What Ghost

Sleep Is For The Weak, More Like Sleep For a Week

“Ghosts? Why on earth would I believe in ghosts?” you stared at him like he had just grown extra pairs of eyes, he must be joking. then it hit you
“This is a serious conversation, right? you’re not “pulling my leg or anyfin?”” you quoted him with little air marks, and he smiled before reaching out slowly towards you. He stopped his hand a few centimeters from your arm.
“Vwell, Kanny, I beliewve in ghosts, it would be kinda vweird not to believe in myself” and he pressed his hand against your arm, but instead of the solidness you had been hugging just minutes before, his hand passed through your arm. You yelped and leaned away until the two limbs were separated.
“Cronus?...I..I” your stutter started again and you particularly didn’t care at this moment. He just sat there patiently, fiddling with the toy he still clutched in his hand.
“How did you do that?” you whispered, looking closer at his arm and hand. It was dark, it had to be some kind of magic trick or something.

“I’m a ghost, I can pass through stuff if I want” and you started shaking your head, another crash from somewhere in the house indicated Meenah was still going at it.
“If you’re a ghost, that means that you’re…..” you weren’t entirely sure you could say the word, your lack of faith in the situation not helping matters.
“Dead? yeah, real doozy vwhen I found out” he supplied, another crash closer this time snapping you out of your shock.
“that’s impossible, because Meenah, Eridan and Feferi all talk to you, and they’re here more than I am. Do they know you’re dead?” you questioned a little accusingly, trying to keep your heart inside your ribcage, the way it was pounding you wouldn’t be surprised if the whole house could hear it. Cronus stared at you with a sad and kinda bitter expression until you felt the little click! in your head. All of them, you brought your legs to your chest and put your head in between your knees. Taking deep breaths to try and steady yourself, which was getting more and more difficult as every part of you felt ready to explode.
“all of you?” you whispered, not moving from your position.

“Yeah, Meenah took it the hardest” he explained, standing up to stretch and making his way further into the room. After a few minutes, you stood shakily up and followed him further in. You noticed you were in the same room as before, with the drawings and lyric papers hung all over the walls. sitting gently on the bed, you ran your fingers over the soft blanket out of nervousness, a few minutes later a fire appeared in the corner of the room. You jumped up and screamed, only to realize it was in the fireplace you hadn’t noticed before. Cronus came forward, his back to the flame and tentatively wrapped an arm around your shoulders. Grateful for the solid contact you leaned into him without thinking. Taking as this as okay, he gently led you towards the warm fire, the smell of burning dust making you wrinkle your nose. Setting you down in one of the armchairs by the fire, he took the one opposite of you and waited. You Realized shortly that he was waiting for you to talk.
“How long have you been dead?” you asked him, reaching out and poking his arm, finding a solid mass once again.
“wvell, depends vwhat year it is, my calendar is a little outdated” he jerked his head towards a aged pin up calendar on the wall.
“It’s 2015” you answered him, watching as he thought.
“The last year I remember was about 2002” he shrugged, thirteen years.
“Vwe used to talk about it, Meenah and me, try to figure out vwhat happened, wvhy are vwe stuck in the house we livved in wvhen wve wvere alive, but the afterlife gets boring pretty quick. Then one day we found Fef and Eri playing hide and seek upstairs. that wvas a rough day” he stared at the fire and you again laid your hand on his arm, but this time to try and comfort your friend. Trying to look anywhere but Cronus, you stared at the walls.
“Cronus, if you used to live here, is all of this yours?” you ask, waving a hand at the papers lining the walls. Cronus grinned at you and made a motion with his hands, mock playing a guitar.
“You play guitar?” he nodded enthusiastically.

