What Ghost

House Guest

That Cronus stood exactly in the same spot he had been before you closed your eyes. Frowning when he realized he still existed too, he glanced down and threw his hands up
“Isn’t this how it works!? what the hell” You didn’t even got an opportunity to comment on Cronus’s language before he continued asking questions. He stopped mid sentance and stared at you
“This was what the others did, right? why did it work for them?”
“Maybe there wasn’t enough emotion? I mean your dad seemed pretty upset about the whore ordeal” Cronus turned towards you, his expression a mix between confusion and taken aback.
“My dad?”
“we met daddy dearest in the attic” Karkat huffed sarcastically, you shot him a look before returning to your conversation with Cronus.
“Yes, we met your father upstairs, it would seem that after the death of the four of you, he couldn’t handle it, and your aunt shot him” Cronus stared at you for a second before turning his gaze up towards the attic window that overlooked the yard.
“How come we never seen him?”
“Because he didn’t want you too?” you offered in response, Cronus returning to sit beside you. You heard rustling and looked around Cronus to see Karkat had pulled the book Kurloz gave you out of your bag
“Karkat what are you doing?” you asked, making Cronus turn his attention to the younger boy, who held a finger as he turned the pages very quickly before reading.
“Correcting you idiots” Karkat stood up, shutting the book and tossing it to you before pulling the sleeves of his sweater down over his hand.
“What happens if one of the ghosts goes out of burial bounds?” Karkat asked, looking into your sweater, which still sat on the porch with the various bits of Bones in it, Cronus explained what happened and Karkat Listened intently, you were still lost however, as apparently so was Cronus as Karkat reached down with his sweater covered hand and after a sharp, dry crackling sound came up with a small finger bone in his hand.
“Woah there, i may not be able to feel it but be gentle with an old bag o bones like me” Cronus stood and Karkat jumped off the porch. he stood and waited by the corner of the house, staring until you both rose from the porch and followed him around the house. Karkat stepped onto the road just past the yard, holding out the bone towards you, You took it in your hand before stepping over to join him.
“Will you please explain what you’re doing?” you asked him, he sighed and stared at you
“Did you read nothing in that book?” you shrugged your shoulders
“I read the parts i thought were important” you said kinda stiffly, Karkat gestured towards Cronus
“Yeah, the book also said the ghosts exist because they are attached to something, like a house, or a body, or if i’m correct, a person” Karkat sounded like he was bored and annoyed with the situation, his tone reminding you of one a teacher would use if he hated what he was teaching about.
“What do you mean?” Cronus took a step forward, now right against the edge of the front yard
“Step out” Karkat took a step back so he would have plenty of room
“Lil Chief, I ain't so sure that’s a good idea...” he mumbled, looking at the pavement.
“For fucks sake, step out of the goddamn yard or i will push you out” Karkat snapped
“Karkat, language!” you scolded but Karkat rolled his eyes, Cronus closed his eyes again and took a deep breath, wincing as he stepped over the line and onto the road. You held your breath in anticipation, waiting for the shakes to start. But when nothing happened You both sighed and he laughed, Looking down at the ground then spinning around, yelping with joy.
“I’m out of the yaaaarddd, uhuhuh” he sang in a manner that was just plain embarrassing to witness, You were especially thankful that no one else was on the street as Cronus began jumping from street to yard chanting
“IN THE YARD, OUTTA THE YARD, IN THE YARD, OUTTA THE YARD” he stopped and stepped back into the street when Karkat snapped some reprimandable language at Cronus and he stood still, still grinning.
“So there you go, You’ve become attached to Kankri instead of your bones, congrats” Karkat gave a round of sarcastic jazzhands with the end of the sentence
“So, I can’t move on?” Cronus asked and both you and Karkat shrugged
“We could go talk to Kurloz” You suggested, not happy about returning to his and Meulin’s home
“Think they could help?” Karkat let out another sigh and ran his hands through his hair, pulling at it frustration. He began walking down the street not waiting for you two
“If they can, we’ll find out, the sooner we get this over with, the sooner I can pretend this never happened, I am going to need so much therapy after this” You and Cronus fell in step behind Karkat, Who made it only a few more steps before smacking his forehead with his hand and turning around
“Why are we walking Kankri, You drove here” You remembered that you indeed drive here, Cronus returned to the back porch to get your bag, you dug out your keys and unlocked it just as Cronus yelled
“SHOTGUN” and ran towards the car, Karkat climbed into the back with an eyeroll. You fought a smile as you climbed into the driver seat and pulled away from the house. The silence in the car was a increasingly awkward between a giddy Cronus who had his face pressed against the window pointing out things that weren’t there last time he had been here and Karkat sulking in the back.
