What Ghost

So She Is Ugly

“Kanny, are you in your pajamas?” You bristled at the voice as you turned to meet Porrims frown. Her eyes glanced you over again.
“No, Porrim I am not.” you mumbled, Porrim sighed and took ahold of your wrist, dragging you through the school to her locker. easy to find, the only locker in the school with creeping vines painted on, she swung the door open and rooted around for a moment before she pulled out a small bag labeled with your name. she also retrieved her purse and ushered you towards the nearest set of bathrooms. She steered you into the gender neutral bathroom and deposited the sack into your hands. You sighed and closed yourself in the stall.
“Porrim, this is not necessary, I can go one day in my pajamas” she let out a snort and hoisted herself onto the sink.
“Please Kanny, you hate wearing your pajamas in public. what’s going on with you?” she asked as you emerged from the stall, dressed in comfortable dark jeans and a red hoodie.
“Nothing, Porrim” you sighed as you looked around for your backpack, grimacing when you remembered since you hadn’t had time to go home and change, you also didn’t have any of your school stuff. Your backpack still full of stuff for going to visit Cronus last night.
“Porrim, By chance, may I borrow a pencil?” you stated, she stared at you before rummaging around in her purse and producing a green mechanical pencil.
“Where’s your books?” she asked, also realizing that you didn’t have your backpack.
“It’s.. at home” you sputtered, Porrim crossed her arms over her chest and stared at you.
“Is it something bad? I’ll take care of it if it is” She threatened, instantly you started shaking your head.
“No, no it’s not bad, i’ve just been..distracted lately” you shrugged, she relaxed and hugged you before setting you on the sink while you idly chatted and she attempted to fix your hair.
the day progressed with awkwardness only equal to the one time in first grade that you don’t talk about anymore... as you had to share a book with someone in every class, most of them you didn’t know at all. Thankfully, it was time for lunch and you carried your tray of food to the table you’re group sat at. frowning at the cafeteria food as you sat, you usually brought your lunch, but not today, you internally groaned at Cronus, who was miles away. you continued to internally grumble to yourself until you were distracted by Mituna rushing towards the table. as he spoke he flailed his limbs in a blur of bright yellow
“Holly Thit you guys I thought of thomeone who could be datin-”he froze mid sentence and stared at you, the awkward silence only by Latula’s call of
“BeeBae?” at which Mituna broke off his stare down and ran towards the school building. Ignoring when his girlfriend called after him
“I’ll be right back” she said as she got up and ran after her boyfriend. The various people at the table suddenly huddled into small groups and began whispering eagerly. You turned towards Porrim, the only one besides you who hadn’t dissolved into the gossip huddles
“What was that about?” you inquire, she shrugged and threw her empty container into her lunch bag
“They’ve been taking bets on who you're dating” she replied casually, and you almost choked on the drink of milk you had been taking.
”I beg your pardon?” you sputtered, she looked at you with surprise at you’re surprise
“I thought you knew, they just can’t figure out who it is”
“That’s because it’s no one, I am celibate!” you said the last part a little loudly, and you noticed the rush of conversation slow down to hear what you were saying. You glanced over and everyone quickly looked another direction, irritating you more.
“Just because you’re celi, Kanny doesn’t mean you can’t date someone” Porrim whispered to you. Standing up and shoving your tray into the nearest bin
“I don’t have to explain myself, if you’ll excuse me” angrily grabbing the few things you had acquired throughout the day and walking towards the school building. As you walked away you heard the gossip return to full volume, rolling your eyes as you passed Mituna eagerly explaining something to Latula in an empty classroom. It was going to a longer day than you thought.
The day did indeed drag by slowly, but you felt a small joy as the last bell rang and you followed the crowd out of the building. Ignoring your group of friends, you sat on the wall and waited for your younger brother to emerge. you heard Karkat before you saw him, His rant being loosely followed by Sollux and Terezi as the three emerged from the middle school building. He approached you and he continued to angrily rant to himself as the two of you began in the direction of him, he only paused when you went to the bike rack and pulled his bike from it.
“Is that...my bike?” he questioned curiously
“it is, why the fuck do you have my bike?”
“I needed it” you shrugged and tried to move onto the sidewalk but Karkat stepped in front of you.
“why did you need it” he returned
“Because I woke up late”
“Why didn’t you just drive”
“Because..Because.. I couldn’t find my keys” You retorted weakly, and Karkat’s eyes narrowed
“You couldn’t find your keys in your perfectly neat room” he accused, you sighed and nodded
“yes, I must have left them somewhere else” Karkat’s eyes narrowed even further and he stepped closer to the bike between the two of you
“You are dating someone!” he exclaimed and you instantly started stammering again
“no-o i’m not, i just left them somewhere else” And Karkat grinned and stepped closer again
“It’s all Nepeta and Muelin talk about! who is she, why won’t you tell anyone about it?” Karkat snapped his fingers as something dawned on him
“She’s ugly, isn’t she?!” he yelled, getting everyone around the two of you to look and you instantly try to shoosh him
“That’s it, you’re ashamed because she’s ugly”
“No Karkat that’s not it”
“So she’s hot”
“Karkat no”
“So she is ugly, like how ugly are we talking here
“”Karkat I am not dating anyone!” you huffed and brushed past him, wheeling the small bicycle towards your house
“So she is ugly” He laughed and followed you home.

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