Alice Human Sacrifice

The Second Alice

"The second Alice was a man, Monsieur Kaito," Tweedledum says, nodding to herself. "Quite a handsome fellow. Popular with the girls. He was a young songwriter and composer. He wrote arias and sonatas for an opera house in town that grew quickly in fame, thanks to him. It did end up becoming the time for him to write his best work, but he had no inspiration for it. The people he knew were all nobles and scoundrels at the same time, he had not lived a life interesting enough to extract musical feelings from, and so he took a long vacation on a search for inspiration."

"As you might imagine," Tweedledee continues, "Monsieur Kaito came across tales and rumors about a different world from yours. The tales all said a mix of different things. Some said it was a wonderland, some said it was a place of nightmares. It really depended on who you asked, back then. After all, there were no first-hand accounts, having been only one Alice. In any case, Monsieur Kaito thought this would be the perfect thing to draw his inspiration from."

"Therefore," Tweedledum took over in a sing-song sort of voice, "we'll say the place went to him, rather than him finding it first. The search absorbed his life very quickly. Many people were not sure if he still meant to write music, or if he was retiring altogether and becoming a poor shut-in with a terrible midlife crisis. It was when the owner of the opera house sent him a delicate inquiry that he was finally able to reach a breakthrough. He found little windows to this world in the ink he used to write with. As though greeting him like an egotistical young lady, it danced out of his reach. The music he wrote became clouded scribbles, and then finally nothing more than spilled ink."

"Every time he drew something, in the moment the ink sunk into the page, he would see something from this world," Tweedledee explains lightly. "Of course, he could have been imagining it all, but that's really something that only he could say. In his insanity, he wrote for hours, using his own blood as ink when he inevitably ran out, covering paper with it and only getting glimpses into the so-called wonderland. Weak from his blood loss and sick in the mind, Monsieur Kaito put a gun to his own head, and…"

"No, no" Tweedledum interrupts, shaking her hand as though to push away your quickly-growing horror. "You forget," she says, pinching her twin lightly. "Monsieur Kaito was at last able to reach his wonderland. After covering his room with ink, staining every cloth and piece of furniture black, it appeared around him, coming to him and tempting him. Or, for all we know, it was all in his mind that it appeared, but to him it was there, and he saw it. True to its name, it was a vast wonder, spread out over an entire world, with so many miracles in such a small place."

"Oh, yes," Tweedledee says, snapping her fingers. "I remember now. Forgive me for getting a bit ahead of myself. There were all manner of things one could draw inspiration from. There were mushrooms, one side of which makes you taller, and the other makes you smaller. There were people, some of which were the original and some of which had wandered into wonderland much like the Alices, but had adapted to the situation, much unlike the Alices, and had thrown away their memories of the other world."

"And the original people of the land," Tweedledum says, nodding, "were an assortment of oddities. There was a grinning cat, for instance, and a Mad Hatter."

"And a March Hare and a dormouse," Tweedledee adds.

"And a caterpillar, and a queen," Tweedledum finishes. "But the point of the matter is that there were many things to draw inspiration from. But perhaps it was too much for the young man, already mentally unstable, or perhaps it was another simple matter of fate, but it was then that Monsieur Kaito put a gun to his own head. It was most likely his attempt to open the world even more. Perhaps he hoped to find more secrets in that final spill of life, or a world under the world under. In any case, by staining the grass with his blood, he stained our world with his death, forever."

"And that was the second Alice to discover Underland," Tweedledee says, smiling.

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