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Wild Heart


Al McCall returns to Beacon Hills. She soon discover powers of her own which swiftly increases her menacing trait. Recent occurrences however, ends up colliding her together with Scott's friends.

Drama / Romance
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First day of school for the new girl although I bet, within the next second I was introduced, everyone will gasp or turn to gush about me. It doesn't have to be about what I'm wearing today or where I'm from previously or the fact that I look maturely sexy to be a high school student, which I have chosen to embrace. It will not take much effort for them to talk about me while I'm in the same room as them, or in fact right next to them.

In my olive muscle tee featuring studded trim and a black skater skirt, I enter my first class of the day. Of course, the sound of my pair of Converse sneakers make heads turns to my direction as soon as I'm visible to everyone in the class. I turn to the teacher and inform her of my enrollment in my new school, Beacon Hills High. With pleasure, she welcomes me with a handshake and a smile.

"Class, meet your new classmate, Al Lyssa McCall."

In that instant, I share an eye contact with my twin, Scott McCall plus a glimpse of a smirk.

Scott hurries out of the school. As soon as class ends, he ran down the school hallway in search of his twin. His mind is resolute to find Al ever since she was introduced to the class this morning. He feels as if everything is crashing down on his parade out of the sudden. First of all, Kate Argent is alive and she is a well-transformed but uncontrollable werejaguar. Plus she returns with new indestructible monsters also known as Berserkers. Just the other night, all of them except for Lydia and Stiles came across these monsters. Malia could barely fight for herself after a scratch on her leg. The tables turned and they were all defenceless – including Scott, the Alpha.

Out of many things happening around him, the appearance of his younger twin was, hands down, the most surprising one. He certainly does not expect it. He actually thought all along that he was the only child – even when his dad, Rafe, came back. His dad was alone and there was no mention of Al at all throughout the entire time. His mum didn't inform him anything about a twin of his returning before this. To be frank, he had forgotten about all about her. There's no reminder of Al in his memory – until today.

"HEY!" Stiles ran behind him, trying to catch up. "Found her yet?"

"What do you think?"

Similar to him, Stiles was in distraught. They were sitting next to each other, widening eyes at each other as a form of communication. Only these two best friends could understand each other fluently with the language while class was going on. Meanwhile, Al has been showing either of them glares or a very wicked sense of smile. It makes Stiles take a gulp of his own saliva while Scott tries to avoid himself from making eye contact with her. After classes, throughout the entire day, he has trying to approach her but he ends up always losing her. She was gone within the next second she stepped out of class. During lunch, she was nowhere to be seen either in the cafeteria.

Al couldn't be hiding in the toilet. Well, she is a little more than high school girl pretty. She is,

"Did you see how hot your sister is?" Scott's thoughts come to a halt.

"Really Stiles?"

The both of them pause in their tracks to look at each other. Scott clearly in disbelief after what he just heard. At the same time, Stiles judged him critically for not remembering his own twin sister's existence. Deep inside, Scott might just agree with his words. How could he not remember? Up till school ended, he have yet to figure out as to of why he barely have a memory of Al.

I run. I continue running away even though I don't know where I'm heading towards but anywhere that will kill these noises, I'll go there. The noises that have been haunting me since I arrive here needs to stop. I can't seem to cease it whenever I want. If possible, I want it to end forever. It comes and goes as it like and I hate that. It's my life; I have to be in control of it. I need to take charge of these voices in my head.

My head throbs each time I hear these voices. It happens almost immediately once I enter this town, Beacon Hills. There's not only one voice in my head, which was supposed to be my own, but there's multiple of them now. It belongs to anyone, everyone surrounding me.

Out of nowhere, I keep on hearing everyone else's thoughts, desires and random secrets that they don't want anyone else to know. It's distracting and almost impossible to be erased. This happens too frequently and it's ruining my life – as if the move to Beacon Hills isn't enough. My chest is heaving faster by seconds but I'd only stop if it all discontinues.

On my first day of school, it was torturous. I could hear anyone's voices wherever I go. It's uncontrollable and unstoppable. I wish the world would end, pause or anything that could help me to figure all these out. Although I'm struggling to face this alone, I'd do anything at this point of time to prove my sanity.

What am I?

A psychotic, lunatic or just a nut job from San Francisco? Suddenly it all comes to an end. I'm totally burned out, the aftermath of headaches. The side effects are terrible but its better. I feel better when my head is now empty. It's hollow now that everything is silent. The atmosphere finally sinks in to me. The sound of crickets, my heart beating loudly and faster than usual then there's my slightly throbbing head which it makes everything much better now.

My hand reaches for the tree to support myself, standing on both feet. I should be feeling worn out and I am, mentally, after finally finding a peace of mind. My stamina is still on point. Thanks to all those nights I spent running around the neighborhood all alone while dad is busy with work. Besides running, dad enrolled me in a kickboxing class and I never stopped practicing at home while in San Francisco. I promise that I'll never quit running or kickboxing while I'm here and hopefully I don't because I'm pretty sure; it'd help me someday – especially trying to survive in this town.

