What Ghost


You turned your head to see a tall, gruffly male standing between you and the chandelier that rested in the corner, your sentence was interrupted by Karkat’s sputtering
“Kankri, kankri!” Karkat began to flail his arms in the direction of the bones, you turned halfway towards him and frowned
“Karkat, don’t be rude” you turned back towards the male and upon closer inspection realized you recognized him, Ignoring Karkat continuing to flip out in the background.
“Your’e?...” you started, just now realizing you were entirely sure what his name was
“Dualscar, Cronus’s father” He said, the accent thick on his words, You glanced between the ceiling, the bones and the ghost standing before you repeatedly, waiting for him to say anything of an explantation.
“I take it ya didn’t know i was here” he glanced around you to your brother, who was now wheezing and leaning against a covered piece of furniture.
“No I didn’t,” You were once again cut off by Karkat’s voice behind you, panic made it jump several octaves up as he talked
“Kankri is thAT GUY THE BONES, ARE YOU TALKING TO A GHOST?!?!?” Karkat’s tone began increasingly more high pitched until he was standing there frantically glancing between the body and the ghost.
“Karkat, don’t interrupt me, And don’t be so loud, with yelling like that you’ll wake the dead” you turned again to Dualscar, who had released a small snicker and was grinning in your direction. You realized what you said and stopped, mentally papping yourself, You decided that you had definitely been around Cronus too much, his sense of humor was wearing off on you. You shook the thought of your head and returned your attention to the task at hand.
“I guess I should start with, when the others disappeared, they all told me what happened to them..” The grin instantly faded from the man's face, He looked briefly confused and then a look of what you could only describe as pure guilt.
“The others, moved on?” You nodded and he glanced towards the on the other side of you.
“Well, Almost all of them..” Dualscar focused on you again, waiting for further explanation
“Cronus is still here, we can’t find his body” You heard Karkat make a choked noise behind you and start mumbling in a variety of quiet tones.
“That don’t surprise me, boy was late for everything”
“Uhh, what?”
“nevermind, Anyway, did the others go okay? did they remember anything?” you wasn’t sure how to respond, the worried tone in his face and voice making you feel kinda bad for the dude.
“They, uh, remembered everything after we found their bodies...” Your sentence was punched by Karkats mumbling growing more confused and louder. Dualscar ran a hand through his hair and sighed
“Well shit”
“The others, told me what happened..do you wanna maybe, tell your side?” you asked tentatively, he heaved a deep sigh again and nodded after thinking for a minute
“yeah, maybe if you wanna, you can pass some of it on to Cronus, maybe he won’t fully hate me”
“Maybe” you added quietly, he paused before continuing
“Alright, so i guess i should start off by saying that, In my life i did a lot of things for my older sister, i would have done anything for her, a lot of them i ain't so proud of, When Feferi died, it was rough, it seemed the only one who wasn’t affected was my sister, She made me hide the body, she didn’t want to deal with it, which became my job really, cleaning up her messes… Then Eridan, God it killed me to find Eridan that day” he had begun pacing around in a tight line as he spoke
“Then she made me hide him, And kill Meenah, and What she made me do to Cronus, my boy, my last son” He began getting more and more angry, he stopped long enough to slam his hand against the wall, He resumed pacing, Karkat now glued firmly to your arm and freaking the literal fuck out. Karkat was trying to pull you towards the trap door but you shrugged him off.
“And that sick bitch actually kept the Chandelier he fucking hung himself from” His voice rose in anger again as he slammed his foot into the glass chandelier and you watched as it broke and parts of it even shattered.
“THEN” he turned towards you and was screaming, making hand motions with the story, Karkat was clutching the back of your sweater and making whining noises, shaking. You were a little afraid too at this point as he crossed in front of you and past you, punching the window and you winced as the glass shattered, he resumed his yelling and pacing
“THAT BITCH FUCKING SHOT ME, HER OWN FUCKING BROTHER, AND THE BITCH. FUCKING. SHOT. ME” He stood there, chest heaving before he visibly calmed down and rolled his shoulders.
“But I guess that’s how it goes, And she's still out there, living it up” He grunted and turned so he was staring out the freshly broken window.
“Where is Cronus?” you asked, really hoping it didn’t set him off again, his face scrunched up in anger as he glanced at you, before it turned into a bitter expression and he said very stiffly, turning to stare out the window again, but then stepping forward so he overlooked the yard.
“You’re a smart kid, you’ll figure it out” and he faded away, Leaving just you and a still squealing Karkat alone in the attic. You moved to stare out the window as he had done, Karkat finally finding his voice
“KANKRI WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT, WHY ARE YOU BEING SO CASUAL ABOUT THIS WHO WAS THAT WHO IS CRONIS WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON” You listened to him drone on as you stared into the yard, Your gaze drifted to the oddly placed Rose bushes when it hit you, you snapped your fingers and yelled with excitement
“The rose bushes!” you ran past Karkat who was stunned
“WHAT ABOUT THE ROSE BUSHES” he yelled after you as you slid down the ladder, Karkat suddenly yelling
“DONT LEAVE ME HERE” before scrambling after you, you had made it down one staircase and was halfway down another, Karkat stumbling along behind you when Cronus appeared.
“Hey Kanny I didn’t..Where you going?” You rushed past Cronus and threw a
“Cronus, yard, now!” you head a “yeah okay” and by the screams of karkat, you guessed Cronus had faded either really close to him, or right beside him. Karkat followed after you calling your name, by the time you flung open the back door Cronus stood already waiting for you.
“Alright Kanny, where the fire?” he asked, You stopped and pulled your sweater off over your head, thankful for the cool air after the run you just had. Tossing it to the side, you panted to Cronus
“You, bushes” Cronus stared at you for a second in confusion before looking at the rose bushes
“SHOVEL” you yelled and pushed him towards the shed, leaning on your knees as you stood panting for air. Karkat was doing the same action until Cronus faded into the shed, Karkat yelped and fell back onto the ground.
“Okay, okay” he appeared several seconds later with several shovels, you grabbed one and began tearing into the ground surrounding the nearest rose bush.
“Do you get what he's doin?” Cronus asked Karkat, who was still huddled on the ground, he scooted away when Cronus spoke, you eventually got your breath back enough to turn towards Cronus.
“you’re under a rose bush” Cronus Brightened instantly and jumped in to help, the two of you shoveling away at the bushes until it was completely uprooted. You tossed the shovel to the side when it hit something hard and you knelt down, shoving your hands into the dirt. You felt several loose bones and you pulled several to the surface, one of them appeared broken, you turned towards Cronus who was looking away, his eyes covered.
“Is it me? please let it be me, don’t let Miss Rosa be out here” He asked you, glancing around to assure that he was indeed, the only ghost, you turned towards him again and rolled the broken bone in your hand.
“No, it’s you alright, But I got some bad news” Cronus peeked between his fingers but didn’t take them away from his face
“What is it?”
“Cronus, you’re under all the rose bushes”

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