What Ghost


The next morning, your father pulled you aside after breakfast when Cronus wandered off to explore your house
“what do I do? Does he eat, does he need to learn how to drive? it’s like suddenly having a third son i don’t know what to do”
“No he’s good, he just kinda follows me around”
“That’s creepy”
“Well he kinda has to, I have his bone around my neck” your father made a face and pulled back slightly when you produced the aforementioned bone from the depths of your sweater
“is that a human bone?” you nodded and tucked it back into our sweater, your father shuddered and resumed cleaning up from breakfast, casting nervous glances towards where Cronus had wandered off to.
Several weeks had passed and your family was having an interesting time adjusting to living with a ghost,Karkat was still extremely jumpy and was still easily startled by Cronus,however your father had accepted it, and he and Cronus actually got along fairly well, you found them sitting on the floor together flipping through an old yearbook, you caught the end of the conversation
“oh man remember that carnival that came through in 93? they called the cops” Cronus laughed and you father leaned towards him
“you know why right?”
“because some kid threw a pie at the clown guy”
“yeah, that was me” your father said with a voice filled with pride, and Cronus laughed
“that was awesome”
You had never thought about how Cronus and your father would be pretty close in age,even if Cronus did die at seventeen. You caught them at several times like this, once even finding the hallway filled with old photographs from the attic and the both of them picking up various photos and sharing some story about it. You were glad that they got along, but that joy was short lived since today you were going to let Cronus meet Porrim. Which is where you are right now, sitting in your car in her driveway with Cronus in the passenger seat, turning off the car you learned your forehead against the steering wheel before turning your head to stare down your best friend.
“Alright, Cronus. Porrim cannot know under any circumstances know that you are a ghost, that you are dead, nothing”
“Okay Kanny” Cronus smiled at you before leaning forward to stare at Porrims house.
“Cronus I am serious”
“I get it kanny, no wailing, no rattling of the chains”
“Cronus!” he laughed and held up his hands
“I’ll behave I promise” Cronus said opening the car door and getting out, you flung your door open a little harder than you intended and once you closed it you patted your car apologetically and lead Cronus up the walk, where after ringing the bell, Porrim swung the door open and smiled
“Kanny, it’s been too long since you’ve been over, Cmon i-whos this?” Porrim stared behind you, you moved out the way
“Porrim this is Cronus, Cronus, Porrim” they shook hands and Cronus flashed one of his overly smug smiles
“Cronus, Kankri’s friend, gotta tell you Porrim i’ve been dyin to meet you” You instantly buried your face in your hands and sighed, Porrim laughed
“Kanny are you okay?” she opened the door wider so you could shuffle past her
“Yes, i’m just going to kill Cronus” Cronus followed her into the house, spinning around long enough to mouth at you “too late” and give you double hand pistols. You rolled your eyes and followed in, settling yourself in the familiar green living room, Porrim and Cronus followed, he sat next to you on the couch while she she sat in the chair, tucking her legs under her. Checking her phone before setting on table
“Sorry, mom’s supposed to be here with groceries soon”
as if on cue, you heard a car pull pull in followed by a horn blasting
“There she does it again, i’ll be right back” Porrim opened the front door and disappeared, Cronus had pulled out his phone and was busying himself with a game when through the open front door entered an older version of Porrim. she stopped and moved the few strands of short slightly gray black hair that had found their way onto her face
“Kankri, it’s been too long, I’m so glad that you’ve come back, I’m making you favorite for dinner, Is this the friend Porrim told me about?....” the bags dropped from her hands, you flinched when you heard the sound of several things in the bag breaking, at the breaking sound Cronus glanced up from his phone and a look of complete surprise filled his face. You watched in awestruck horror as Porrim’s mother began to cry
“Cronus?” she said, he stood up and slowly walked towards her
“Hey Rosa” you felt a wave of surprise hit you as you realized what was happening, Rosa flung her arms around Cronus and began crying onto his shoulder
“I thought you were dead, the kids, Meenah, I...how are you here, why do you still look like you did when i left, oh god i’m so sorry i left, i’m so sorry” she continued apologizing until her words just kind of jumbled together with her crying, Cronus hugged her back and as soon as she had calmed down a little he pulled her back
“It’s okay Rosa, it’s not your fault, and yeah, I am dead, but it’s not so bad, I got to meet Kankri, and I got to see you again, and hey, I get to be fine as hell forever” Cronus mock flexed and Rosa laughed, covering her mouth with her hand.
“What about the others? what happened to them?” Cronus stared down at the floor before smiling at her and saying gently
“they’re happy, and safe” she smiled and wiped at her face
“thanks to Kanny anyways” You felt a blush creep up your face as Rosa looked over at you, she walked over and made it worse by kissing your forehead
“thank you for taking care of them when I couldn’t” she straightened up and frowned, glancing between you both
“Are you not moving on then?”
“I don’t need to, i’m already happy” he shrugged and smiled, you stood and helped Cronus and Rosa gather the fallen bags and put everything away, the whole time Rosa telling stories or asking Cronus questions, you remained silent and let them have their moment when you heard the doorbell ring. confused, you left the kitchen and opened the door to find Porrim loaded heavily with bags and also carrying two gallons of milk and several cases of soda.
“Porrim, why?...” she smiled and scooted past you, calling over her shoulder
“two trips are for pussies, Kankri” she said smoothly as she disappeared behind the kitchen door, leaving you holding open the door and and staring as the door swung, giving you glimpses of your mismatch family laughing.


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