What Ghost

Swimming With The Fishes

It was tuesday, and like every tuesday, You, Porrim, Rufio, Muelin and Damara went to the mall after school. Karkat went with Sollux to his house every tuesday so you wouldn’t have to walk him home, and despite his.. personality, you genuinely like Sollux's older brother Mituna. you had wandered around listening to the girls talk before you realized they had all departed into a store, leaving you and Rufio to stand outside. In attempt to avoid talking with him, you became very interested in a store’s front window. It was some kind of beach clothing store and you ducked inside, you had missed the beach, it wasn’t very far away but it was hard to get everyone free to go. Walking past a display of surfboards to a bin that had caught your eye, you smiled when you realized the soft shiny objects were stuffed toy fish. You dug around and pulled out what appeared to be a salmon, you weren't sure because of it’s bright violet color, and a pinkish cuttlefish. You walked towards the counter before going back and picking out a white puffer fish you thought Cronus would like. You would have gotten Meenah one, but you were trying to forget your meeting with her ever happened. You bought the three toys before wandering out to find the girls had joined Rufio in waiting for you. Porrim linked arms with you and steered your group towards the elevators, you liked the fish, and you thought they would too. Now you just had to get the courage up to go back.


“Meenah” you tried again, but your cousin continued to ignore you. Sitting beside you on the balcony, both of you had your legs hanging off the edge and swinging.
“)(e came back once, so why wouldn’t he again” she finally spoke to you. Sighing, you leaned back and stared at the pink that had begun to creep up the skyline. You started to hum one of your songs to yourself when Meenah scoffed at you
“Don’t you ever get glubbin tired of the same songs, I know you wrote em and all, but damn” You shrugged and started singing, belting out the words to the silent yard. She rolled her eyes and got up, entering the house and disappearing from view. You heard the floor creak and Feferi’s face peeked out at you. She giggled when you motioned her forward, sitting where her sister sat, she let her legs dangle too, swinging them back and forth in the empty space below the balcony. She leaned against you and started singing too, she had always liked your music, and after being around you for so long, she knew every song you had written by heart. As the sunlight creeped higher and higher, Your voices died down and Feferi fell asleep slumped against you. Clutching the tiny grubby fish toy she always had. Scooping her up, you entered the balcony door that led into your room, laying her down on the bed and covering her up, you thought about Kankri again, you really did hope he came back.

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