“OHohohoh! Kanny look! That was a library when I was alive!” Cronus exclaimed pointing at a multi story shop.
“Oh, and that was a playground! I scraped my knee falling out the swings there” he explained as you passed a house, and he kept on until you reached your destination.
“And I thought my house was creepy” Cronus commented as he took in the oddly painted door and the surrounding buildings. You did admit, in the setting sun, the shadows thrown eerily, it was unsettling. Which wasn’t a hard feeling to find around Muelin and Kurloz. Just as last time, Meulin opened the door before you could even knock, She stopped her greeting when She seen Cronus, Her smile Faded and she backed slightly behind the door.
“Kur!Kurloz!!” She yelled into the apartment, Kurloz appeared seconds later, a panicked expression on his face at her tone, catching sight of who was at the door, Kurloz smiled and stepped out, hugging both you and Cronus each in one arm. Cronus embraced the strange man back but you didn’t make more of an attempt that patting his shoulder, Meulin opened the door wider and waved you all in.
“You must be Karkitty, I’ve heard so much about mew!” Meulin said when Karkat passed through the doorway, She smiled at him as he passed by her, clearly uncomfortable.
“So, As you can see we’ve reached a little hiccup in Cronus moving on” You began, glancing to find Cronus fiddling with the Various knickknacks on the shelves. Kurloz began signing to him While Meulin asked you questions.
“Did you find his bones, all of them?” when you nodded she continued
“Where was he, no wait, don’t tell me yet, because I know i’m going to be mad I didn’t think to look there” She waved her hand dismissively before picking up a cup of tea and taking a sip. she swirled the green liquid in the cup thoughtfully before looking up at you again
“He should still be attached to his body somehow, are you carrying one of his bones?” She asked, and you pulled out and presented the bone finger that Karkat had broken off. She took it carefully from your hand before retrieving a chain from a black box on the mantle beside her. Connecting the bone to the chain, she slipped it over your head.
“Well, I can’t think of anything to do, can mew dear?” She pipped a pun at Kurloz, who apparently just finished a conversation with Cronus, signed something to her and she frowned
“We are not killing Kankitty” You took a step back and raised your hands, Both Kurloz and Cronus cracked a smile and she giggled
“So you got nothing either” he nodded and shrugged, signing to you
“Stuck with i
“So Cronus is literally attached to Kankri, like till death do they part, crap like that?” Karkat exclaimed in a new wave of horror, Meulin nodded
“It’ll be like having another older brother, isn’t that fun?” Karkat laid his face against the wall and made fake sobbing noises
You tucked the chain and bone into your sweater and waited by Karkat who was angry as Meulin fussed over him While Cronus finished up his conversation with Kurloz. When he came over to where you waited by the door, You quickly urged him out while Meulin and Kurloz waved, Climbing in to the car you rested your forehead against the steering wheel.
“Well, I guess we have no option but to go home” Karkat sputtered in the background while Cronus became so excited he started bouncing in his seat slightly
“Like, your house?” You nodded and turned the car onto the road
“Yes Cronus, My house”
“I’m gonna get to see your house! that’s so awesome, I’ve always wondered what your house would look like, not that i’ve spent like hours imagining what your house would look like or anything” Cronus continued the nervous chatter, Trying several times to talk to Karkat, who ignored him and stared out the window. You warned Cronus when you got to your street, and Cronus stared out the window at Each passing house
“When I was alive, this was all woods” He mused, You didn’t comment as you pulled into your driveway and shut the car off. Getting out, You heard Cronus let out a “huh” noise as he leaned against the car, staring at the house.
“I honestly thought it would be smaller”
”What’s that supposed to mean?” Karkat snapped at him, storming up the front walk and into the house, you had made it halfway up the walk when Karkat leaned out of his window.
