LOST in One Season

By jeh643

Adventure / Scifi

Alternate Episode 19

It is dawn at the hatch where we suddenly see an explosion. Once the smoke clears, Jack and Locke run over to the hatch, and slide the now detached and warped hatch door over to the side. They then lean over and peer inside the opening to the hatch. They see a ladder going down into it. Locke lights a torch then throws it down the opening. He and Jack are then able to see that this ladder goes all the way to the bottom. Locke stands as Jack continues looking down the hatch, and thinks. Locke says, “Well, let’s see what’s down there.” Jack stands, and says, “…you and me.” Locke acknowledges the arrangement. Jack holds out his hand and says, “…your gun, John.” Locke hesitates then replies, “I’m just going to go ahead and assume, Jack that the reason you want my gun is so there’s no chance of us shooting each other down there, rather than this being an issue of trust.” Jack says, “…like you said, John. We wouldn’t want to shoot each other.” Locke pulls out his handgun, hands it to Jack, and says, “…no, we wouldn’t.” Jack walks over to Sayid, and gives John’s handgun to him. Sayid says, “I still think that this is a mistake.” Jack says, “It’s the only way to keep our people safe.” They talk indistinctly while Locke looks down the opening to the hatch with eagerness. He then turns to Jack, and asks, “Are you ready?” Both Jack and Sayid look at Locke. Sayid then looks at Jack, and says, “Be careful.” Jack looks at Sayid, and nods.” He then walks up to Locke, and says, “…after you.” Locke quickly enters the hatch, and starts climbing down the ladder. Jack looks back at Sayid who is looking at him. He then follows Locke.

After climbing down the ladder, Locke and Jack enter a corridor which curves to the right, and is dimly lit by hanging lights. Jack hears a low humming sound which seems to be coming from the wall to his right. He walks over to it, and sees that it is made of concrete. He then slowly puts his hand on its surface to feel for vibrations. Suddenly, he notices that the key around his neck is moving towards the wall. Locke turns around to see what Jack is doing. Upon seeing him with his hand on the wall, he asks, “What is it, Jack?” Jack says, “It’s nothing. Let’s keep moving.” They continue walking down the corridor. After only a few steps, Locke notices a door on their left. He says, "Jack." Jack turns to him. Locke directs his attention toward the door. Jack looks at it for a moment then walks over to it, and slowly opens it. He then feels around for a light switch, finds one, turns on the light, and sees a room lined with shelves which are fully stocked with food. He starts walking between the shelves looking from side to side and notices many different kinds of food products. On his right, he spots an open pack of Apollo candy bars. He slowly pulls one out to inspect it then turns around, and sees that Locke is not behind him. He replaces the candy bar then walks out into the corridor, but Locke is not there. He sighs, shakes his head in disappointment, and continues walking down the corridor. Meanwhile, Locke enters a large open room, and sees early computer technology set up against the back wall. He then notices a work station to his left in the center of the room, walks around it, and sees a computer terminal. He then sits down in a rolling office chair at the desk, faces the monitor, and sees a flashing cursor on the screen top left. He stares at the screen for a moment then looks down at the keyboard, and begins to push the execute button. The moment before his finger touches the button, he feels what seems to be the tip of a gun in the back of his neck. He hears the voice of a man with a Scottish accent say, “Put your hands in the air, brotha.” Locke does so. The man says, “Now, slowly back away from the computer.” Locke slowly rolls back in the chair. The man says, “…on your feet.” Locke begins to stand. The man says, “…slowly.” Locke does so. “The man says, “Now, turn around.” Locke turns to face his captor, and sees a man with long hair and a beard who is dressed in a jumpsuit pointing a rifle at him. In this room, we see dual entrances to the right and left of the man. He says, “Now, just who the hell are you, and what are you doing here?” Before Locke can answer, “Jack comes into the room through the first entrance pointing his handgun at the man, and says, “Put your gun down.” Locke turns his head to see Jack while the man quickly moves to his right until he puts Locke directly between Jack and himself. Jack looks at Locke, and asks, “You couldn’t wait?” Locke stares blankly at Jack. The man says, “Put down the gun, or I blow his damn head off, brotha.” Jack continues to hold his gun on him. Suddenly, the man feels what seems to be the tip of a gun in the back of his head. We hear Sayid say, “Lower your weapon.” Locke turns his head to see Sayid pointing his handgun at the man who hesitantly and slowly lowers his rifle. Locke lowers his hands, and takes the rifle from the man who then puts his hands in the air. Locke says, “Not that I’m complaining Sayid, but this is an unexpected visit.” Sayid says, “Jack told me that if you weren’t back in ten minutes to come looking for you. It appears that I used good judgment when I chose to come early.” Suddenly, we hear beeping. Locke looks around the room. The man looks up at a timer which is down to four minutes. The man looks at Jack, and says, “You need to let me take care of that.” He looks back at the timer as do the others: cut to black.

