Wild Heart

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"Morning dad."

I plant a kiss on his cheek as I reach for my cup of milk, I presumed. This is my usual morning routine. I'll be nearly late for school and rush him to send me in a hurry. Dad knowing me well enough since young have been pampering me up till today. He'd knock on the door at 1am to ensure that I'm asleep, prepare every meal for us and even pour my milk every single morning. He has been doing this for years, as I can remember. Having no female figure though have made me more independent in making decisions of my own and being responsible of my own well-being. Despite dad having to do all these little things for me, I'd be able to do all of this too if he's gone. The only difference it will make will be the memories of having him to do all these things for me.

In a hurry, I gulp on the beverage expecting it to taste the same usual chocolate milk but within the next second I spit it out into the sink. Looking into the ceramic mug, it's white milk. God, the taste of white milk makes me sick.

"Morning honey." He smiles, picking up his car keys. "Have you seen Scott or your mum?"

"I don't think I'd ever have time for that dad, and I hate white milk. Come on, I'm going to be late for school!"

I wash the now empty mug – which isn't mine – and pull my dad out of the house. Each day I wake up being thankful for what I have. I have my dad. My dad who truly loves me and supports me endlessly. He has always put me first, not allowing me to feel the abandonment of not having a mum. Unknown to him, deep down, I've accept my fate wholeheartedly. I may show despise and hatred towards Scott and Melissa but that's only because they deserve it.

They did abandon me including dad. There are so many reasons for me to be furious at them. There are particular reasons as to of why I never wanted to be here in the first place. However, I'd never forgive Melissa for one sole reason which remains as a secret between me and someone else. Someone who I've been avoiding since day one and I'm sure, it will be soon before long till we're stuck with each other.

"The door's this way honey."

Dad pointed to the front door of Melissa and Scott's home. Releasing a loud sigh, I walked out of the opened front door and towards dad's car. Then I realized, I'm thankful on other days but not today. Everything have changed. From my usual mug of chocolate milk which states 'Daddy's #1 Girl', the kitchen which I'd enjoy sitting at the counter on while drinking my milk, washing my favorite mug with a lavender scented soap, grabbing dad's arm to the garage, climbing into his black Lamborghini, blasting Maroon 5 while singing along to Adam Levine loudly in the car to leaving the car happily after giving my dad a peck to his cheek.

I should have expected this. When I left San Francisco for Beacon Hills, I left my life for the past 10 years behind too. With clenched fists, I left the house with dad behind me. There isn't a garage here, there's no Lamborghini either. All that's left is the growing hatred for two person that should have been around in my life since I was young.

Clutching onto the shoulder strap of my leather, studded backpack, I make my way towards the field. From what I heard, there's a lacrosse tryout in 10 minutes time. Clearly, I'll be anticipating more than a company while I'm spending my time alone on the bleachers. Before I could take another step to get on the bleachers, my right wrist was gripped and I was pulled aside – forcefully. When my wrist was eventually released from the hold, I punch him in the face before turning to face another male. Him also turns out to be Stiles, now with a bruise just beside his lip.


I wanted to charge towards Stiles but he scurried to shield himself behind Scott. I could feel my heartbeat racing due to my heightened rage. It's oddly faster than usual but this time it's most likely due to the adrenaline of punching Stiles mixed with my fury towards Scott. How dare he touched me without my consent and this guy shouldn't even be allowed to be a meter near to me.

It's all because of him that my life has turned upside down.

"Relax." Scott raise his hands up. "We just want to talk."

"Right, and that's why you have a dofus to somewhat kidnapped me?"

I cross my arms as soon as I'm done stating the facts. I'm furious, that's for sure and right now, I'd do anything to punch someone in the face – again. Apparently, Stiles face isn't enough to satisfy my wrath. There's always a need for me to break something to release my anger though the resentment will last for as long as it could. Nothing else matters when my mind and heart is burning in fury. Someone or something just had to feel the fury that I possesses, at this second.

Stiles' expression changes upon hearing my reference of him while Scott furrow his eyebrows, speechlessly. Obviously they aren't used to my direct speech – or anyone else's. There's nothing for me to hide, especially in my current emotion. Before Stiles could say anything, Scott decides to speak up and take a step forward.

"We just want to know, why are you back here in Beacon Hills?"

A smirk forms at once on my face. With full confidence, I take my steps carefully towards Scott.

"Do you really think I want to be here?"

I whispered softly in his right ear then draw towards Stiles. God, he have change a lot since then. Instead of looking purely like a nerd, I'd categorize him as one of the cute ones. I'd never thought he'd be one to join lacrosse either. As I have mentioned before, from a total nerd to a cute one, puberty have most definitely done him good.

