What Ghost

Cronus Pay Attention

You jerked awake, sitting up in the bed before realizing that hey, you were in bed. all good. You settled back under the warm blanket before you realized the pillows smelled of dust. Snapping your eyes back open, you squinted until you realized that you were in Cronus’s bed.glancing around, you seen that he was laying on the couch, watching the fire burn as he sang quietly to himself.
“Cronus?” he looked over before standing up
“oh hey chief, this chair ain't good for sleeping, so i put you in the bed” he shrugged as he sat beside you.
“Hope you don’t mind, it’s been forever since i got to listen to music” he blushed as he handed you back your ipod
“I didn't think you knew how to use an ipod”
“It took a wvhile to figure out, but i got it”
and then you got to learn a whole different side of Cronus. Music, he listened to every song you had, and he talked about his favorites and what he liked best about each song and the passion that he was talking with had you totally enclosed. He laughed and made an over amount of hand gestures, and you swore you seen a light in his eyes that you had never seen before. you kept leaning forward towards him, enchanted by this version of Cronus. After a few seconds, you realized he had stopped talking to stare back at you. Your faces only inches apart, and your eyes flicked down to his mouth. Which formed into a smile as soon as you did, and he slowly inched forward until you two were almost touching when Eridan started yelling in the hallway. The two of you jumped apart, blushing awkwardly. He rubbed the back of his neck, not looking at you
“Sorry Kanny, i got a little too excited there, wvhich wvouldn't wvork anywvay since you knovw, i’m dead” he laughed slightly passing a hand through himself. He stood up and went to walk back to the couch
“You should get back to sleep Kanny, you need it” you only stopped him to hand him your ipod, you showed him how to work the youtube app, and his face lit up. You fell asleep to the sound of Cronus singing along to a youtube video.

You’re shaken awake by Cronus who is excitedly saying your name, he’s laying directly beside you on the bed, your ipod cradled in his hands above the two of you
“Kanny, kanny you have got to look at this” he pressed play on a video that you recognized as something karkat had shown you a few years ago, but you watched anyway, mostly because Cronus kept turning his head to glance at you with a overly excited expression on his face.
“Kanny this is the coolest thing, you gotta wvatch this one next” he said clicking on another video, returning to turning between you and the video. he looked so excited you couldn't help but smile, he was like a really adorable puppy, a dead puppy, but still. You glanced at the time at the top of the screen and realized you had roughly hour until school, regretfully removing yourself from underneath the warm blankets and shuffling around for your backpack.
“wvhat you doin kanny” Cronus asked, sitting up and pausing the video
“I have to get ready for school” y ou stated, looking at you phone again try and gauge if you had enough time to get home and take a shower.
“I’m just debating whether i have time to go home and shower before school or not” Cronus stood up and walked over towards you
“you can shower here, ya know”” you pause and look at Cornus in confusion,
“I can?” you hesitate, he smiled
“Wvell yeah, the only bathroom that still works is in the lower basement, but i’ll make sure no one bothers you” he shrugged and you started following Cronus out into the hallway, you paused again long enough to dig your flashlight out of your backpack and you flicked it on, letting the light illuminate the stairway THE SILLAH CHAPTAHHH as the two of you descend, past the first level and on to the second, and down a short hallway Cronus opened the door to a white and violent pink bathroom, a large shower resting in one side of the room while a sink, a tub and a toilet nestled in on the other side.
“So how come this bathroom works?” you inquire as you set the flashlight so it lights up the whole small room and drop your bags on the floor by the sink.
“It’s connected to the well out back” Cronus shrugged and backed towards the door,
“I’ll be outside if you need me, cheif” you waved him out as you started fumbling with the shower, you let the water warm up as well as it could and started to strip, you caught a sight of your shirtless torso in the grimy mirror that hung above the sink and frowned, you were overall pretty wiry, thin noodles limbs with only a slight hint of muscle. You crinkled your nose at the reflection and finished stripping, leaving your pants and boxers beside your shirt on the sink and settling into the shower. It was nice to get the dust rinsed off you, and you could hear Cronus singing outside. His voice and the water pouring over you relaxed you enough that you started to gently sing along yourself, fumbling to remember some of the words that you had forgotten. You laughed quietly at how much things had changed since your first venture into the house, you thought about this for a moment but jumped a little and frowned when you saw something move against the light of the flashlight.
“Hey chief, sorry, but it won’t turn on” Cronus said as he leaned against the side of the shower, through the crack in the curtain you could see his head and shoulder as he messed with the device in his hands.
“it probably just died, give me a minute” you replied, moving quickly to rinse out your hair.
“Died…..? like me died?” he questioned, you could see him staring at the device in wonder
“Ha, no Cronus, it just needs to be charged”
“Needs to be what?”
“charged, like with electricity”
“Oh...yeah no we don’t got none of that” he said a little sadly, you shut off the water and stood there for a second
“I believe i brought my portable charger, give me a moment” you heard shuffling and an okay thrown over Cronus’s shoulder as a door shut. you peeked out and found yourself alone in the pink bathroom, slipping out of the shower, you shone the light into your bag and pulled on a clean pair of boxers and jeans. you were still digging through your bag for your shirt when Cronus’s head appears through the doorway
“Hey Kanny are you do...” Cronus’s words stopped short when he realized you were shirtless, a blush spread across Cronus’s face and you smiled and motioned him through the door, he came through and Cronus stared at you, the blush forming its way up his face and down his neck,
"Cronus are you okay?" your voice seems to snap Cronus out of whatever thought he was having, you squinted at him and repeated the question. you pulled your shirt over your head and sighed as you felt your shirt soak up most of the leftover water. Cronus blushed harder and stuck your ipod out towards you. You took it and dug through the other backpack before producing the portable charger. Connecting it, you watched your ipod flicker to life.

“Here you go Cronus, just keep it connected and it will charge” he took it from you and mumbled something about being outside and disappeared through the door. The ipod clattered to the floor and Cronus reappeared, stammering apologies and this time him and the ipod disappeared.
“huh” you shrugged and put on your shoes, repacking your bags and hauling them and you up the stairs. You heard Cronus singing some where in the house, and you heard Feferi yell at Eridan followed by thumping and giggling. You passed Meenah on the stairs, and she nodded at you on her way down. Yelling goodbye to everyone, you tossed your things into the car and started heading to school, thankful it was friday. You and porrim were going to the mall tomorrow and you were excited to hang out with her, you hadn’t seen her much since you started spending most of your free time with Cronus. Which reminds you that you wanted to pick up some stuff for Feferi and Eridan while you’re there. You turned the radio on and a grin reached your face when you placed the song as the one you fell asleep to last night, the one Cronus was singing.

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