Wild Heart

Orphaned (2)

Since dad didn't come home all night, I've taken an initiative to see him at work this morning. It's especially odd to see him back here in Beacon Hills yet he hadn't knock at my door at 1 in the morning or anytime at all last night. I was wide awake, thinking thoroughly of my feelings for Liam. For a second, I believe I do have second thoughts about my feelings towards him. Could I be interested in him more than I should when I don't even trust any creatures that I'm not fond of?

Besides, after what I've gone through with Melissa, I can't wait to convince dad that Beacon Hills is not where I belong. Now that will surely be enough of a reason to send me back to San Francisco and never come back here. Which also means, I will no longer have to see Liam again.

"Hey dad." I hug him, with a small smile. "When did you come back?"

"I know you were at school last night honey."

I'm sure someone would have said it. If it's not Scott, it's the Sheriff and if it's not the Sheriff, it's Deputy Parrish. There's always somebody who opens their mouth to keep me on the radar. Keeping quiet, we both take a seat in his office.

"I have been doing the investigation all night and your name was brought up." My eyes furrowed, in disbelief. "Al, you're under probation for a month."


At that instant, I push my seat away and incessantly stand up for myself since I'm not implicated in it by any means. Dad being such a professional field agent as he have always been concludes it as his final decision. At long last, I'm in probation for an entire month and I'm not allowed to be out of the house after 7pm. The only place I'll be going to is school and then back to the place where I'm temporarily living. This is all because of Scott. It's all because of him that I'm stuck with this pointless probation.

"I'll send you to school now."

"No thanks dad. Oh wait, AGENT McCall."

I mocked before leaving his office, infuriated. I even slam the door to his office before driving to school in my Lexus IS. The other day I called him to check about the car and it's all mine. He had gotten it for me, thinking it'd make me any happier to be here. Well, breaking news, I'm even more livid than I ever am at this moment.

That's definitely a great start of the day huh? Irresponsible so-called mum, the worst brother to ever live and now a dad who is so involved in his work that he's starting to trust other sources instead of checking with his own biological daughter which he raised alone. The day is absolutely wonderful that I just wish I'm better off dead at this second. I bet it's better than living a total crappy life like this.

I'm late for class again. There's definitely no reason for my unpunctuality but I've gotten overboard thinking about escaping this town. Even the bell ring was unnoticed and I didn't hear a single thing while I'm in deep thoughts. If this is a part of whatever I'm capable of, I need to have power over this. It would literally be the death of me if I continue to let my mind wander freely and one day, no one could ever snap me out of it.

As I ran down the stairs to get to class, I meet Derek halfway. Derek Hale. He stands on the stairway, waiting all these time. I can't help but take a peek into his mind. In an instant, I figured out why he have been here all along.

"I'll get her for you."

Without further ado, I run off and apologized for entering class late. As I'm making my way towards an empty seat in front of Malia, I motion for her to leave. When she fails to understand, I try to speak to her since she does have an enhanced hearing – being a werecoyote and all. It takes a while before she gets the message and eventually the teacher catches both of our attention.

I then realized that Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Kira are missing from class. Both me and Malia are questioned about them before she left class too soon after. While Derek is in need of Malia's help to search for the rest of Satomi's pack, I have no idea where the rest are.

Malia have yet to know Derek is her cousin. She's oblivious to the fact that Peter Hale is her biological dad and she's a Hale since birth instead of a Tate. Everyone is keeping it away from her, including Stiles. For a sole reason which is to protect her from getting to know Peter. Sighing, I focus back on class and avoid from thinking about anything else but my studies here.

Walking around school since class ends; I fail to see Liam anywhere. I'm about to enter my next class when Mason appears out of the corner. Taking another stake in being late for class, I dart towards him and catches his arm in a hold before I lose him. I've spent half of my day searching for him and Liam yet both of them are nowhere to be found. Liam is always seen with Mason yet he's not here with his best friend right now, this is getting odd.

"Mason!" I called out as soon as he twists his back to face me. "Have you seen Liam?"

"We went for a run this morning but he left before me. Haven't seen him since."

Something must have happened to him. Someone could have taken him as hostage or hurt him. It must have been one of the assassins. My mind is in distressed instantly when I think of the worst case scenarios of anything that could happen to Liam. I'm starting to worry about him and I couldn't think of anything else but Liam's safety at the moment.

