What Ghost

I Don't Believe I heard You Properly

Kankri pov

It had been a little over a week since you had been to see Cronus, and you felt kinda guilty about it. Your stomach doing a flip when you remembered how excited he had been that you had come back, you shuffled to your closet and searched through the bottom, finding the bag of stuffed fish you had bought them a week earlier. It was almost eleven at night, you probably could go. You had already grabbed your backpack, now you just debated on whether or not you actually wanted to go. You wanted to see Cronus again, and you wanted to give Feferi and Eridan the toys you got them. cracking your bedroom door, you could hear your dad and Karkat talking downstairs. Shutting it again, you decided you weren’t going to go. But after five minutes of watching the clock tick, you threw open your bedroom window and climbed out onto the roof. You grabbed a hold of the gutter pipe that led from your roof to the ground and slid down, landing on the soft ground with a small thud. You approached the garage but thought better of it, your dad was awake and he would hear the car even if you started it on the street. you again, decided not to go as you unlocked Karkat’s bike from it’s holder. Rolling it outside, it took a minute to get used to being on a bike again, and you wobbled when you first set off. It took you alot longer to reach the dirt road on a bike than it would your car and by the time you pulled into the yard and unmounted the bike, you had started to get cold. You stared at the house, not seeing any movement or light in any of the windows.
“I shouldn’t be here” You whispered to yourself, stepping onto the porch, you continued a rant of ‘i shouldn’t be here, they aren't even here, and why?’ being consistent phrases. You stood at the door and thought about your last encounter with Meenah, you really didn’t want to go through that again. You had turned and was already making your way across the yard to the bike when a voice stopped you.

“Wwhat are you doin here?” Eridan asked from his sudden place on the porch railing.
“Oh, I-” you started when Feferi appeared in the doorway and waved enthusiastically at you.
“Did you come to play??” she bounced up and down on her heels with excitement, You remembered the fish in your backpack and you climbed back up the porch steps.
“Kinda yes” you smiled at her, sitting down on the crickety swing. Pulling the bag out of your backpack, you opened it and pulled out the little cuttlefish. You held it out to her, her eyes wide at the toy before she broke into a grin and threw her small arms round your neck. You stilled for a second before hugging the small girl back. When she pulled back, she clutched the new fish like she was afraid to let go, and she turned and rushed to Eridan.
“Eridan! Eridan! look at what Kankri brought me, isn’t adorabubble?” Eridan nodded before she disappeared into the house calling for her sister and cousin to show them. Eridan looked at Kankri before moving to follow Feferi into the house.

“Eridan wait” You called, he paused and turned towards you. You stuck your hand back into the bag and brought out the violet salmon.
“I have one for you too” he eyes flicked between you and the toy in your outstretched hand. Surprise still on his features, he clasped on eld of the fish and held it. Staring down at it, he glanced back up at you and mumbled a thank you before disappearing inside. You go to follow after him, but when you step through the doorway, you are alone. looking around for either of the kids, you walk yourself up to the room where you had hung out with Cronus last time. Turning on your flashlight ahead of time, you were wary of another run in with Meenah. Knocking on the door you believed was the right one, you called cronus name and quietly opened the door. the room was different, it was a dark pink bedroom with cd cases strewn across the dusty floor. stepping inside, you jumped when Meenah’s voice cut across the silence.
“What the glub do you think you’re doin” she sounded angry, and your thoughts were confirmed as a lamp sailed past you and shattered on the wall. looking around wildly, you didn’t see any sign of the teenager. Backing against the door, another piece of furniture came sailing at you, you dove out of the wall in time for it to shatter where you had been standing. stumbling, you ran out into the hallway and headed in the direction of the stairs, ducking for furniture to fly over you and smash against the wall, you could hear Meenah laughing.

“Run lil guppy, run!” she called out, smashing something else. You yelped when a hand shot out of a passing doorway and yanked you inside. slamming the door shut, the house went quiet again. You doubled over and attempted to calm your heart beat when Cronus yelled
“Stop it Meenah” only to be answered by more laughter. You slid down until you were sitting on the ground, knees tucked against your chest. Cronus kneeled beside you, reminding you too much of your first meeting, and asked if you were alright.
“i’m fine cronus, I really just.. I didn’t see her” sitting beside you, he laid an arm across your shoulders and you leaned into him, still trying to remember what a normal heartbeat felt like. after several minutes of trying, you heart calmed down to a normal pace, turning slightly to ask Cronus something, you clung to him when something else banged loud against the door you were leaning on. Meenah’s laughter echoing through the hall again
“I just wanted to play with the guppy, not fair you get to keep him Cro” she called, the sound of something else breaking rang from somewhere in the house. You let your hold of cronus go and crumpled your hards in the bag still attached to your wrist. Remembering why you came, you took a large breath and started trying to talk, after a few attempts at starting a sentence to end up with a stutter.
“I.. I brought you one too” you managed. He raised an eyebrow at you before you plunged your hand into the bag and hastily held out the white puffer fish. He stared wide eyed at the toy and gently took it from your hands, holding it close to his chest he continued to stare at it.
“Thank you” he whispered, reminding you of Eridan only minutes ago. before you could reply, he had pulled you into a hug, smiling into the top of your head. even after the two of you broke apart, he never let go or set down the fish. if he wasn’t fiddling his hands around the soft fabric, he would stare at it and smile. Eventually he looked up at you with a deep sigh he slumped against the door.
“Kankri...” he started, you frowned at the way he said your name, like he had bad news and was trying to avoid telling you.
“I can’t take this, Kanny” he said, holding the fish back out to you.
“how come? do you not like it? I can bring you a different one if you prefer” you began, but your rant was cut off by him shaking his head.
“No kan, I love it, I do. but..”
“Yes Cronus?” you replied gently, he looked you in the eyes, purple versus brown and he smiled slightly at you. holding the fish close to his chest.
“Kanny, do you believe in ghosts?”

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