LOST in One Season

By jeh643

Adventure / Scifi

Alternate Episode 15

When Claire is brought back to the cave, Charlie and Jack rush over to her. She is weak and barely conscious. They lead her over to where she beds, and lay her down. She then begins to lose consciousness until she is no longer moving. Jack calls her name a few times while Charlie anxiously leans over his shoulder to watch her. After a moment, Claire begins to stir then slowly regains consciousness; Charlie smiles. Claire sees Jack, and asks, “What happened?” Jack asks, “You don’t remember?” Claire strains to think, and says, “I remember walking with Charlie back to the cave, but then...” She seems confused, and continues, “after that, I don’t know.” Jack tells her to get some sleep. Claire looks up at Charlie, takes him by the hand, and asks him to stay with her. He does so. Jack looks at Claire for a moment then walks over to the entrance of the cave, looks out into the jungle, and thinks.

It is night. Several men and women are sleeping on the beach. They surround a fire pit which contains the remains of a fire burned down to just a few glowing embers. Much further down the beach, we see their campsite from the point of view of someone who is sitting in the sand. We see that it is a middle aged man dressed in torn ragged clothing. His face is lit by firelight. He looks tired and dirty with what appears to be several days of beard growth. He is looking at the campsite as though he is watching over those who are sleeping. He then looks away from them and out at the ocean. He looks sad with what appears to be an expression of longing. Hours later, he begins to fight sleep. After a mighty struggle, he begins to lose that fight. He is suddenly wakened by the distant sound of men yelling and women screaming. Still a bit disoriented, he looks over at the campsite to witness some of his people (a few men but mostly women) being dragged into the jungle by others (mostly men) in bear feet wearing plain ragged clothing and rope belts. A few men remain in the campsite and put up a fight, but they seem to be no match for their attackers. The middle aged man leaps to his feet then after experiencing an intense surge of “fight or flight,” he begins running towards the campsite, but he is suddenly interrupted by the loud whisper of a man from the jungle exclaiming “Hey!!!” Startled, the middle aged man looks over into the jungle frantically searching for the source of this voice. He suddenly spots a man who is dimly lit by distant firelight. This mystery man whispers, “...over here (waving him over) before they see you!” The middle aged man looks back at the campsite and sees the others walking deliberately around the camp. They seem to be looking over the bodies of the men they just killed. He then looks back at the mystery man. After eyeing him suspiciously for a moment, he looks back at the others who are now standing still looking over at him. The mystery man whispers, “Come on! They’ll kill you!” Still watching the others, the middle aged man fearfully takes a few steps back then suddenly turns and runs toward the mystery man in the jungle. Now approaching him, he hears him whisper, “Follow me. Stay close.” They both escape into the jungle while the others give chase. We see that the fire which the middle aged man was sitting beside appears large enough to be a signal fire. In the campsite, we see opened luggage then the camera suddenly zooms in on a water bottle labeled Oceanic. The camera then zooms out away from the island to reveal the entire beach including both the campsite and signal fire then far out enough to show that the people in the campsite and the middle aged man beside the signal fire had been totally isolated. We also see that it is “break of day.” The camera then pans down to the ocean. We seem to follow it into the water all the way down to where we see plane wreckage scattered on the ocean floor. The camera then pans up to reveal the inside of a broken section from a commercial airliner. After a moment, the camera pulls back then around to the side revealing that it is the tail section: cut to black.

It is early morning in the cave. Charlie notices that Claire is waking from sleep. He calls for Jack who comes over to check on her. Charlie asks Claire how she is feeling. She takes a deep breath, lets it out, and says, “I feel tired.” Jack asks, “Do you remember what happened?” Charlie looks perturbed. Claire tries to remember, but it is too much of a strain. Jack says, “That’s alright, Claire. Just get some rest.” He then pulls Charlie to the side, and says, “She’s dehydrated and exhausted. Get her to drink as much as she can but slowly, and let me know of any changes” Charlie nods, and begins turning back to Claire as Jack leans into him, and continues, “including any memories of what happened to her.” Charlie stops, looks at Jack, and says, “Jack, she just experienced a major trauma.” Jack looks at Claire, and says, “This is my fault, Charlie. I didn’t believe her." He then looks Charlie in the eye, and says, "I take responsibility for that, so I’m going to do all that I can to protect her, but he’s (indicating jungle with his head) still out there,” Charlie looks toward the jungle. Jack continues, “and we’re in the blind.” Charlie looks at Jack for a moment then over at Claire. He thinks for a moment then looks back at Jack, hesitantly nods, and goes over to Claire.

It is morning in the survivors’ beach camp. We see Sayid and Shannon walking together on the beach from the point of view of Boone who is standing at the edge of the jungle in the distance. Sayid slows down as he takes Shannon's hand and pulls her back towards him. They share an intimate moment after which they part ways. Boone waits until Shannon is out of sight then walks up beside Sayid, and says, “We need to talk.” Sayid replies, “If this is about your sister” Interrupting, Boone says, “It’s not.” Sayid stops as does Boone. Now facing each other, Boone reveals, “Locke sent me to get you.” Suspiciously, Sayid asks, “…and why exactly would Locke send you rather than coming to me himself?” Boone replies, “Come with me, and he’ll show you.” Boone begins walking towards the jungle then stops, and looks back at Sayid who is remaining still. After looking into Boone's eyes for a moment, Sayid slowly begins to follow him. Boone then resumes walking towards the jungle.