Taking my time, I circle him while making contact with his skin, using my index finger. His muscles tense almost instantly under my touch, I notice. I am practically preying on him, Malia's boyfriend. My smirk soon grows into a smile before I release a soft laugh at the realization.

"Why don't each of you meet me personally?" I pause beside Stiles. "We could have some private time, all alone."

If Stiles didn't flinch a little by my whisper, he isn't Stiles. Scott however fail to respond verbally or physically. As expected, he react lightly to my actions. Even so, I can hear his thoughts. Scott is absolutely reluctant to do so even though we're living under the same roof. As for Stiles, he have his hesitations. I may not know as of yet what his reasons are for his clouded decision but I will find out very soon. I'm pretty sure he can't veil his thoughts for long, especially when I have taken a special interest in him since he is one of the people who ruined my life.

With that said, I turn to look at Scott then Stiles again before making my way to my previous destination – the bleachers. The 5 minutes with them isn't such a waste indeed. I might have even found an errand to take pleasure in from this temporary stay after all.

"Especially you Stiles!"

I shouted while I continue walking with my back facing them. Both Scott and Stiles are all dressed in their sports attire. Even the ones previously in the team will have to give another try to stay in the team, I understand. My smirk still shows as I distant myself from both males. This is going to be fun, watching Stiles and Scott getting their ass kick out of the team – most likely.

Well, there must be at least one player who is way better than these two think they are. I just need that one person to show up for the tryout and prove me right – because I minimally love being right.

The field is already filled with students, hoping to get into the team or stay plus some spectators. I roll my eyes at the thought of my time alone being overtaken by a lacrosse tryout. Walking over to the third-tiered bleachers, I then take a seat at the slightly center space of the bench. There aren't many who are present to see this yet there are still people in my sight, including Coach Finstock. Placing my bag at my side, I take out my lunch which consist of an apple and a bottle of mineral water. This would suffice for an entire day of nothing here in Beacon Hills High School.

"Heads up!"

I dodge immediately to the voice of a young male. Another swift second later, a solid rubber ball pass above me. Damn this lacrosse team, I cursed before getting back up. I pick up the file which I released in that quick moment, just to save my face from the ball. The guy then speedily run up to get the ball on his own while I watch him do so. Initially I had intended to push him off the bleachers but when I take a glance deeply into his blue eyes, his thoughts put mine actions to a halt.

"Sorry about that. You're alright?"

"No harm done."

I croacked out before looking away from his smile. Without saying more, I place my file on the bleachers before I turn to see him hold out his hand. In uncertainty, my gaze changes from his hand to his eyes before narrowing my eyebrows.

"I'm Liam. You are?"

"Al," I paused, holding my breath when he express a puzzled look. "That's my name."

Subtly declining his handshake, I take my seat back on the bleachers. Liam nodded with a wide grin before walking away. He also mentioned something about enjoying the game, which I pretend to not hear. He looks happy, with happy thoughts too.

My eyebrows furrows immediately when I think back of his unspoken thoughts. I'm 'hot'? In all conscience, I don't really care for the fact that a certain freshman thinks that I'm hot because I already know that I'm hot. In fact, do I really look like someone who would be interested in him?

I take back my words. He have certainly taken my interest by proving me right. After putting up a fight of paying attention either to my notes or the lacrosse tryout, I give up on my notes. Shot by shot, Liam has pretty much outdone himself in the track and field.

He literally has the whole package to be an incredibly good athlete or captain of the lacrosse team, I personally think. Plus there's also another reason to support my judgment. My smirk resurfaces at the sight of Scott and Stiles in distressed of their position in the team – particularly Scott. Liam is absolutely mind blowing in the sport that an Alpha werewolf and his best friend actually feel threaten by him – a 15 year old kid.

Just when I am packing up my things, I heard Malia – Stiles' girlfriend apparently – yelling for Liam to have another try. In reality, it's mainly for Scott and Stiles' sake to not let Liam score another perfect goal which he is capable of. I roll my eyes, listening to Malia's bet with Coach Finstock. The girl sure does have some balls to set a bet with the coach. I should probably see this before leaving, I convince myself. It will be another goal that will be the evidence of those two guys being the shame of ever being in the lacrosse team.

From what I know, Scott was previously the captain. His skills in the field though proves him to be a complete awful player. The captain of the team is such a loser and he's evidently a no match against Liam who is a freshman, in my opinion – and his almost-girlfriend. I heard exactly what Kira remarked and thought about Scott and she couldn't be anymore accurate.


His name escape from my lips, a reaction after seeing what just transpired on the school field. He's injured yet he's pushing through the pain, trying to assure Coach Finstock that he's fine. Just by seeing the way he's standing on one leg, it's enough to prove that he isn't fine. Scott and Stiles then offered to take him to the nurse which I then take the chance to keep my things and sprint after them. I want to check on him. I want to be there to ensure that he's all right or Scott is going to be in deep trouble.

