here!?!?!” you asked, dropping the axe to your side.
“I followed you, took me a while but i’m here, more importantly, what the hell are you doing here?!” you opened your mouth to respond as you heard a loud crack noise above you and you felt the whoosh of air as the ceiling collapsed onto the floor behind you. Karkat’s expression from staring at you with confused anger, to staring behind you with absolute terror. You turned slowly to see that a set of bones had indeed fallen from the ceiling. You moved closer to look, ignoring Karkat freaking out behind you. These bones looked too big to belong to a teenager, you were about to voice this when you heard a deep, unknown thick accented voice come from your side.
“Hey Kid”

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