The middle aged man who followed the mystery man into the jungle suddenly wakes up gasping for air as he violently jerks his head up from its resting place. He involuntarily rocks back and forth for a moment then notices a creaking sound. He stops himself from rocking, and notices that the creaking has also stopped. He then furrows his brow, and looks down to see that he is sitting in an old wooden rocking chair. He then looks directly in front of himself, and sees an old wooden table. He notices its simple and plain design then looks up to see that he is in a one room rustic dwelling. He then looks to his left, and sees a dusty old painting of a dog then looks to his right, and on top of an old wooden shelf, he sees some clear glass jars of preserves which he notices are spoiled and covered in spider webs. He then notices sunlight coming through a small window on the other side of the shelf. With his eyes, he follows the rays of sunlight down to the floorboards then looks up slowly until he sees the door to the cabin. He stares at it for a long moment then rubs his face, gets up out of the rocking chair, and hesitantly walks over to it. He slowly and cautiously opens it then sheepishly walks outside, and immediately squints until his eyes adjust to the light. We are then shown that he was inside of a cabin. The middle aged man looks around himself, and sees jungle in all directions. Hesitantly, he slowly walks down the front steps of the cabin. After a brief moment, he takes a deep breath, lets it out, and begins walking towards the jungle. On his way there, he notices what appears to be a broken line of ash on the ground directly in front of him. He reaches down to touch it when he suddenly hears whispers coming from the jungle. Startled, he quickly raises himself up then looks all around himself frantically trying to divine the source of these whispers: cut to black.

While following Boone through the jungle, Sayid says to him, “While I believe you when you say that Locke sent you for me,” Sayid stops as does Boone who turns to face him. Sayid continues, “considering our last conversation, I can’t help but wonder if you might use my cooperation as an opportunity.” Boone asks, “…an opportunity for what?” Sayid replies, “…to further (slight pause) dissuade me from seeing your sister.” After a brief moment, Boone replies, “I wasn’t threatening you, Sayid. I was warning you.” Sayid stares into Boone’s eyes. Boone says, “Look, I love my sister, but she uses people, man, (cut to Sayid then back to Boone) especially older men that she thinks will take care of her. On this island, I suppose you fit the bill (cut to Sayid than back to Boone). Just be careful, man.” While Sayid takes a moment to think, Boone says, “Come on. Locke is waiting.” Boone resumes walking through the jungle followed momentarily by Sayid.

Outside of the cabin, the middle aged man continues looking around himself when suddenly, the whispers stop. He stands still, and listens. After a moment of silence, he hears the voice of a man calling out to him from the jungle saying, “Hello?!” Terrified, the middle aged man backs away from the voice then turns to run but falls down. As he starts to get up, the man who called out to him says, “Please, don’t run!” His voice is now much louder and clearer. The middle aged man raises himself up to his feet, and hesitantly stays put as he can now hear footsteps from the jungle getting closer to him. We then see a man walk out from the jungle and into the clear as though we are following him. He now faces the middle aged man who is visibly frightened. We then hear the man from the jungle in a low voice say, “Don’t be afraid. I’m the one you followed into the jungle.” The middle aged man builds up his courage then asks, “How do I know that?” We then hear the man from the jungle continuing to speak in a low voice reply, “…because after I led you here away from those people who were trying to kill you, (cut to man from jungle)” We see that he is Jack’s father, Christian Shephard. With serious intent, he continues, “I asked you to break that line of ash.” The middle aged man looks shocked and confused: cut to black.

While continuing to follow Boone through the jungle, Sayid asks him, “Why?” Boone furrows his brow then replies, “…why what?” Sayid asks, “Why is it me that Locke wants?” After a brief moment, Boone replies, “Well, he swore me to secrecy” Interrupting, Sayid says, “…obviously.” Boone explains, “Look, all I can tell you is that he asked for you specifically.” Sayid looks down at the compass that Locke gave him which he now holds in his hand, and asks, “…and what do you think?” Boone replies, “Excuse me?” Sayid looks up, and explains, “Here you are leading me through the jungle to Locke, and you agreed to do so simply because this is what he told you to do.” Boone quickly replies, “I didn’t agree.” Sayid awaits an explanation. Boone stops, and turns to Sayid who walks up to him. Boone continues, “I wanted Jack.” Sayid replies, “If that is so, why did you come to me?” Without hesitation, Boone replies, “…because I trust Locke.” Sayid asks, “…and why exactly does Locke have your trust?” After a moment of thought, Boone looks Sayid in the eye, and replies, “He earned it.” Boone continues looking Sayid in the eye for a moment then resumes walking through the jungle. Sayid watches Boone for a moment, thinks for a moment, looks back down at the compass for a moment, and then looks back up at Boone who is now far ahead of him. He continues following him.

Locke is alone in the jungle. He throws his hunting knife at a tree. It sticks. On his way to retrieve the knife, he looks down to the side of him with his eyes fixed on a set point. At the tree, he pulls out the knife then walks back to where he was standing. He then sets himself to throw the knife at the tree again. As he pulls the knife back to throw it, he hears footsteps. He turns to see Boone coming toward him followed by Sayid. Locke sheaths his knife as he walks towards them. While passing Boone, Locke gives him a nod of acknowledgment which he receives. Boone keeps walking until he is leaning up against the tree that Locke was just using for target practice. He then looks down to the side of him where Locke was looking earlier. Locke approaches Sayid, and says, “Thank you for coming.” Sayid stares blankly at Locke who continues to speak saying, “I apologize for the secrecy, but I didn’t know who else I could trust to” Interrupting, Sayid asks, “Why am I here, John?” With his hand, Locke motions behind him, and says, “See for yourself.” Sayid looks Locke in the eyes for a moment then walks past him, and up to Boone who motions with his head for Sayid to go around him. Sayid looks at Boone for a moment then walks around to the other side of him. He then looks down, and reacts with surprise as he sees a man who is sitting on the ground gagged and tied to a tree. It is the middle aged man who followed Christian. He looks up at Sayid trembling in fear: cut to black.
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