Along with Mason, we check with Coach Finstock if he attends his class but with what Coach has to say, Liam's definitely gone. He has not been school since the run as Mason have clarified. Mason isn't lying when he says that Liam sure does run as fast as he's gone, from what I've seen.

"Liam didn't look sick on our run." Mason added."Text me if you see him, please."

Mason nods and leave for his next class despite his hesitations. I sigh in frustration and punch the wall behind me. This couldn't be happening, not right now. I'm on probation but it's Liam's life at stake here, I'd ditch probation any time any day.

With the intention of skipping the rest of my classes, I'm on my way to leave school when I meet Scott halfway. In a quick second, I pull him aside and I realized the both of us are unsettled due to the missing Beta werewolf.

"Liam's missing."

We informed each other at one go. My eyes widen at Scott and he did the same too, taking in the fact that we know the same thing. We share the information that we already know and he soon receives a phone call from Liam. Urging him to answer it fast, Scott continues to walk as I follow behind him quietly to a more secluded area.

"It's Garrett isn't it?" Scott nodded once he hangs up. "I'm going to kill that son of a bitch."

"No. Don't!" He hold my shoulders, keeping me from walking away. "I need to see him."

"Yes you are but you're definitely not going to hand him back the money or Violet or they'll both die."

He agrees about not returning the money to Violet or Garrett but bans me from following him. Despite my insistence to tag along, Scott wants to keep me out of harm's way and untouched by Garrett. He's a professional killer, I get it, but the 'I can protect myself' line has yet to work on Scott. Scott is still doubtful of my abilities and I'm getting fed up of it. While he left me behind to meet Garrett, I decide on doing things my way.

In silence, I sneak behind the bus while bending down to hide from view. Both Scott and Garrett don't have to know this. I'm doing this for Liam and I want him to be unharmed. Keeping my steps discreet, I listen carefully to everything Garett have to say. I could also find out whatever he has in mind and his plan all along.

"You want me to attack a car, that's your plan?" Scott asked, in fret.

"You're an Alpha. If you can't stop one little car, then one little Beta is going to die."

My heart skips a beat to hear so. Scott can't let this happen, he have to do it. The car crash just has to be seen damaged in a certain way but it doesn't have to be severe either. Scott wouldn't do it intentionally especially not when dad is going to be in the car. He's not going to let anything happen to dad, not when they're on good terms right now. Once Scott is done talking to Garrett, he comes back to meet me at the bleachers. He fails to notice that I've been eavesdropping after all.


I breathe in deeply after spilling out everything at one fell swoop. It's almost as if I'm experiencing a minor panic attack. Scott takes hold of both of my shoulders, telling me to calm down. The accidental car crash is going to cause enough harm but not only that but Garrett has stabbed Liam with wolfsbane. How can I be relaxed with the thought of the people that I care about are going to suffer?

He strokes my hair and I try to do as he says which is to catch my breath. Once I'm fully soothed, Scott hugs me and reassures me he'll find a way to do it all rightfully.

"I won't let them get hurt Al."

While I'm disconcerted at the point of time, I nods slightly. There's nothing else I'm left to say. I'm going to do as I told him. I'll find Liam. He's in a well, that's all I know for now but I'll get to him soon. I have to while Scott will be with Garrett, preventing anything to happen to dad. Knowing dad too well, he'll never release his responsibility so easily – even when it comes to his own family.

I've been searching through the woods. It's very hard to find a well and I can't seem to hear Liam at all. There's not a thought or anything to help me find him. Sighing, I bend down with a hand against the tree. I'm panting because I've been running. I'll never stop until I find him. I've tried contacting Malia or Derek but they can't seem to be reached in every way. I thought she'd finally be of some help, knowing well about every inch of the woods but I'm wrong.

It's dark now and it's after 7pm. I could care less of my probation because all I care now is that I won't stop. I can't stop after hours of searching. Scott is doing what he's supposed to do and I have to do the only thing I have to – find Liam.

Dropping down to my knees, I scream in frustration. I punch the ground beneath me as if it'd help me to get me a step closer to Liam. Tears that have been swelling in my eyes, cascades my face. I can't believe I'm giving up. Since I start with my search just now, I can't hear anything from Liam. It seems so hard right now, in desperate times. Is this all because I rejected him and he no longer sees me as a friend? I clenched my fists in anger, wanting to find some kind of indicator because I don't even know where in the woods I'm at the moment.