“And stay the fuck outta my room!” before slamming his window shut again
you heard Cronus grumble “No promises” as he walked behind you, walking into the foyer of your house, you slipped off your shoes and put them underneath the bench by the door, Cronus walked around the first couple of rooms, looking intently at the family photos on the walls, all the various things on the shelves, Cronus even got excited at the flat screen that was Karkat’s main source of entertainment.
“This is such a cool house” he looked through the curtains into the backyard, you stood by the stairs
“Cronus, i’m going up to my room, are you coming?” you heard the sound of running and Cronus appeared around the corner
“Yes” he said excitingly, walking so close to you on the stairs he bumped into you several times, You reached the top landing and turned the doorknob to your room, letting the door swing open you walked in and began setting down the things you were carrying. Cronus stood in the doorway taking in every inch of the neat room
“It’s so…….Organized...” You decided to take that as a compliment as you shuffled around your room, pulling folded things out of drawers.
“I need a shower, make yourself comfortable” you left Cronus in your room as you traveled down the hall for a well earned shower, Letting the hot water relax you as you thought about what to do now.
Getting out you changed into sweatpants and a tanktop, brushing your hair before returning to your room, You found Cronus sitting on the floor, still turning to look at the various posters and pictures on your wall, he was humming to himself.
“What song is that?” you asked, making him jump when you came in
“Just somefin i wrote, Your room is so neat Kanny, my house must of drove you crazy”
“A little at first, but the fact that your house was dusty was hardly the main concern” you flopped down onto your bed and turned towards Cronus
“Why are you sitting on the floor?” He didn’t move for a minute before saying very quietly
“I didn’t wanna mess anything up” he tapped his fingers together slowly, You stood up and yanked the blanket down so it was bunched up at the bottom.
“Come here” Cronus sat on the bed next to you
“Better?” You smiled when Cronus nodded, Leaning back against the pillows, scooting over so Cronus could lay down too, he shrugged out of his jacket and shoes before shuffling pillows around.
“Cronus, do you want some pajamas?” Cronus glanced down at his jeans and tshirt
“Honestly i’m not even sure if I can change clothes, I’ve never tried” You stood up and grabbed a baggier pair of pajamas and shirt, handing them to Cronus before stepping outside into the hallway, You froze when you heard footsteps on the stairs, your dad appearing on the landing and smiled when he seen you
“Hey champ, what are you doin?” You returned his smile awkwardly
“Just standing in the hallway” Before your dad could ask why you felt your heart sink a little when your dad gasped and his gaze shifted to the door beside you, glancing you seen that Cronus had phrased his head through the door
“Hey kanny I’m done chan…...” he stopped when he seen your dad
“Hey, I’m Cronus” Cronus stepped fully out the door, he looked strange to you in your pajamas, Cronus stuck his hand out towards your dad, which your dad shook very slowly
“I’m Kankri’s father…..” He stood there for a minute before releasing Cronus’s hand
“Well then, I’m going to bed” he said in a disturbingly cheerful voice
“Do you want me to explain in the morning?” You called after him as he moved down the hallway
“Going to bed!” he called over his shoulder before quickly shutting and you’re pretty sure locking his bedroom door. You sighed and pinched the bridge of your nose
“Oh good god” you opened your door and entered, Cronus behind you and shutting the door behind you
“He seems nice” Cronus commented climbing back into bed
“Cronus I think you just broke my father” You climbed into your bed, nudging Cronus over so you could both lay comfortably. It was silent for a moment before Cronus started and moved around like he was trying to get up
“I left the lights on, sorry” you pushed him back to his side of the bed
“Calm down before you end up crushing me, and don’t worry, I did that a lot when I was younger so i talked dad into getting me and Karkat clappers” Cronus looked at you and crinkled his nose
“Kanny what the hell is a clapper, sounds like something you should see a doctor for”
“No, Cronus, no, that’s the clap, I mean a clapper” you held your hands above you and clapped twice, the lights flicked twice before going off completely.
“Wow, now that’s impressive” Cronus let out a whistle before adjusting the blanket over you both again
“Goodnight Cronus” you said, rolling over
“Goodnight Kanny”

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