What Ghost

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It was almost midnight when you shut your bedroom door behind you, you creeped down the hall, you heard your father by sponsor"> snoring from his room as you passed. Making it down the stairs, You glanced in the living room to see Karkat and Sollux asleep in a pile of blankets. The menu screen of one of karkat’s romcoms played on repeat, leaving a glow in the dark room. Slipping through the kitchen and out the back door, you shut it quietly behind you and waited for some sign of life from the quiet house. When nothing stirred and no light appeared, you hopped down from the porch and retrieved your car from the garage, putting in reverse and slowly backing it out onto the street before starting it. You never had really approved of sneaking out, but suddenly you were thankful for how much hanging out with Damara had worn off on you. The drive to mansion took a little under a half an hour and before you could really think about what you were doing, you had put it in park and shut the motor off. Retrieving a flashlight from your backpack, you found your way onto the porch. Hesitating at the entrance door, you listened hard for any kind of sound.

Maybe he wasn’t here. You decided to just come back another night, a chill had swept over you and you felt like the darkness was watching you. you had made it down two of the front steps when you heard a voice call from inside. It didn’t sound close enough to be calling to you, and you couldn’t really make out what it said. returning to the door, you pushed it open and stepped inside the grand entrance hall. flicking on your flashlight, you let the soft beam fall around the room before you made your way towards the stairs. The voice had sounded like it came from upstairs.
“Cronus?” you called, the only response was the soft creak as you mounted the first step. Calling out for Cronus again, you let out a small noise when a response came from behind you.
“Wwhat you lookin for Cro for” The voice came from a little kid, he was short, arms crossed over his chest as he glared at you.

“oh, uh. He’s my fri..why are you out this late?, do your parents know you're here?” you changed topic mid sentence, it dawning upon you that there was a little kid in a old house in the middle of the night. He opened his mouth to reply, but he was cut off by Cronus’s voice sliding from the upper floor. Turning slightly you saw Cronus coming down the stairs, looking exactly the same as he had the night prior.
“Eridan, vwhat are you doin? pesterin our guest like that” He stopped beside you, crossing his arms to match the pose you assumed was the younger brother he had told you about.
“Guest? Hardly a guest, just bargin in here, uninvvited” He shifted his glare from you to Cronus as he laughed
“And vwho said he was uninwvited, I inwvited him owver last night” throwing a wink in your direction, Eridan face twisted up in confusion.

“Wwhat??? Cro, howw could you invvite someone like him, you’re--” his words were interrupted by a shrill voice coming from the opposite hallway.
“Eridan!” the voice caused the three of you to start, all eyes shifted to the small girl standing in the hallway. A small stuffed fish in her hands, both Cronus and Eridan relaxed instantly at the sight of her. She looked younger than Eridan, with crazy curly hair and round purple eyes. She looked at you briefly before returning her attention to Eridan.

“Eridan, you said you would come play wit)( me” she spoke, she put a deep emphasis on her H, making the letter sound odd. holding up her stuffed fish in a gesture of ‘see?’. Eridan shot a glare over his shoulder as he walked towards her, she reached out and grabbed his hand, pulling him along the hall. Your eyes went to Cronus, who watched the two children go. You peeked down the hall, you couldn’t see them anymore, but you could still hear them. There must be a door they went in that you just can’t see.

Turning to Cronus, you cleared your throat and waited for his attention to turn to you.
“ahh, sorry chief, it’s strange to see either of them sometimes” he smiled at you, walking up the stairs and gesturing for you to follow. Walking up the stairs behind him, you turned your flashlight off and let your eyes adjust. He led you a few doors down before he opened the door and led you into a bedroom. It was a little dusty, but the walls were covered in drawings and the bed looked comfortable. He moved around the room, you settled yourself on the edge of the bed and waited for him. Staring at the drawings on the walls, you couldn’t make out any of them. Time had faded up the paper, some of them looked like what you guessed were lyrics or poems, several pages stuck together. Cronus settled beside you and stared at the papers as well
“one of the kids vwho used to live here, vwas real into music.” he informed you, nodding towards what you had assumed were lyrics.
“Wvas pretty good too, if you can make out wvhat they say”

You already knew you couldn’t, leaning back against the headboard.
“is she your sister?” You asked, he sighed and leaned back on his elbows.
“Nah, She’s my cousin. Eri is my brother, and Fef’s sister is floating around here somewhere” he chuckled as if a clever joke had just been passed around. You brushed it off and fiddled with your flashlight, attempting to give your hands something to do.
“So why do you all hang out here? don’t your parents worry about you?” you questioned, a shocked look crossed his features before he smiled slightly at you. All of the confidence in his voice had drained out, leaving his words to come out in a whisper.

