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Fire Emblem: The Tactician's Eye

By clank2662

Romance / Action

Prologue: A girl from the Plains

Prologue: A girl from the Plains

Disclaimer: I do not own fire emblem or any of the characters

Prologue: a girl from the plains

Once, long, long ago, dragons and humans coexisted. They shared a peace forged in wisdom, a peace that lasted many generations. All that was lost when mankind disrupted this balance in a sudden onslaught. Man fought dragon in a savage war that shook the foundations of their world. This great war was called the Scouring. The dragons were ultimately no match for the humans. Defeated and humbled, dragons vanished from the realm. In time, man rebuilt and spread his dominion on to the islands beyond. A millennium has passed since those dark days ended. And the world has been at peace until now. Our story starts when a girl named Lyn finds a young apprentice tactician, named Mark, unconscious on the Sacaen plains.

Lyn, a beautiful young Sacaen woman, of about 18 years of age, stood on a hill. She greatly enjoyed the view of the plains that the hill provided. She would often come to this very hill to think and relax. It was very peaceful; she could always count on a beautiful view and some fresh air. Not far from where she stood, her horse, Renoir, was grazing. She smiled fondly at the horse as he grazed. Then as Lyn looked around again she spotted a forlorn figure crumpled on the ground about 20 feet from where she was standing. Her hand strayed to the katana she kept at her side whenever she was out and about. As she got closer she noticed it was a young man at least a year older than herself and that he appeared to be unconscious. Lyn shook him gently, trying to determine if he really was unconscious or not and as she did so she spoke to him.

"Hello? Are you ok?" When he did not respond she grew worried and turned him over on his back so she could get a better look at him. She noticed he had a number of serious injuries on his body. Not the least of which was a nasty wound shaped like an X on his chest. And it looked as though it had become badly infected.

"Bandits must have attacked you." She noted in alarm. Even though she knew he couldn't hear her. She decided to take him home with her and care for his hurts.

Once she reached her hut, she began searching in her trunk, for medicinal supplies. She found a vulnerary, some red wine, and some old clothes. She tore the clothes up so she could use them to clean and dress the young man's wounds. She then removed his shirt and began cleaning his injuries with the wine and the rags. As she worked, she also noted that he seemed to be tall, of medium build with short brown hair. Lyn noticed that he had a number of scars on his body. One on the upper ride side of his abdominal muscles. Another on his right arm that consisted of two prominent marks on his left forearm, one on the lower part of his right elbow and three other pieces each smaller than the last, the biggest one was located near where is upper arm joined his forearm to form the elbow joint. She also noted he had a small circular scar just below his left knee cap. The scars intrigued her greatly. She made a mental note to possible ask him later when he woke up if the opportunity arose. She traced them with her fingers. As she did so she also noted he seemed to be quite handsome which caused her to blush.

After dressing his wounds she opened the vulnerary and poured the potion inside it down his throat. After that she settled him back down on the pillow. She also took stock of his gear; she noticed he had a swords that looked exactly like the one she carried. She wondered briefly if he could use them, but then she put that mystery out of her mind. She checked him again to reassure herself that he was still alive. Then she headed out to practice her swordplay. After that she returned to the hut and settled down to sleep for the night. Still wondering about her strange guest, and hoping he would awaken soon.

Several days passed in this fashion, with Lyn checking on her guest, and caring for his hurts. After that she would go out and practice her swordplay. All the while she puzzled about him, wondering where he was from, and how he came upon his injuries.

On the morning of the seventh day after she found the young man, Lyn woke up, yawned and stretched wondering aloud to herself.

"Could the stranger have been just a dream or a figment of my imagination? It seemed a little too weird to be real." Then she looked around her room and saw the same young man she had found seven days ago, still unconscious and unmoving.

"So it was not my imagination or a dream." She said in awe and relief. Lyn approached him cautiously. Her eyes not wavering for an instant, aware that there was a good chance he would wake up at any moment. She took out her vulnerary and poured some more potions into his mouth. The young man still unresponsive as Lyn removed the bottle from his lips.

Inside the young man's head he was having a horrible nightmare, three robed figure stood in the midst of a bloody battlefield all around the three of them were the corpses of the dead. Though if there were sides in the battle they had not chosen a side instead they seemed to simply be killing any soldier foolish enough to attack them. The body count continued to rise but even to the untrained eye it would appear that the three warriors were exhausted by the continuous wave of troops that had now chosen them three as the chief threat. In a flash one of them was struck down a vicious spear strike to his back he held his hand out to one of the other figures who attempted to rush to the aid of his comrade but was halted by several soldiers. The other robed figure decided it was much more prudent to leave and cut his way out of the fray and ran off into the hills. The remaining warrior continued to rush to the aid of his fallen comrade but was being overwhelmed one of the soldiers rose his sword to deliver a killing blow and…

He shot up in bed drenched in a cold sweat. He glanced around a rather bland dwelling very earthy to say the least.

"Are you awake?" said a female voice.

I open my eyes to see a girl with light bluish green eyes and green hair pulled back into a ponytail, wearing a Chinese dress with a black undershirt.