Or perhaps today, I could actually be brave enough to run away from this place, this crazy town. By doing so, I'd leave it all behind. I will be leaving my dad behind, the only one whom I've been with since I was a baby. My panting subsided and I'm looking up to the sky now. It will be dark soon and there's only limited time left for me to make my decision. I could either stay and deal with all of this reaching-out-to-your-estranged-family crap or man up and run away.

"So what are you going to do?"

Scott will be heading home now. It's getting dark soon and after spending his time at the animal clinic after school, he's done with work and was dismissed by Deaton for the day. Along with Stiles, he exited the clinic and makes his way to his bike. Slightly stumped by Stiles' question, Scott takes some time before he could respond to it. To be frank, he's unsure of it too. There's just too much things running through his mind currently and the sudden appearance of his twin sister is quite a weigh as itself.

"Talk to her, I guess." He shrugs his shoulders.

"Be nice."

Those were the last two words of his best friend before he went home. Scott got off his bike, sighing. If his dad is living under the same roof as him, so will Al... Right? He hadn't seen any moving in of items. Not even one box which makes him even more suspicious of her presence back in Beacon Hills.

Scott's eyes turn to his right side instantly when he heard a rustling sound. It sounds as if someone is climbing on the tree nearby. He takes a few steps towards the right side of his house before staring at his sister, boldly jumping up to get into her room. She didn't notice his presence, he realized but remains in position for a close minute. Is she even human? If she isn't, he'd already know by scent but Al's scent seemed perfectly fine. She smells similar to anyone human and has not been sleeping with any supernatural creatures – unlike Stiles. Soon, the window of the room Al climbs into was shut and he rushes into the house.

He couldn't believe it. He still can't remember a vague memory of having a twin and out of nowhere, she pops out. His mum or dad needs to tell him something, or anything at all related to Al.

I skipped dinner. I'm not ready to meet anyone here yet, especially not Scott and Melissa. They're the people whom I want to avoid most but they're also the partial reason that I'm here. I'm still in Beacon Hills, daring myself to go through hell just so my dad isn't unaccompanied. He's been my dad right from the start; I can't leave him as similar as to how Melissa let me slipped from her fingers till eventually, I slipped out of Scott's memory too.

After a routine night run, I showered and changed for bed. To end the night, I proceed to catch up on some assignments and revision. Before starting on Chemistry though, my mind flicks back to Scott.

Scott McCall actually thought for years that he has always been the only child while I, Al Lyssa McCall, have never existed in his life. It angers me, infuriates me even more to know of his thoughts and confusion as to my return. I know exactly how bowled over he is to see my return and to be so convinced that I never existed in his life. He was my brother, my older twin, supposedly my other half but all of that have vanished.

Over the years, a lot of things happened. We all changed, for the good or the bad, it's for ourselves to judge at the end of the day. As for me? I've deemed myself as the outcast after feeling like one all these years.


Dad spoke from outside. Taking my cue, I climb off my bed and walk over to open the door. He just got home from work, leaving me home alone with Scott for dinner. I know dad's trying his best to reconnect me to my biological mum and twin but he have to understand, I'm not ready for it. At this moment, I don't think I will ever be ready for it. It's unquestionably clear that my hatred for two of my family members is extremely severe. I don't believe anything, or anyone, could ever make me have a change of heart in regards to that.

"I'm fine dad."

"It's like you read my mind honey." He kissed my forehead. "How's dinner?"

What does he expect? Scott and I sitting in the living room happily catching up on life while we were separated and reconciled within 24 hours of my return? Sighing, I settle down at the edge of my bed. I have no idea how to answer his question. I don't want him to worry about me but at the same time, I also don't want him to think that this move isn't affecting my entire life and mood. It's making me crumble like I never had before.

"Mediocre." He chuckles then move over to stroke my hair messily.

"My daughter always so pessimistic. You're going to love it here Al, believe me. Plus here's a little something to welcome you back."

Dad left the envelope on my study table after I refused to take it from him directly. He kissed the top of my head before leaving my room, with the door completely shut. It's an envelope and most likely, it contains a letter to state how he wants so much for me to be on good terms with his ex-wife and son. I roll my eyes at the thought of it. Not in this lifetime – or even in hell – will that ever happen between me, Scott and Melissa. Nevertheless, my curiosity got the best of me. I couldn't wait any longer to unseal the envelope and see what's inside.

The next second I pull out the family portrait, I toss it in the trash. I don't need them in my life. Not before or right now, after years of abandonment. I've experienced loneliness before and it no longer bothers me anymore. Instead I prefer to be on my own, just all alone and have a peace of mind. It's something which I'm starting to miss awfully since I reach here. Giving up in continuing letting them cross my mind, I shift my attention back to studies.

I have something else which I have to be worried about which is to prove dad that I am not that 'girl with anger issues'.

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