“They nevwer really noticed vwe vwere gone, so it’s just us” You regretted asking, feeling awkward at the conversation. A deepening silence stretched out before Cronus sat up and rubbed lightly at the back of his neck.
“So, vwhy did you come back?” he asked, and it was your turn to be surprised.
Oh, um. why did you come back again.. you thought for a moment past the events that had occurred and remembered.
“yes, I wanted to thank you for helping me last night, I probably would have been stuck here a lot longer if you hadn’t helped me” you explained, he just stared at you as he processed what you said.
“wvait, thank me?” he blinked at you, trying to figure out if you were joking or not.
“Well yes, who else would I have thanked?”

“you came all the vway back here…..to thank me?” a stunned smile creeping on to his face, he pointed at himself
“yes Cronus, it would have been rude of me not to thank you for your assistance. I didn’t get the opportunity to thank you properly last night, and I was going to do it at school but I could not find you in attendance, so i assume you went to a different school or perhaps you were homeschooled, no offense if you are, there’s nothing wrong with being homeschooled and i..” You continued to rant, you couldn’t help it. It was hard to stop once you got started. Your words trailed off as you took in the way Cronus was looking at you, amusement and awe in his face.
“Sorry”you apologized, looking down towards your lap to hide the red shade your face had started turning.
“It’s fine Kanny, it’s nice to hear someone talking besides Meenah for once”
“Who’s Meenah?”

“Feferi’s sister, you don’t gotta vworry about her, she’s kinda a bitch”
“Language Cronus” you said out of habit, to which he just softly laughed
“You got it chief” he replied, sitting up he scooted into the middle of the bed. shrugging out of his jacket and tossing it to the chair beside the bed, again giving you a good view of his tattoos. You hadn’t noticed you were staring until with a soft laugh, Cronus tilted his arm so you could see the side and back.
“You like em? I got em for my sixteenth birthday”
“They are very nice, I didn’t mean to stare.. wait, how old are you?” He thought for a moment before he shrugged
“Seventeen, roughly. what about you, thirteen or fourteen?”

“I’m sixteen,I have been for three months now, thank you very much” he just stared at you again before he started laughing.
“you’re not pullin my leg or anyfin, right Kanny? you’re really sixteen” You puffed up your cheeks
“yes and i don’t see why that’s funny, i’m not much younger than you” you stated, crossing your arms over chest. this made him laugh even harder before he caught his breath.
“You don’t look that old Kanny, I thought you wvere Eridan’s age” he laughed again, flopping backwards so he was flat on his back. Instead of answering, you stood up and made your way to the door. shoving it open, you huffed and returned to the room and grabbed your flashlight from it’s spot on the bed. You can hear Cronus still laughing, you shoot a glare to where he had been laying seconds ago to find empty blanket. there wasn’t even a wrinkle from where he had been sitting. Getting creeped out, you returned to the hallway. Bumping into a figure as you exited the room. You fell back and glared at the figure as you hit the floor, groping for your flashlight.

“Very funny Cronus” You say as a chill goes down your spine when the figure laughs. A high pitched laugh that couldn’t belong to Cronus and was too old to be Feferi.
“where ya goin guppy” you quickly stood up, brushing off your pants.
“I was leaving, if you’ll excuse me. I have school in the morning and I need to get home.” you slide the switch on the light, the beam filling up the hallway. The girl was leaning against the wall, and as you tried to move past her, she stepped into your path.
“that’s interestifin” She stepped aside, sneering slightly as you walked past. Glancing over your shoulder, she was gone. You bolted for the door, but you encountered feferi in the main hall.
“Are you leaving already?” she called after you, pouting. You stopped with your hand on the door and stared at her. Unable to find your voice, you simply nodded. She frowned and glanced around, checking for anyone else.
“Please come back, It’s been aw)(ile since I seen )(im smile like t)(at” You continued to stare at her, opening the door slightly and stepping onto the porch
“O)(, and you can come back and play wit)( me!” she giggled as you shut the door. Running to your car, you stopped in your tracks when you approached, Cronus sat cross legged on your trunk.
“I sea you met Meenah, Sorry about that” You didn’t move as he continued .
“Are you gonna come back?” he questioned and you just started at the ground.
“I..I might” you flinched at your own stutter, and when you looked up again He was gone. You got into your car and stared at the house as you pulled away. Trying to piece together what the hell you had gotten yourself into.

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