What Ghost

Shit Let's Be Dragons

You were so happy to flop down onto your bed, having ditched Karkat and his Bike in the yard, you glanced at the clock. You still had time that you go to Cronus’s if you wanted, So you grabbed your school backpack and filled it with your school stuff, including an extra pair of clothes and pajamas, and then dug around in your closet for the old power rangers backpack you had from your middle school years. You shuddered at the thought of middle school and quickly started stuffing things into it. Including your phone, flashlight, Ipod, and anything else you thought you might need. Finding your car keys on their usual hook, you grumbled and took your two bags down stairs. Hiding one by the back door and holding the other in your hand, you approached your dad, who was pouring over his books in preparation for his sermon for sunday morning.
“Dad, i‘m spending the night at Porrims” you said, he didn’t even look up as he replied
“alright, just remember to walk Karkat home tomorrow ” and you nodded, grabbing your other bag and throwing them into the backseat. Glancing at the house, you saw Karkat looking out his window with a smug expression on his face, phone already in hand and you just sighed and pulled out of the driveway.

You are now Karkat, and you are staring out the window as your older brother Kankri leaves, probably to go see the girl he’s so ashamed of.you think for a minute before you dial Kanaya’s number, She answered with a graceful ‘hello’ before you launched into your question
“Kanaya, Is Kankri coming over there tonight?”
“Not that I am aware of, Porrim usually tells me if anyone is coming over, one moment please” in the background you can hear her asking Porrim
“No, Porrim hasn’t heard from him since school, should we be concerned?” and you shook your head before remembering that she can’t see that.
“No, I just think he’s up to something”
“So the rumors are true, it is safe to presume?”
“I think so, and I think I know why he won’t tell anyone who she is, I think he’s embarrassed because she’s ugly” Kanaya was silent for a moment
“Well, one can only hope that they are happy together”
and you, Kanaya and Porrim continued to chat back and forth for a long time, even past when you wondered where kankri had gone.
i mean….

and you are silently thankful that the sun hasn’t set as you pull up to the old faded house. Collecting your bags from the backseat, you climbed up the porch and entered the front door. Retrieving your flashlight and flicking it on, you let the beam fill up the dark house, as you made your way up the stairs to Cronus’s room. You were halfway up the stairs when you heard a thunk from below. Frowning, you went down the steps and carefully approached the door that you had heard the noise from. Carefully opening the door, you peered into the darkness before shining the flashlight in and you instantly jumped back as a face appeared from the darkness. You dropped your things and stood there are your heart pounded against your chest, Eridan emerged scowling at you, gesturing at you you as he yelled
“Wwhat are you doin, I was hiden”
“I heard a noise!” you exclaimed, your voice rising in pitch as you still held a hand over your thumping heart
“I knocked over a bucket” he mocked your pitch as he waved his hand at the dark door behind him
“What’s down there?” you asked as you once again peered down the into the dark
“the basement, duh” He rolled his eyes at you
“this place has a basement?” you picked your bags back up off the floor
“of course wwe do, it’s a multi story above and below” he said as if it were the most obvious thing. You couldn’t get another word in as Feferi appeared with a squeal.
“I found you Eridan!” she giggled as she tagged him, he puffed out his cheeks as Fef disappeared with a wave at you. Eridan threw his hands up into the air
“See wwhat you’ve done” and he disappeared after her. the silence once again settled over the house, so quiet you could hear the wind outside. Peeking once again into the basement, you tentatively started descending the steps. The staircase turned out to be circular, with a little landing area that stopped at the first level of the basement before continuing below. You shine your flashlight into room after room, one containing an old couch, another full of taped up boxes, several bathrooms, one bedroom, but it was only at the end of the hallway did you find something impressively odd. A large painting of a man in decorated military attire hung on a wall. He medals looked shiny and intimidating even in the dusty painting, he wore a look of intense calmness, the scars on his face matching Cronus’s. In fact, the closer you looked the more you realized he looked a great deal like Cronus.

“He was his dad” A voice said behind you, and for the second time in ten minutes you jumped so hard you dropped the bags you were holding. you turned to see Meenah floating a few steps behind you, staring hard at the painting.
“Sorry, what?” you asked, she rolled her eyes and floated down until she was standing on the ground.
“The big guy in the picture, he’s Cronus and Eridan’s father, my uncle” she nodded towards the painting, the more she looked at it the further down the corners of her mouth turned.
“I take it you two didn’t get along?” you begin, to which Meenah laughed.
“Of course we did, as far as anyone knew, we were the perfect family” she kicked a chair before flopping down into it. a cloud of dust making you cough, she only grinned at you.
“Silly guppy, what with your functioning lungs” she joked, and you smiled as you sat down, trying to even out your coughs.
“what do you mean” at the prompt she turned her gaze to another painting beside the man, it showed a tall, thin woman, with long wavy hair and striking features, the woman wore a tight black and pink dress and honestly looked like she owned the world. Meenah’s eyes flicked down the painting before she grunted and turned back towards you
“My mother, the woman over there, is this big fancy ceo. We had to be the perfect family all the time, get along, attend events like we the glubbin president or something. It was shitty” she shrugged and played with one of her long braids absentmindedly. she gave a short bitter laugh
“Now we’re the perfect dead kids” she stood up and started crossing to the door
“cmon guppy, i’ll take you up to Cronus” You stood and followed after her, walking past the bedroom again gave you a thought
“Meenah, why is there a bedroom down here?” she glanced back at the shut door
“huh? Oh, Eridan lives..well..lived down here, he moved down here after Feferi” the door looked untouched, but you suppose if you could phase through stuff, you wouldn’t bother opening doors either. You turn your attention back to Meenah and the two of you start walking again.
“So how did it happen?” she glanced at you
“What, fefi? we don’t know, none of us know how we died, and every time the rest of us try to think about how another one of us died, we get this horribubble headache and pass out”
“Ghosts can pass out?” you inquire, pondering over the new thought
“well yeah, we may be dead but we still can do shit like that, keep up guppy” you two were finally making your way up the grand staircase. She stopped at a door that you’re pretty sure was Cronus’s.
“He might be asleep, so be sure to wake him up” she nudged you and walked off down the hallway, whistling to herself. You cracked open the door and sure enough, there was a lump on the bed, Cronus lay on top of the blanket, one arm hanging off the side, sound asleep. You dropped your stuff by the door and sat down in the arm chair by the fire place. You read what you could from the papers on the walls and slowly you blinked yourself to sleep.

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