Alice Human Sacrifice


Rin's face was pale with terror. "Geez, Len, where did you hear that?" she demanded, thin hands shaking. Her twin brother grinned, tossing a pillow her way.

"I made it up," he said. "It's good though, right? I really oughta be a writer."

"Good." Rin made a face. "It's freaky. How do you expect me to fall asleep now?"

"You shouldn't," Len replied, leaning in with a straight face. "If you do, Underland will get you." His eyebrows waggled meaningfully. Rin replied by hitting him smack in the face with the pillow he had helpfully provided her with moments before. As Len's face split in a huge grin, Rin made a face and stuck her tongue out.

"Honestly, what the world could do without annoying little brothers," Rin mumbled, hiding her face underneath her blanket.

"I'm barely little, it was just a difference of 20 minutes," Len complained, but Rin would hear nothing of it. She held onto the fact that she was the older sibling, even if it was only by 20 minutes.

"Leave the nightlight on," Rin demanded as Len turned to dim the lights. He made a face at her but obediently left the one light. Rin snuggled into her covers, eyes stuck on the ceiling shadows. She'd seen them every night, but somehow they seemed more haunting now. Ugh, little brothers… he had to tell a creepy story just before bedtime. She closed her eyes with a sigh. Hopefully she'd still manage to get at least some sleep.

Outside the moon shined brightly, as if a gateway to another world. The shadow of a tree slowly stirred, then broke apart, small twin shadows approaching the shaded window. Two sets of skeletally thin hands eagerly gripped the windowpane, and wide white grins reflected the moonlight.

"Now, the fourth Alice was twin children…"

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