Alice Human Sacrifice

The Third Alice

"The third is my personal favorite," Tweedledee continues. "She was probably the most human of all of them, swallowed by greed and vanity long before she even began to think about our world. I will say quite honestly that humans are weak, so it came as no surprise to me when I learned this particular tale. While the first Alice came accidentally and the second was in a crazed panic, it was the third Alice, a beautiful young girlnamed Miku, who was suspiciously purposeful as she made her way into Underland. It was probably a devious plan thought out by the place itself. It does rather have a life of its own, after all. From what I remember of this tale, Miku didn't know anything about our world. It brought her here of its own accord, not of her desire."

"The lovely Miku was loved by all upon appearing here, of course," Tweedledum says. "She was sweet, kind, and beautiful, not to mention knowledgeable and wise. The people knew that, if anyone had a chance to become the Alice, she would be able to do it. But sadly, the Alices have never really had any luck. Her fame spread quickly, along with the love of people that quickly became her people. The only problem was the Alice's rival, and that was the Red Queen."

"You know, of course, that the Red Queen is a lesser known character, not half as popular as the ever-charismatic Queen of Hearts," Tweedledee says sadly, shaking her head. "The Red Queen had been around for a long time, but suddenly the newcomer had gathered more fame and popularity than the Red Queen had ever had, and in such a short amount of time. What many people don't know about the Red Queen is that she is usually a very pleasant, motherly sort of lady, if a little jam-obsessed, but Miku was enough to turn the Red Queen's open-minded personality around a neat 180 degrees."

Tweedledum mimes decapitation, but you've grown to expect it by now, with the way the rest of the story had gone. It was a nice story, you thought, though perhaps a bit morbid. Creative nonetheless, though, isn't it? One of my favorites. But, I digress. "But not quite so impatient, perhaps," Tweedledum says. "Instead, the Red Queen attempted to first convince the third Alice to return to her own world. But as we've already mentioned, the third Alice was a vain young girl, and she quite liked the attention, perhaps a little too much for her own good. She refused to submit herself to the Red Queen's wishes and return, saying that it was below a queen such as herself to do so. Also as we've already mentioned, the Red Queen is usually quite nice, but this Alice was particularly troublesome."

"So she was cursed," Tweedledee says, nodding energetically. "Cursed so that her beauty would fade and her skin would crumble, and only then did she reveal her true colors. The truth was that she had been deceiving the people who idolized her. She was, in fact, a power-hungry fool quite like the ones who came before her, though she hid behind her kind mask. With her beauty gone and her cursed body falling apart, a wailing Miku despaired and escaped to the mountains, where some people say she still rules the group of people that still believe in her, though she lives with a terrible illness, constantly in fear of her decaying body."

"It never gets old, those stories," Tweedledum sighs. "They're always just as fun as the first time you tell them. Thoroughly entertaining through and through, do you not think so?" The question, you found, was directed at you, and you couldn't help but nod, however deep in thought you were about the stories you had just heard.

"Oh, but," Tweedledee says suddenly, interrupting your train of thought once more, as the talented though irritating storytellers tended to do, "we're forgetting once more."

"Oh?" Tweedledum asks. "What is it this time? It has been a long time since we told the stories, I'm afraid, so you'll have to forgive us for not remembering every word."

"No, no," Tweedledee says, shaking her head. She smiles slightly. "We're forgetting the fourth Alice, don't you remember?"

"Of course!" Tweedledum snaps her fingers. "How could I have forgotten?"

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