The next second, I hear something. I heard him, Liam's growl.


Within the next second, I get up and run. I can hear him loud and clear now. I tried calling Scott but he's not answering his phone either. There's no way I can get him out of the woods in time. It has been too long since he has been stabbed. Racing against time, I then find the well in front of my eyes.

Eagerly, I run for the last time towards Liam. Just before I could reach there, I stop in mid tracks when I saw Scott pulling Liam out of the well. I'm grateful enough to see him still alive and able to climb up on his own. Once he's out, I run to the both of them as Scott drops down to hug the 15 year old. I watch them as he pats Liam's back.

"You're okay Liam." He muttered while holding him close. "You're okay."

Pulling me aside, Scott then informed me about dad. He's in the hospital with Sheriff and it's the Berserkers who attacked them. Scott didn't get to follow Garrett's plan and before he could share more details about the orphans' death, I enter my car and drive to the hospital hastily. As soon as I find dad's ward, I dash into the room and see him in bed – wounded.

"Dad?" I rush to sit by the side of his bed. "Are you okay?""Scott told you?"

I nodded to answer him. Tears are swelling in my eyes again to see him in the hospital bed for the first time. There's just so much to take in within 24 hours alone. The probation, everyone missing, the rush to keep people safe, Scott and I working together and now this. Beacon Hills alone is bad news and I don't think I can stay here any longer. People can die any time, any day here and it'd all remain as an unsolved case if it were to involve the supernatural.

Shaking my head, I can't bear to see dad like this as much as I'm mad at him for putting me into probation. It's unreasonable and unfair especially when I'm not involved in their scheme to kill anybody. I'm not the Benefactor.

"You should go home honey."

"No." I demanded. "I want to stay here for tonight."

"Go home. Promise me you'll have lunch with your mum tomorrow and I'll be fine."

I fall silent for a long time. My hold on dad's arm has been release and I look away. He can't do this to me. There's no way I'd want to see Melissa nor would I want to have lunch with her. I don't want to do it. As I'm deep in thought, dad takes hold of my left hand.

"Please honey? For me."

It takes me a minute to excruciatingly nod my head and agree to his promise. The lunch with Melissa is only for dad's sake. I can't let it get to her head. This is not for her; this will never be for her. With that, I left the hospital and drives back home.

Today have clearly prove me that I can be such a failure. I can't even keep my dad out of danger and I can't even do one thing which I'm supposed to do. Scott is right. He's deserve to distrust my abilities because I am doing the same too right now. I didn't get to find Liam as simple as I thought it would be, with the aid of my powers. I've never feel so pathetic all my life. Rather than helping them, I'm here for nothing. All I've done is hate and hate and the animosity continues to develop day by day.

Once I reach home, I get into bed without changing from my red and black plaid shirt dress. I'm too exhausted with everything. All I want to do is sleep and turn my back on everything. It's time for me to take a breather from this living nightmare after all the tears I've shed today.

After the phone call to Parrish and finding out about Meredith's death, Stiles remains curious. He eases Lydia who is still stunned and feels bad for the other banshee's suicide. They both feel the same way though she's more affected by her death due to her close relationship with Meredith. While Lydia is still in his embrace, Stiles feels the need to question her of the third decipher key. It's Derek's name.

"Hey Lydia." He paused as she pulls away. "How do you know it's Derek?"

It's the first time this happens with her. When she closed both of her eyes, she heard a voice. Lydia only types it out and realized it's really Derek. She didn't hear it from an irrelevant source. Derek's name is the one to crack the 3rd dead pool list and he's going to die.

"I heard Al Lyssa." She uttered. "I heard her voice.""She's, definitely something else."

Stiles confirm which makes Lydia turns to face him. He's right, he have always been right. She notices it too the other night. When Al is convincing her that it's all going to be okay, Lydia believed her with no questions ask. She didn't tell anyone about the feeling she have when it comes to Al. It's different and she's not like any other human or like her.

"Not a banshee, she's not."

Stiles heard her and agree in his head. Lyssa is not a banshee, not with everything that she has done before. Like he said, she's something else. Something which they have never come across before. Before anyone else finds out about her, Stiles is going to get to the bottom of it and find out exactly what she is by himself.

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