“I did, I don’t knowv vwhat happened to my guitar though” he shrugged, you heard another loud crash from outside the room.
“Is..is she okay?” you asked, looking towards the door.
“Yeah, she just gets bored” he replied lazily, as if commenting on the weather
“So she breaks things when she’s bored?” your eyebrows raised at him
“only sometimes, really depends on how bored she is, i’m surprised she hasn’t--” Cronus was interrupted by Meenah’s face lunging out of the fire at you, a terrifying noise accompanying it. You screamed and jolted back, the action causing your chair to tip backwards and both it and you crashing to the floor. you scrambled back, clutching at your chest. Meenah was floating several inches off the ground, laughing so hard she was rolling in the air. Eventually she faded out, her laugh still resonating around the room. Cronus stood and helped you up, making an irritated sound and glancing around the room.

“As I was saying” he said loudly, glaring at the door where Meenah appeared long enough to give him her middle finger before disappearing again.
“but yeah she does that” he continued casually. Your breath came in shaky waves as you looked at cronus with sarcastic skepticism
“R..really now” you said as the bedroom door flung open and Feferi came in, her arms full with her toys.
“Crooonnnusss, Meenah’s breaking things” she pouted. Cronus smiled gently at her and patted her hair, and from his spot in the doorway Eridan rolled his eyes.
“yeah, it’s annoyin and loud” he frowned, Cronus turned towards you.
“play with Feferi for a minute?” he asked as he made his way towards the door, shutting it behind him before you could even reply.
you mumbled a sure and sat on the floor beside Feferi, who thrust one of her fish at you and started making the other one swim in the air, making little glub noises. You followed her lead and Eridan scowled from his spot beside the door.
“So Cro finally told you wwe’re dead” you stared at him, slightly nodding. He crossed his arms over his chest and looked away from where you and the small girl played on the floor.
“It’s not so bad, but i miss reading, and ice cream” Feferi commented with a giggle as her fish did a cartwheel in the air
“Don’t you have a library here?” you asked her, remembering the room stocked with dusty old books.
“yeah, but all of them are dad’s, not really for kids” Eridan huffed, sitting down in the chair you had upturned and frowned into the fire. You went back to playing with Feferi and made a mental note for the next time you and porrim went to the mall.

You and feferi’s fish race was cut off by shouting, Cronus and Meenah’s voices carrying through the large house.
“WOW CRO, LOOK AT THE FUCKS I GIVE. IT’S NOT LIKE IT MATTERS, WE’RE JUST STUCK” Meenah shouted and a door was slammed, so hard it shook the door to Cronus’s room. An awkward silence followed and Cronus came back in, muttering apologies before scooping up Feferi.
“Cmon fef, let’s get you to bed” he motioned for Eridan to follow as well, you stood as well.
“You need sleep? no offense” you tacked on quickly, not wanting to be awkward.

“Vwe don’t, but hey, it kills time. and it makes things seem normal” Cronus answered you with a shrug, following him and the kids out into the hallway. He disappeared into a door a few steps down, peeking in you saw him tucking in Feferi into a small pink bed, Eridan already bundled up under the blankets on the white bed on the other side of the room. Cronus tucked Feferi’s fishes around her and kissed her on the forehead, calling goodnight to Eridan before shutting the door behind him. The hallway seemed so much more dark with just you and Cronus, even though you had grown accustomed to the dark and dusty house. He looked down the hall towards meenah’s door and frowned.
“I’m sorry about Nah, she’s just..” he started, words trailing off into an empty, awkward silence.
“I should go soon, I want to get home before sunrise” you said, rocking back and forth on your heels. Cronus looked at you with a puzzled expression before pointing towards the end of the hall. It was the hall you had gotten lost in your first night here, and you remembered the disturbing, windowless dark hall.
“Chief, the suns been up for a vwhile” and sure enough, upon closer inspection, you noticed bits of light filtering between boards drilled into the wall. With a shock, you realized that it was a window, boarded up, but definitely a window. You started backing down the hallway, calling to Cronus over your shoulder
“I have to go, i’ll be back later!” he waved as you thundered down the stairs and onto the lawn. Glancing back at the house a you pulled away on Karkat’s bike, on one of the upper floor balconies sat Meenah, her legs hanging off the edge and swinging slightly. She watched you pull away, and just before you turned the corner and lost sight of her, she raised her hand in the air and waved. The gesture going out of sight as you turned off the dirt road, and pedaled hard towards town.

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