LOST in One Season

By jeh643

Adventure / Scifi

Alternate Episode 17

This is the episode, “In Translation” except for the following changes. There is no Shannon and Sayid storyline. Charlie is back at the cave taking care of Claire while Jack is busy preparing defenses around its perimeter. Locke comes to Jack, and warns him of the inevitable conflict between Jin and Michael. Jack asks Locke to take charge of the beach camp. He agrees to do so, and recruits Sayid and Boone to help him prepare defenses. When Sawyer brings Jin back to the beach camp, Michael runs up to him, and confronts him about burning the raft. From here the action plays out the same way as it did in the original storyline, only the final scene begins with Jin helping Michael to build the raft while Sun watches him from a distance. She then walks down the beach in the opposite direction of Jin while an expanding view shows people in the camp helping Locke, Sayid, and Boone to prepare defenses.

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