I was about to barge into the nurse office when Stiles opened the door and stands face to face with me. My eyes widen at him in an instant as I show him an upmost intimidating glare. It's because of him too that Liam is in there. Without saying anything, he slam the door to my face and a second later, Scott walked out – pulling me aside. I clench my fist in anger, not only because of what he did to Liam but also how he dared to touch me. I saw it happened with my very own eyes, anyone else could have missed it within a blink of an eye but not me.

Liam's an innocent, a human. Don't he and Stiles dare to think for a second that I will ever let this go. The freshman don't deserve to get hurt just because he's better at the same thing that an Alpha werewolf and his sidekick likes to do. It's unreasonable how they feel threaten so easily – and in lacrosse.

"I'm coming to the hospital with you." I wanted to enter the nurse office but once again, Scott grip my wrist.

"No Al, you need to go home. Me and Stiles can handle it."

I scowl after hearing what he just told me to do. No one tells me what to do, especially not someone like him. I don't believe he deserve the rights to give me orders – or even be a brother to me – after his actions towards an innocent kid.

"I saw exactly what you did to him out there, what makes you think I can trust you with him."

It wasn't even intended as a question which leave Scott lost for words. My gaze is fixed intently on his mouth open and closing with no words being spoken. Tired of waiting for him to say another word, I pull my wrist back from his hold. He don't even realize that his hold have been tightening on my wrist and any minute later, he would have leave a mark at least.

"You'll just have to trust me then." He finally replied.

I smirk to show my disatisfaction of his answer and how pathetic it sounds. If this is a case in court, the jury and judge themselves would have kick Scott to the curb saying, "No shit, Sherlock". Scott, my twin, is talking about trust? He should know better than anyone else of how capable I am to trust someone like him. Evidently releasing a scoff, my gaze turns to Kira Yukimura who have been sitting at the staircase while waiting for Scott to finish talking to me.

She have a lacrosse helmet with her. It appears that she have been offered a place in the team – to her delight. However, there is also something which is bothering her mind. It have been ever since the peck of kiss which Scott had planted on her lips before he rushed to go to class. God, Scott basically can't live in this world alone. I let Scott to turn around to talk to Kira but clutch on his wrist before he could take a step away from me.

"Don't you dare hurt him again or you'll be sorry." I paused. "And don't keep her waiting for too long. Girls don't like that."

Scott appears speechless with his mouth hanging open but no words were spoken, again. I may not be able to trust him but I know precisely what to do to make him tongue-tied. It isn't just a tryout anymore since one got hurt. It suddenly feels like a battlefield, between me and Scott. It's the exact opposite of what dad or Melissa is envisioning from us twins but anything which involves Scott or Melissa, I could pay no attention to what anyone have to say.

The walk back home could have been better. Not only was the atmosphere different but if only I hadn't overthink about Scott's motives of questioning my arrival or the fatality of Liam's injury. I sigh continually, hoping to receive some senses or news concerning Liam. I don't know why but there seem to be something rare about him that I seem to want know more of. Forget first impressions, I want to talk to him because something is drawing me towards him. I don't find him attractive but a touch about Liam truly pique my interest.

Apart from that, I'd also have to be more vigilant around Scott. He's an Alpha werewolf. I'm not too sure if he was that good at being an Alpha but he still have an enhanced hearing ability. I can't guilelessly let my guards down with his presence around me, which is everywhere. I'm stuck with him and his friends whether in school, home or anywhere else in Beacon Hills.

At the end of the day, there's at least something I could be relieved about.

The voices in my head, they no longer consumed my mind at random times. Out of the blue, I was able to restraint it. Just today, when I woke up feeling infuriated than any other mornings, I also felt in control. There's a shock wave of power each time I'm fuming. It felt as if my anger was the one to influence my ability of hearing anyone's thoughts. It seems that there's something functional in spite of the grudge I've hold on those two for years.

What is dad thinking when he wants to try to patch us up?

Feeling lazy to climb up the tree to get into my room, I walk towards the front door. Dad have given me the key to this house earlier today. Just before I left the car, he advised me to be good and passed me the key. Ever since we've arrived here, it felt as if he only sees me as nothing else but a delinquent. Every single time before we part ways, dad never fails to remind me to be a good or nice person. Obviously he's not proud of what happened previously and that's why I got transferred, to this black hole.

If only he'd known about everything from werewolves to assassins that exist here and keeps on coming. With my humanely sensitive hearing, I walk towards the living room after closing the door. Soon I found myself looking at both adults facing me.

Before anyone could say a word, I flee from the scene and lock myself in my room. It's happening. Someone's here already, all ready to kill.

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