What Ghost

Cut My Life Into Piexes

Cronus let his arms drop to his side, surprise in his voice
“You’re fuckin kiddin” he stated, you instantly said language as a reprint but didn’t have any of the meaning behind it that you used to. Cronus picked up his shovel again and leaned on it, staring at the group of shrubbary.
“so is this really what our day is gonna be, man i was hoping we coulda just watched the second silent hill today” he sighed and walked over to the next in line rose bush, Karkat found his feet and approached you
“Kankri how are you so chill with this?” You shrugged and held out your cupped hands
“I’m used to it, here hold this” You deposited your handfuls of bones into Karkat’s open hands, which he promptly screamed and dropped. you frowned and moved away,
“Karkat if you’re not going to help will you please go get the snack bag Meulin left, it’s on the dining room table”
“Meulin? Nepetas sister Meulin????” Karkat followed you past Cronus on your way to the next rose bush, giving Cronus a wide range area, You let out a snort when you heard Cronus comment
“what, is there another Meulin?” Karkat glared at him with a “was I talking to you face” you waved him towards the house and began digging. Halfway down you heard Cronus sigh and comment
“Man why do i gotta dig up bushes, Meenah got to throw bookshelves, why do i gotta dig up rose bushes, this sucks” you replied without pausing your digging
“Cronus is that really the thing to focus on?” he nodded with a small ye, before resuming his own digging
“With how much of my afterlife is left, hell ye” he grunted and reached down and lifted the plant out of its hole. Tossing it to the side he reached in and began pulling up handfuls of bones
“I knew there was something weird about this yard, I could feel it in my bones” he knocked two bones together before putting them into the adding pile. Karkat returned then with the bag and he sat by the first hole, Clutching the bag to his chest as he watched you and Cronus work.
“Cronus Honestly” you rolled your eyes but smiled as you heaved the bush out of its spot and followed suit but putting the bones into a pile.
“Cronus, You really need to eat more, you’re looking a little Boney” you clinked the bones together the same way he did, Cronus giggled as he moved onto the next rose bush. He high fived you as he passed, giggling the whole way to the next bush.
“Seriously, you’re making jokes, while digging up a body? the fuck is wrong with you?” Karkat asked
“Oh I don’t know Karkat, maybe i’ve just been hanging around them too much, and if you’re not going to help...Karkat bring me my sweater from over there” Karkat instead tossed it to you, you carried it like a bundle, letting Cronus dig up the last two while you carefully collected all of the bones from the different piles. Before Cronus had finished digging up the last one, you had collected all of the found bones and began counting, trying to make sure you didn’t miss any.
“Do either of you remember how many bones are in the human body?” You asked aloud as you twisted two pieces, trying to figure out if they fit together.
“187 i think”
“I think it was higher than that” Cronus turned towards you with a small, sly smile
“C’mon Kanny, Throw me a bone i’m trying my best here” You tried not to laugh, but you failed.
“Cronus stop that, this is serious”
“My bad Kanny, i’m Just trying to be Humerus” you threw a pebble at him as he continued digging, You laughed until Karkat looked at you like you had grown horns. Setting the sweater of bones on the back porch step, you helped Cronus lift the bush out and he heaved it to the side. The only bone in the hole was his skull, Cornus picked it up and began moving it’s mouth up and down, speaking to you like it was a puppet
“Cronus stop it” he moved the skull to mimic your words in a high pitched voice.
“Cronus I swear” he again mimicked your words and you stood up, slowly backing away
“Fine, I’m going home” Cronus leapt out of the hole
“Ah, Kanny, I didn’t mean it, come back” You returned to his side and held out your hands, Cronus placed the skull in then and pouted, following you all the way back to the porch. adding it to eh pile, you sat on the step next to them, Karkat sitting on the ground as far away from the bones as he could, And you turned towards Cronus.
“Alright, Cronus, tell me what happened”
“Well, considering everything that happened with the others, which you already know about so we don’t need to go over that, but being the last kid and watching or knowing everything i did, I couldn’t take it, so once day i cornered my dad in his office, and told him we had to do somefin about it. He said no of course, too late to go back now, so I told him i’d do it on my own. I couldn’t live another day without doin somethin, so i stormed outta dad’s office, and I didn’t see her waiting by the door i was so mad, Then there was this huge explosion of pain on the back of my head” Cronus lifted his hand and rubbed at the back of his head in memory
“But then, there was worse pain, First at my legs, than my arms, and god it hurt, it was the worst pain I had ever felt, i guess i know now what that pain was, I bet they didn’t even check to see if I was dead before they started cutting me up like some kinda dinner meat” Cronus Shuddered and sat down on the step next to you and leaned against your shoulder.
“Damn my family was messed up” he thought before a moment before turned towards you and wrapping his arms around you, You hugged him back before he stood up and Stood back on the lawn, He smiled and looked around one time
“Well, I guess this is goodbye, thank’s for everything Kanny, Hope we meet again”
You closed your eyes too, not wanting to see your best friend fade away. When Karkat snorted you opened your eyes to find

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