"I found you unconscious on the plains" smiled the girl. "I am Lyn, of the Lorca tribe. You're safe now"

"Who are you? Can you remember your name?" asked Lyn.

"My name is Mark"

"What an odd-sounding name...But pay me no mind, it is a good name" said Lyn.

"I see by your attire you are a traveler."

Curiously he looks in a mirror. He had brown hair and blue eyes. He's wearing a blue tunic with black pants and brown shoes.

"What brings you to the Sacae Plains?" asked Lyn.

"Just passing thru" he said.

"Would you share your story with me?" asked Lyn.

Before he could reply there was a noise outside.

"Hm? What was that noise?" wondered Lyn. "I'll go see what's happening. Mark, wait here for me"

He nods as Lyn walks out the tent.

Lyn quickly rushes back inside.

"Oh, no! Bandits!" exclaimed Lyn. "They must have come down from the Bern Mountains! They must be planning on raiding the local villages. I... I have to stop them!"

Lyn quickly walks over to a chest and opens it and pulls out a katana.

"If that's all of them. I think I can handle them on my own." said Lyn. "You'll be safe here, Mark"

"If you're going out there I'm coming with you" Mark quickly says.

"Well can you use a weapon?" asked Lyn.

"Well not right now I sprang my wrist somehow" Mark said. "But I can provide you with helpful advice"

"Ah, I see... So you're a strategist by trade? An odd profession, but... Very well. We'll go together."

Lyn and Mark walked out of the tent to face the bandits.

"Over here" said Lyn "If you want to help, Mark, I could use your advice. I'll protect you, so stay close to me"

"We need to get closer to that bandit over there" said Mark. "So let's move closer"

"This should be close enough" said Mark.

"Uh-oh! That bandit spotted us. He's coming this way" said Lyn.

The bandit charged towards us but stopped short to try and scare us but we weren't scared.

"Let's get him" Mark said to Lyn.

Lyn ran up to the bandit and caught him in the arm with her sword. The bandit swung his axe and missed Lyn and then Lyn came down for another strike. Hit him in the same spot again. The bandit came at Lyn again and hit her in the shoulder but Lyn countered with a lung to his heart.

"Victory!" cried Lyn as she grabbed her bloody shoulder. "Mark I have some vulneraries in my satchel can you apply one to my wound?"

"Sure" I replied.

After applying the green liquid to Lyn's shoulder. Lyn thanked me and we ran off to fight the head of the bandits who was attacking the village.

"Who do you think you are? You think you can stand up to Batta the Beast?" yelled the lead bandit.

Lyn charged him and stuck his left shoulder, unlucky for Lyn he was right handed and hit her in the side with the blunt side of his axe.

"Whew! He's a tough one. It all comes down to this next blow." said Lyn. "Mark, if I fall, I want you to flee. You must escape."

"Lookout here he come's Lyn" shouted Mark.

Lyn narrowly avoided Batta's axe swing and quickly stabbed him in the chest and then Lyn seemed to multiply and disappear and kill Batta.

"Huh? How... how did you-" said Batta just before he died.

"Lyn you had me very worried there" I said.

"I sorely underestimated him, I'm sorry if I worried you" said Lyn. "I need to be stronger if I'm going to survive. Strong enough that no one can defeat me".

"Well Lyn, good work, let's go home" said Mark.

The next morning,

"Good morning, Mark!" said Lyn, as Mark is wake up. "Are you awake yet?"

"Yes I'm up" said a groggy Mark.

"Oh, Mark I found this swords with you but it seems to be stuck. I can't draw it from its sheath" said Lyn.

"Masamune" whispered Mark, as he suddenly remembered the sword's name.

"That fight took a lot out of you yesterday" said Lyn. "Say Mark... I want to talk to you about something"

"What about Lyn?" asked Mark?

"You have some experience in the way of war, I can see" said Lyn. "Would you allow me to travel with you?"

"I don't know Lyn? Your pretty young so I would need permission from your parents for you to go with me" said Mark.

I knew I said something wrong when Lyn's eyes filled with sadness and lost all the hope that was in her eyes.


My mother and my father... died six months ago." said Lyn.

"Lyn I'm so sorry" said a sadden Mark

"My people- the Lorca—they don't... I'm the last of my tribe. Bandits attacked, and...They killed so many people. The tribe was scattered. My father was our chieftain, and I wanted to protect our people. But the tribe was old-fashioned. They wouldn't follow a woman. No one would follow me." said


"..I'm sorry. I've been alone for so long..." said Lyn.

"Well you're not alone any more" said Mark as he pulled her into a hug.

"No. No more. I will shed no more tears." said Lyn.

We stood there for a moment until Lyn pulled away from the hug.

"Thank you. I'm better now" said Lyn. "Mark, I want- I must become stronger to avenge my father's death!"

"Lyn, I see a determination in you that I haven't seen in anyone before so yes Lyn you may come with me on my travels" said Mark.

"You will? That's wonderful! Thank you! Oh, thank you!" said Lyn. "We'll be better off working together, I know it. You'll be my master strategist and I'll be your peerless warrior" said Lyn.

Mark would soon realize that this day would change his life forever.

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