The man looks at Jack, and says, “The timer is running down. I need to” Interrupting, Jack says, “You’re not doing anything until you tell us who you are, and what you’re doing down here.” Locke is still looking at the timer, and says, “Jack, maybe we should” Interrupting, Jack looks at Locke, and says, “John.” Jack then walks up to the man, points his handgun at him, and says, “You’re running out of time.” The man looks up at the timer then back at Jack, sighs, and says, “My name is Desmond. I was on a solo race around the world. My boat was blown off course during a storm. When it cleared, I saw the island. I tried getting back on course, but my boat kept sailing in circles around this bloody rock. I was almost out of food, water, and supplies when I put to shore. I walked into the jungle looking for water. After a while, I heard a noise behind me. I turned to look, and saw a man with a rifle rushing me. He knocked me out with the butt of his rifle. I woke up here with a bandage on my head looking up at the man who attacked me. He apologized for assaulting me. He thought I was one of them. Jack asks, “…them?” Desmond looks Jack in the eye, and replies, “…the hostiles.” Locke and Sayid look at each other. Desmond continues, “It was then I heard beeping. My attacker (now host) walked out of the room. I got to my feet, and followed him in here. I then watched him sit down at that computer and enter a code which reset the timer. I asked him ‘What was that all about? Just saving the world,’ he said. Jack asks, “…saving the world?” Desmond says, “…his words, not mine. (slight pause) I had no place to go, so I stayed here, and for a long time, he and I saved the world together which was just lovely (slight pause) until he died. I’ve been down here on my own pushing that damn button ever since.” Jack looks at Desmond who says, “The end.” The timer is down to one minute. Jack asks, “Why don’t we let that timer run down to zero, and see what happens?” Desmond says, “Trust me. You don’t want to do that, brotha.” Sayid asks, “Jack, may I speak with you for a moment?” Locke holds the rifle on Desmond while Jack walks over to Sayid who quietly says, “He believes what he is saying.” Jack thinks for a moment then walks over to Desmond, and says, “By all means, keep saving the world.” The timer is down to ten seconds. Desmond quickly sits down, and begins entering the code while Jack walks around to the other side of the station. Locke watches Desmond enter a series of numbers into the computer and press execute. The beeping stops. They all watch the timer go down to one second then suddenly flip over to one hundred and eight minutes. Jack, Locke, and Sayid all look around themselves. Desmond says, “Don’t worry. The world is safe for another one hundred and eight minutes."

Jack notices the Dharma Initiative symbol on Desmond’s jumpsuit then says, “Desmond, my name is Jack. This is John and Sayid. We’re survivors of a plane crash.” Surprised, Desmond asks, “…plane crash?” Jack says, “…a commercial airliner. There are forty seven of us. We apologize for the intrusion, but they gave us no choice.” Desmond asks, “...they?” Jack says, “We call them the others, but apparently, you know them as the hostiles. We recently found out that they’re planning to come take our people tonight, so we thought that hiding them in here might” Interrupting, Desmond says, “Say no more, Jack. Bring your people here. There’s enough room for all of them.” Surprised, Jack says, “Thank you, Desmond.” Desmond laughs, and says, “I’ve been so desperate for company, I actually thought about going out, and trying to make friends with the hostiles.” Jack smiles, looks toward the corridor, and says, “I noticed that you have a store of food. Now, our people, we have fruit, fish, and the occasional boar that we can share with you.” Desmond says, “Tell your people to take what they need. Trust me. Running out of food will not be a problem.” Jack looks at Desmond for a moment then turns to Sayid, and says, “I’ll be back with our people.” Jack asks Desmond, “Is there a front door to this place?” Desmond says, “...aye, (indicating with his head) that way.” Jack turns to Locke, and asks, “John, can I speak with you for a moment?” Locke begins walking with Jack toward the corridor. Desmond says, “Oh, by the way,” Jack and Locke stop. Desmond looks at Jack, and continues, “I’ve got running water.” Jack nods then he and Locke continue out into the corridor where they stop, and face each other. Jack says, “When you first told me about the hatch, and why you kept it a secret, I admit that I didn’t know whether or not I could trust you. (cut to Locke then back to Jack) As it turns out, this place could save our lives. I just wanted to thank you for coming forward, and telling me about it.” Locke says, “You’re welcome Jack, but I got a funny feeling you didn’t call me out here just to thank me.” Jack nods, and says, “We need to find out all we can about that man in there, and what this place is. Sayid’s approach might be a little too direct.” Locke says, “I understand, Jack.” Locke begins to turn, but Jack leans in close to him, and says, “Keep a close eye on him.” Puzzled, Locke looks at Jack, and asks, “Why?” Jack says, “He’s been down here alone in this place for God knows how long.” They both look at Desmond. They look back at each other. Locke nods, and Jack leaves. Locke looks at Desmond: cut to black.

