LOST in One Season

By jeh643

Adventure / Scifi

Alternate Episode 22

Jack and Sawyer make it to the waterfall where Sawyer killed Jacob. Walking up to the body, Sawyer says, “Well, there’s his body. Where do you want to bury it?” Jack thinks for a moment then walks over to the jungle line, and says, “I know a place.” Sawyer looks at the body.

In a severely weakened state, Richard makes his way through the jungle. He barely makes it to the survivors’ beach camp before he collapses. A few survivors notice him, and start shouting to alert the rest of the camp. Locke hears them, runs over to this scene, and notices Richard lying on the ground. He quickly walks over to him, kneels down at his side, and then picks up his head with one hand while laying his other hand on top of his chest. Richard tries to speak. Locke asks, “What did you say?” Loudly and clearly enough for those around him to hear, Richard says, “The black smoke (losing consciousness) killed my people.” Locke and the other survivors react with surprise and confusion. Richard then loses consciousness: cut to flashback scene in Ab Aeterno with the following changes.

It begins with Richard trying to save the life of his nine year old daughter. His wife is already dead. The storyline will change accordingly. For example, it is his daughter who appears to him on the Black Rock instead of his wife.

When Richard asks MIB, “How can I kill him (the devil)? He is black smoke.” MIB says, “No, he isn’t.” When Richard asks him how he knows this, the MIB will reply, “…because it saved me, (slight pause) which is why I helped it save you.” Richard thinks. MIB says, “It chose you and me. (smiles) There must still be hope for both of us.” Richard asks MIB, "Why doesn't the black smoke kill him?" MIB shakes his head then says, "I don't know. Maybe it can't, or maybe it won't." Richard looks MIB in the eye, and asks, “Why don’t you kill him?” MIB replies, “I tried, but you only get one chance, (handing Richard a dagger) so make yours count for both our sakes.”

In the final conversation between Richard and MIB after Richard chooses to follow Jacob, MIB says, “You made your choice, but mark my words. I will find a way to kill him (speaking of Jacob), and once I do, I will leave this place in ruins.” Richard looks down, and thinks. He suddenly hears the wind blow then looks up to see MIB, but he is gone. This is where the flashback ends.

Jack and Sawyer dig a grave. The camera pans over to Jacob’s dead body then shows a close up of it: cut to black.

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