In the hatch, Sayid has begun inspecting the room where he, Locke, and Desmond continue waiting on Jack to return. Walking up to Desmond, Locke says, “So, pushing this button saves the world.” Desmond smiles, and says, “Aye.” Locke asks, “How long have you been down here?” Desmond says, “A program runs simulated sunlight and moonlight on a twenty four hour cycle, but after the first few months, I stopped keeping track of time. I figured if I’m stuck here, what’s the point?” Locke nods, and says, “Well, it’s two thousand and four” Desmond looks at Locke who continues, "if you’re interested.” Desmond thinks, and says, “It’s only been three years.” Sayid asks, “What is this?” He is pointing at a red stain on the ceiling. Desmond says, “That would be Radzinski;” Sayid looks at Desmond who says, “what’s left of him anyway. He was the man who brought me down here.” Sayid asks, “What happened?” Desmond says, “He shot himself.” Sayid says, “I’m sorry.” Desmond says, “Don’t be. I never cared for him.” Sayid smiles, and continues looking around the room. Locke pulls up a chair beside Desmond, sits down, and says, “So, Desmond, you’ve been pushing this button for three years on the word of a man who brought you down here against your will then shot himself.” Desmond says, “His word was all I had.” Locke says, “I’ll go ahead and ask the obvious question here. How do you know that any of this is real?” Desmond looks at Locke, and says, “…experience.” Locke looks puzzled. Sayid turns to listen. Desmond explains, “At first, I thought Radzinski was insane, but he gave me a roof over my head and food to eat, so I just played along with him. After he killed himself, I took his body outside to bury him. While digging his grave, I started thinking about how wonderful it was that I no longer had to push that damn button. Suddenly, I felt the earth move. I came back in here, and the whole place was shaking. I heard this voice from the speakers repeating over and over again, ‘system failure.’ I looked up at the timer, and instead of numbers, I saw red and black hieroglyphs, or at least that’s what they looked like. It was all… well, it was really quite terrifying. I entered the code, but it didn’t work, so I began to panic. I just kept trying to enter those numbers over and over again until finally the shaking stopped, and the timer flipped back to one hundred and eight. Ever since, I’ve been pushing this button just as soon as I hear the beeping start.” Locke asks, “You can’t push it before then?” Desmond looks at Locke, and shakes his head. Sayid begins inspecting the computer hardware. Locke stands, and says, “Well, maybe some of our people can help you out.” Desmond smiles as does Locke who then slings the rifle over his shoulder as he turns to Sayid, and says, “I think it might be a good idea if I check to make sure that Jack is on his way back with our people.” Sayid walks up to Locke, and hands him his handgun. Locke takes it from him, and puts it away. He then says, “I’ll be back in five.” He walks out.

Sayid walks up to Desmond, and says, “I noticed that when your timer reset, the computer printed something.” Desmond indicates the printout, and says, “It prints each and every time the button is pushed.” Sayid looks at the printout. Desmond continues, “In the back, there are boxes full of those.” Sayid walks over to the printout, looks at it for a moment, turns to Desmond, indicates the printout, and asks, “Do you mind?” Desmond says, “Knock yourself out. (chuckles) It’s better than a sleeping pill.” Sayid takes the printout as Locke and Jack come back into the room followed by Charlie, Claire, Michael, and Walt, all of whom are carrying food and supplies. Jack goes up to Desmond, and says, “I thought we’d bring them in a few at a time. Jack looks at the people he brought, and indicating Desmond says, “This is the man I told you about. His name is Desmond.” They start introducing themselves while Charlie asks Jack for a word. They both walk into the corridor. Charlie says, “I want to be at the beach when the others come.” Jack says, “Charlie, you need to stay here with Claire.” Charlie says, “I need to protect her.” Jack says, “I’ve already given out all of the guns.” Charlie sighs. Jack says, “Look, if you want to do something, keep Claire and the others calm.” Frustrated, Charlie walks away from Jack as Locke walks up to Jack who asks him, “What did you find out?” Locke looks him in the eye, and says, “We need to help him push the button.” Jack thinks for a moment then looks at Locke, and says, “Give our host his rifle back.” Locke nods, and turns to leave. Jack says, “On the way to our camp," Locke stops, and turns back to Jack who continues, "I was thinking about our new friend, and the story he told us." Locke listens as Jack walks up to him, and quietly says, "We need him to keep quiet about the circumstances that brought him here.” Locke asks, “Why?” Jack says, “Our people are building a raft so they can leave the island. (cut to Locke then back to Jack) I don’t want to take away their hope.” Locke thinks then says, “I’ll take care of it.” He then walks over to Desmond, hands him his rifle, pulls him to the side, and starts talking to him. Meanwhile, Charlie is comforting Claire as Jack walks over to Michael and Walt. We then see an overhead expanding view of people back at the beach camp gathering food and supplies. The camera suddenly stops then pans over to a small clearing in the jungle where we see the others making camp: cut to black.

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